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Rashida Jones
I have never been so glad I follow @iamrashidajones because I discovered #AtoZ and it is HILARIOUS and CUTE and FUN. #banter
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@iamrashidajones I'm head over heels for A to Z! Even more so after last night's episode w/the shoutout of my favorite premier league team.
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I love this show!!! Always left with a warm, hopeful feeling 💕 Thanks for watching with me!!#AtoZZ@NBC_AtoZZ
It's nice to see the dude being the romantic. Always nice to invert a stereotype! #Andrew #AtoZ
I think Stephie and Stu's hatred for each other is fueled by overwhelmingly hot sexual attraction #AtoZ
"Pain is just weakness leaving the body" Big bird is who I want to be when I grow up. #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ @iamrashidajones @benqueen1
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Trivia: the photo of Stephie's first "wanker" candidate is actually our co exec producer Michael Patrick Jann! (not an actual wanker).#AtoZ
Cristin's delivery/disgust re: Andrew's white Jetta/Zima combo. Just guffawed out loud. 👍#AtoZZ
In the last five years, how many of you have NOT Googled someone you were about to date/just went on a date with? #AtoZ
We manage to cover so much modern technology in this show. Be impressed cuz I am. #AtoZ
Henry talks so much about number two-ing. #AtoZ
"can I get a glass of this? For my mouth?" I love you, Stu!! @HenryLovesYou
I have never been on that site LULU but whoa that you can basically search Yelp reviews for dudes and their dating history #AtoZ
@NBC_AtoZ: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | New episode | | of #AtoZ | | in 60 minutes! | | _______| /\ /\ || ( ᵔᴥᵔ ) || /   づ” East Coast!
@jessetyler: With my wife @iamrashidajones at the #VCPoloClassic” me with my husband (and a horse's ass, literally)
Thank u2 all the #Alphabetafans who watched 2nite! & thank u @benqueen1 @iamrashidajones & @skillzwill 4 creating something beautiful #AtoZ
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"Maybe more than talk" means SEXXXXXX!!!! Awwww yeah #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
It's getting real frisky at Wallflower. #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
Whenever I feel rejected, I'm just going to blame it on a "bug". #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
App stalking should be a new thing. #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
Bridge and Chimney is the greatest fake, trendy, new restaurant name. Big ups to @benqueen1 #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
Vanity reps, I need to start doing those during meetings to intimidate people. #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
sitting with the executive producer of #AtoZ @iamrashidajones and just gotta say it's nice seeing two brunettes as the leads!!! I LIKE IT
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Cristin's license plate throw was awesomely adorable. #AtoZ @NBC_AtoZ
Yayyyyy I have an executive producer credit on TV (never gets old)!!! @NBC_AtoZ #AtoZ
Seriously sexually suggestive hug between Stu and Andrew? #AtoZ @HenryLovesYou @WhosBenFeldman
Do you guys have "Big Glory" music? @NBC_AtoZ #AtoZ
Tweeting in one minute... @NBC_AtoZ #AtoZ. feel the heat.
2NITE Live tweeting the wonderfully charming show (which I also happen to exec produce) #AtoZ on #NBC at 9:30 PST. Join me, y'all! @NBC_AtoZ
@NBC_AtoZ it's creative, the cast is amazing, and it's better than a hammock full of kittens #AtoZ
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"@myhipsdontlie: What happens after 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, & 1 hour?! @NBC_AtoZ #AtoZ 💏💕" YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO WATCH TO FIND OUT ;)
Thanks to @samsungmobileusa for partnering on the @MayerHawthorne "Crime" video I directed! #TheNextBigThing
New Yorkers: do NOT miss this movie this weekend. My favorite movie of the year. @KeepinOnFilm
West Coast, get ready for @NBC_AtoZ starting in FIVE MINUTES!!! Do it!!! #AtoZ
.@WhosBenFeldman @NBC_AtoZ I totally❤️this📺show! Thanks for giving me renewed hope in love & destiny!#AtoZZ#iHeartAtoZZ#bestshoweverr#NBCC
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can it be Thursday already so I can watch #AtoZ again?
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A to Z, I'm surprised to say, is freaking awesome. Possible new favorite show. Kudos @iamrashidajones!
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