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Ian Poulter
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The 4 gloves I used at @The_Masters signed, plus 8 golf balls which were used during. Competition coming real soon.
What grips do you guys all prefer, I've used @golfpridegrips for 26 years and tried @LamkinGrips today, lots of options out there.
Thinking of producing a custom grip and taping package with a video so you guys can DIY. A lot of people asking for it or club pro can do it
I do a slight tapering of the right hand to thicken it up. I will post my taping soon to show you all how to do it. It helps a lot.
Great testing out new golf grips, haven't tried anything else for a long time, a few more to try over the coming weeks now. Feel pretty good
Time to test a new grip I've used @golfpridegrips for 26 years, it's time to try a @LamkinGrips see if it's any good.
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Both on in Orlando Vern. @OfficialVernonK: City game not on telly??”
Ok someone tell me what is going on in the sky, the sun is surrounded by a rainbow? Please help ease my brain.
Half a sniff and bang a goal, Padolski get in.
He has a right foot at last.....
Not sure if it's a photocopy card or real 1 @ferny_78: Hi I have this signed score card of yours is it legit #ihopeso
Golfers get paid on you're scores unlike football, miss cut no pay. @TwoTonTedSez that's rich after your latest effort at a similar wage
Are you kidding over a £100K a week and you can't hit it with your right foot. Come on....
Am i really watching West Ham controlling the game at The Emirates. What a joke sort it out.
You just need to show the hammer Mr....... @MaxGirardo @TomHartleyjnr will be do the rest. He has a good eye & knows my taste in toys.
Hey @MaxGirardo I have a couple of weeks to cash in and I will have @TomHartleyjnr bid for me. A few nice toys I see.
Enjoy Gary. @gary89darlo @IJPDesign Order arrived this morn. Awesome shirts. Good luck for the season!
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Night Night. @WestwoodLee I hope they let you in you're hotel room soon in Kuala Lumpur. Westy stuck in reception.
Hahahaha @WestwoodLee Now that's funny you have to agree.. @spukehunter: @IanJamesPoulter New balls please...
Please tell me you just shat you're pants..... Too heavy @WestwoodLee eyes popping...