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Jason Weeman Acuna
A big flare-up yesterday with @iamweeman This is what I think of all y'alls spliff photos
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Wee-man and myself at @dvsshoes photo shoot in LA. Talk about a bunch of "jackasses!" @iamweeman
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Pretty sweet meeting this #deadliestcatch fella @jakeandersonnw plus he is part of the @dvsshoes family. Kick-ass skateboarder too!
#dawnpatrolsk8 added a new member today. @ryanstewart75 hopefully he can keep it up or we'll just rip that patch right off his back.. Haha HAPPY FRIDAY
#dawnpatrolsk8 had a guest this morning. @b3rky fun session. The sun is rising, time to go!! Happy Thursday
As usual #dawnpatrolsk8. Just a lil fun footage. Enjoy, happy Tuesday. @tempster_returns @toy_machine
“@VerneTroyer: Good seeing you buddy! @iamweeman” HELL YEAH.. Good seeing you too Vern.. Have an amazing day!
Haha let's try again. Yesterday while at #standupforskateparks @jimthiebaud received a #dawnpatrolsk8 patch. He is a 100% skateboarder and we know he skates all the time! Good seeing you jim, hope the post stays this time
“@yungactavis_: S/O to @iamweeman for opening that Chronic Tacos on Redondo, best shrimp and fish tacos I've ever had” thanks for the love..
@tonyhawk #standupforskateparks Good times, the birdhouse team #andymcdonald @staabpirate1 what a kickass
Thanks @tonyhawk made it here this year for #standupforskateparks
#dawnpatrolsk8 only one dude has 2 days with us so far. No patches have been given out. I guess it is a tuff one to get.. Haha Happy Friday..
#tbt to way before cell phones. This was a part of my life that I always think back to. Had no care in my life, only wanted to just skateboard as much as I could. I was living at 83 house 13th street, San Jose, CA. There has been many amazing skateboarders and people that have gone thru living in th
Don't be scared. Man-up, skate before 8 on the weekend & before 6 during the week. Started this a couple months back w/ @heavymetalchuck. You make it to 3 sessions with us, you'll earn yourself a patch. We do have a few prospects out there, they just need to finish their sessions.. #dawnpatrolsk8
Happy Birthday @blakeular miss ya bud, let's skate soon. Kick-flip crooks right here in this video, killing it..
Magazine shoot today.. If you only knew.. Haha
I have been wanting to go to this spot for years now, finally.. The reason was I saw an amazing pic of the #GONZ there, he is a big inspiration. Had a blast there, thanks to all the people of #imperialcourts just hanging out and being chill.. Also thanks to @rogerkaneko for taking the best pic, righ
Lady: getting here early, huh? HMC: this isn't early. Lady: oh yeah, well there's this midget and he gets here really EARLY.. Myself: oh yeah Lady: (shocked) I didn't know that was you, you looked big when you drove up.. 😂 that was the start of the session today!! Haha
So I messed up on my last post on tag'n @djrunaway_ I do it every once in awhile. Here he is doing a clean backside nose-grind w/ this app that makes the footage a lil faster than norm. Just having fun and that's all that matters.. 2 more sessions Jon, and you will get your #dawnpatrolsk8 patch!!
#dawnpatrolsk8 had guest appearances by @leftoversp and @djrunaway. @heavymetalchuck usual member there. Good times and shawn broke his board.
In Black n White, skateboarding is my life. Funny story about my Instagram lately.. Let me start from the beginning, Instagram was created at the same time I broke my back. So after surgery I just sat at home and followed everyone who followed me. After awhile, I realized the monster I caused. In th
2 for Tuesday.. 2 new favorite boards in my collection!! @throbberrules because he kick-ass!! @batskates I bet they didn't even know I grabbed 1/50 limited edition LEE VING boards haha
It's on today!! Cruise down!! Mariachi divas!! @djrunaway_ HAMMERED the band!! It's gonna be fun.. Taco eating contest. KOBAYASHI will be here.. BOOM
Lovely day @ventura_nationals. Working @starlitekustom with a coffee stained t-shirt haha
Thanks to @magic_skateboards we will have limited edition "wee-man's chronic*tacos" skateboards. Hopefully you can grab 1/30..
Thinking of what to do this Monday, Labor Day.. Come join us for a good time!
THIS MONDAY, Labor Day! Come down, bring the kids, grandparents & neighbors!! It's gonna be a BLAST!! 2 bands & an amazing DJ!! World champion food eater, KOBAYASHI!! Trying to beat his old record of 110 tacos in 10 mins! You have to see this..
7th day in a row of skateboarding! Today started at 5:40am, the sun wasn't even awake yet.. Haha #dawnpatrolsk8
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lady!! @cassandrabrett fun times are gonna be had today!!
Super fun trip @dvsshoes takes virginia beach by #selfies. My boy @luistolentino
Don't forget come to costal edge today at 4:00 pm.. @dvsshoes rip'n dudes @blakeular and @luistolentino and myself will be there. Come hangout!
Happy Sunday!! Time to go skateboarding. METALLICA on the radio to get us pumped up!
ECSC!! @dvsshoes #allingoodfun thanks everyone today for the support!!
Best breakfast ever!! Hanging with the boys. Tagged cause the list is long. Pic by @langerbang fun times at ECSC @dvsshoes #allingoodfun
Thanks @skatesupply for taking us skateboarding at your local sk8-park.. @dvsshoes #allingoodfun
We are at ECSC on the east coast. Stopped @skatesupply to sign posters & give goodies to the kids. Everyone is asking "where is @daewon1song" Blake, Ricky & I miss ya buddy!
My back Indy deserved it's own post. Not gonna stop grinding it, till it breaks!!
Just cause this video is so f'n sweet, I had to post. Keep doing what you do @toreypudwill. #torey3s #allingoodfun
Here "wee" come!! #allingoodfun @dvsshoes
As usual rising with the sun. #dawnpatrolsk8
@pmoler thanks again for this amazing painting. People go check his page for other works of art. Soon to be hung up in the house. Just rearranging stuff for the perfect spot. I want to congratulate you and @daburgerev on taking a huge step in life with MARRIAGE! Have fun, see you soon
I'm pretty sure you are in a better place now. Gonna miss you, but never forget you JAY ADAMS!!
Today is actually pretty kick-ass!! I received my new MULLEN color way deck. It's probably the best one YET!! For those of you who don't know, this was my very first legit skateboard. On a side note I have to give a big hug & kiss to @rwashburn for just throwing in a couple sets of @boneswheels!! Th
You would think "hey that's an amazing sunset pic", but actually it's a sunrise pic. Good morning #dawnpatrolsk8 yeah that's @heavymetalchuck backside 50-50. Happy FRIDAY
So awesome I had to post!! Great video @toymachine. I've been swarmed by scooters lately. Just man-up and get a skateboard.
Hey come check me out @jackssurfboards for @vonzipper signing 2pm Downtown Huntington Beach today
#dawnpatrolsk8 started before 6am. Lee Ving