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Stay strong, Make them wonder how you're still Smiling ♛
Ok I am gone now. Too many questions answered to look for some answers of my own. Thank u and Khuda Hafiz.
Ok my wonderful digital head Manish explained to me....ask your questions with the #AskSrk Ok let's try this technical breakthrough
So sorry impossible to answer. Can't seem to stop this rolling the vertical hold has gone mad. Getting Astigmatism
Sorry can't answer....timeline moving too fast is there a way to stop it???? So that I can answer
Ok will do a few question answers...need for laughter building no release dates...fav heroine...etc questions. Let's try this....
Everything u want 2 ask of life cannot b given by any1 else but urself.So don't Ask. Period. Do..Be & Get it urself.
Please do not use bad language for other actors, whatever the provocation. I am appealing to my own. It's undignified & all r my colleagues.
Nothing is ever the way we would have liked it to be but everything is perfect in itself, as long as there are no lies. ♛
Happy New Year #Upcomingmovie
USA&Canada Slammed in SEPT. 19th Houston, 20th New Jersey, 21st Toronto, 26th Chicago, 27th vancouver, 28th San Jose.
SEDUCE u...LOVE u...AMAZE u...go MAD with u! SLAM The Tour from the Happy New Year Team.
Went for a drive with my just about yr old AbRam & he totalled the music system, to the tune of Wrecking Ball! & parents r wary of teenagers
Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila, Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala, Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta, Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai, Yeh Uska Style Hoinga Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga 🎶 #Josh 🎬
It’s been a good day. Ended like the laughter of my children. Light hearted…loud & without a care in the world. Untouched by even me…..
What is the best thing that happened to you today ? ♛
at launch of gitanjali's ticket to bollywood.
Crossing Sealink in Mumbai…I understand wot Mr.Bhatt told me once….For most u will always be a means to an end….not the end itself. Got it.
Read something arrogantly funny…“they say u r what u eat…but I don’t remember eating a Legend” ha ha.
Non nobis solum nati sumus. (Not for ourselves alone are we born.) Cicero. Fireman Nitin Yewalekar, u proved that…You r a real Hero. R.I.P.
And reading some of the return tweets to my last one….seems sarcasm is lost on many. Ok back to more important things…have to clip my nails.