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Ibrahim Taguri
....have betrayed our values. We have become no better than the enemies we fight
In the so called war on terror, 2003 invasion of Iraq, torture, kidnap & imprisonment without trial, western democracies....
This government has a moral duty to publish the #chilcotinquiry immediately
#chilcot may unveil UK complicity in CIA torture. I have two constituents in Brent, British citizens who were kidnapped, tortured and broken
A sad matter of time before more soldiers come home in body bags. For what, a war built on lies & a 2nd one a consequence of the cover up
....when we sill don't know what went wrong in 2003. Time to publish the inquiry now #chilcot
I find it increasing reprehensible that the lives of even more British troops are put at risk in Iraq following today's announcement ...
Today showed best of Harlesden. That is down to the community. Especially all at Harlesden Town Team who work to make it the best it can be
And of course the irrepressible Miss Johnson #HarlesdenYoungVoices #johnkebleschool
And this is my badge of honour. Thank you to Miss Secretary, Harlesden Young Voices & everyone at John Keble school!
Was really touched that Harlesden Young Voices gave me one of their annual awards. The certificate is getting framed!
Fantastic visit with @ibrahimtaguri at @CNWL1. Learning hands on skills are lifelong lessons
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Yo @PukkahPunjabi time for coffee next week? Wanna pick your brains on a few things.
Why are betting shops open at 8 in the morning?
PFI is to the NHS what Payday Lending is to the most vulnerable. Parasitic & destructive #BBCQT
There it is folks. Labour NHS privatisation "good". Coalition "privatisation" bad. How very Orwellian. #bbcqt
Immigrants aren't to blame. It's the politicians who haven't built the homes, schools & hospitals we need #bbccqt
Nigel Farage looking every bit the establishment tonight #BBCQT #poundshopenochpowell
If you're16 to 25 & would like career advice or help with cv and job interviews please email me for details of my next session.
Two major media companies signed up to our work experience scheme. Great news.
Great fun helping sixth formers with cv building & job interview skills today. Their work experience placements await!
Lib Dems and @ibrahimtaguri using pop culture campaigning in Brent. Love it.
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Whatever Brent Labour tell you about cuts. Remember they gave themselves a 25% pay rise. Putting Brent first?
First Labour bankrupted the country. Now they've bankrupted my home, Brent. But there's always someone else to blame.
From big business to family owned ones, apprenticeships are providing real opportunities for the next generation
Find out more about the 5,220 apprentices in Brent
5,220 apprentices in Brent since 2010 & 2m across UK. From engineering, manufacturing, retail, professional services & everything in between
The U.S. will today publish a report into torture and kidnap by its security services around the world. When will UK publish Chilcot?
.@Brent_Council #SaveStonebridge adventure playground. Please sign the 38degrees petition & RT @bktimes #SAP
I blame #bloodyimmigrants for both taking all our jobs and claiming all our welfare.
My broadband has gone down. All those #bloodyimmigrants clogging up the super high way, taking our bandwidth
Farage blaming immigrants for M4 traffic. This would be laughable if it wasn't so divisive & hate fuelled…
Six more #Guantanamo detainees released, 136 to go. Obama should try them in civilian court or release them!
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There have been many atrocities in the War on Terror, but encaging people for 12 years w/no charges is near the top…
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Just arrived at Sky News studios to discuss the general election & @LibDems on Murnaghan at 11.30
Right. Time to have a lovely day ruined by Spurs. Again.
#SmallBizSatUK is not about rampant consumerism but keeping our high streets successful and at the heart of our communities
Scrapping parking charges will help boost Brent’s Christmas trade… #LibDems #LDGE2015
Thanks for implementing my call to scrap parking charges @CllrButt I got plenty more ideas for our community if you want.