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Rashida Jones
Fact that I just made up: if a person coughs in a movie, there is no way they won't die by the end of that movie.
A legend. And a fighter. And funny til the end. So honored to have known you. We'll miss you. #JoanRivers
But this hack feels like a gross violation of privacy AND a women's issue. It inherently attempted to take power away from powerful women.
IMHO, the most salient issue in the next decade will be privacy. EVERYONE'S: Man, woman, celeb, not celeb. No question about that...
.@bennyredmondy just bc you don't care doesn't mean it isn't important. If u didn't look at pics & you don't care, then ur all good, right?
.@bennyredmondy maybe you looked at these pics and feel defensive about your "right" to do so? Internet can distance us from accountability
YES TO THIS:… Don't look at those photos. Don't perpetuate the war on women's privacy. This is just the beginning.
Fall in love with your new favorite show before it airs! Watch the #AtoZ premiere now:
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@iamrashidajones saw the pilot for @NBC_AtoZ and loved it. Fun, nice chemistry, funny characters.
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Cristin Milioti shines in @nbc's new comedy, #AtoZ! Watch the digital premiere now at
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If you struggle with depression and need to talk, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7: 1-800-273-8255
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Robin Williams made the world a little bit better. RIP.
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RIP to my dear brother and friend Robin Williams. The world will miss the decades of laughter that you gave all of us.
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Devastated by the news...
Finally saw "Celeste & Jesse Forever" & I'm mad at myself for waiting so long. It was great. @iamrashidajones, Messina, Samberg et al=fab
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#FeministsAreUgly, #FeministsAreHot - who cares? Women still make 77 cents for every dollar men make. Don't be distracted by this B.S.
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'Sexist' music videos should be age restricted, says report…
The First Lady's letter to American girls: Commit to your education & get involved in others'→
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"@nbc:That time @prattprattpratt flashed Amy Poehler & Rashida Jones 🙈@LateNightSethh has the" LIFE HIGHLIGHT
Just got #CubanFury in the mail and DAMN @nickjfrost is a FRACKING SUPERSTAR!!! Absolutely loved the movie! I very highly recommend it!
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"@sapnam: oh hey it's @prattprattpratt & a paper superhero @iamrashidajones" what in the f is happening here Pratt??
Fantastic piece for ALL parents by @PeriodicallyUrs on how and why teens dressing sexy matters:…
"@MayerHawthorne: "Should we get some popcorn?" -@iamrashidajones" let's be real clear...I finished that bag.
#AtoZ is my favorite new comedy of the season. An unabashed, straight-up rom-com & Feldman and Milioti are magic. #TCA14
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Maureen Dowd laying down some Sunday truth right here:…
I love this:… Tell our girls they're pretty brilliant instead of just telling them they're pretty! #girlsarewatching
I want to listen to Sam Smith sing anything and. everything.
Here's a link to the book curation I did for @TEDTalks along with Bill & Melinda Gates, @iamrashidajones & others -
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What's wrong with this picture? Answer: @NRA has stopped research on gun violence for TWO DECADES #gunsense :
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I don't like the idea of getting used to school shootings.
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"@grasswire: There's been a school shooting in the United States every 8 days since Newtown" ENOUGH. @DemandAPlan
There's a soap actor competing named Dack Rambo #BattleoftheNetworkStars cc: @KenTremendous
Re-runs of Battle of the Network Stars on ESPN Classic = best thing on tv. Lisa Bonet & Philip Michael Thomas just won a race 4 NBC? #cmon
You're not entitled to a woman's body. Not your wife, not your girlfriends, nor anyone else's. #YesAllWomen
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#yesallwomen why feminists call domestic violence a war on women because this:
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Not gonna lie. I really like this picture. Out of context, it's so weird and great #sisterlineup #ontherun @Beyonce
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, loving, elegant, angel of a mom @mspeggylipton. I'm one lucky daughter. Luv you
From Executive Producer @iamrashidajones comes new comedy @NBC_AtoZ. He believes in love. She believes in law: #AtoZ
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