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Steve Whyte
Arenas, Stadiums, The World. #TheLoveManual
Be true to who you are and you'll attract authentic situations and people into your life. #TheLoveManual
I used to say 'why me' during the struggle, now I say 'why me' during the success. #StayHumble #TheLoveManual
What a fantastic quote!"@iAmSteveWhyte: True love isn't dependent on perfect conditions. #SW"
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If you have not followed one of my great friends and inspirational writer @iAmSteveWhyte please do so now! #tweetsofpower #thebest
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Real Men respect, cherish and care for Women. #TheLoveManual
Look her in the eye, hold her hips, press your fingers into her skin and tell her that you love her without blinking. #TheLoveManual
@iAmSteveWhyte #ICant with you right now, bro...LOL...Love this - must share!
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No matter what, stay humble and never forget where you came from. #TheLoveManual
Never allow someone who doesn't understand your dream to distract you from it. #TheLoveManual
S/O to my bro @MrEuro < follow him... Real wisdom and he keeps it real. #PositivityOnly
There's a feeling. Na, it's more than a feeling it's an experience. The world stands still, well at least for me it does. The moment when I complete a book and receive my first draft after years of hard work, dedication, and many sleepless nights. I know when it arrives because I have been anticipat
Strength is not putting up with abuse, strength is finding the courage to walk away. #TheLoveManual
A Lady loves a Gentleman... Dress the way you want to be addressed. #Etiquette #Class #Respect #TheLoveManual
Don't miss an opportunity because of egotism. ~ @Yvey__ #Dropsmic cc my sis @speaktostacey on this one #ExitStageLeft
If you can pretend to be happy may as well choose to be. #TheLoveManual
@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read the love manuel because i need a really love to my selfe
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@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read the love Manuel because what my understanding of love is seems to be wrong.
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@iAmSteveWhyte ......#TheLoveManual because my husband passed away and I need to believe in all different forms of love again
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@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read the love manual in other to have more love understanding
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@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read #TheLoveManual because I was put on earth to love and be loved.
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@iAmSteveWhyte "I want to read #TheLoveManual because It has change my living life,my attitude,it really had shape me up
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@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read #TheLoveManual because I am committed to growing in my love for God, others & myself. Flow...
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@iAmSteveWhyte I want to read #TheLoveManual because everything I've read by you has been a blessing I can't wait to share with others.
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@iAmSteveWhyte I always enjoy readin ur mgs nice choice of wrds
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