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Julian Trono
dancer 227,603 followers
No one beats a movie night with some ice cream
So yah. This is what happens when you hang with you little sisters for a day. What do you think? 😂
Will announce something cool on tuesday
Leo is done with Oscars. He's aiming now for the Nobel Prize. Idoooooool #UN
My favorite! ❤️ You and I. What a great night! Surely one for the books! Thank you Mr. Legend! @johnlegend
Big thank you to @WilbrosLive!!! Much love!
MJ x JL Now this is just crazy. JL's voice to MJ's music! Wow.. Just wow #TheAllOfMeTour
To witness him perform is just priceless! #JL @johnlegend
Wrapped up a great night with the Legend himself! He is one of the gems of the music industry of this generation. I'm very honored to watch him perform live! A very passionate guy with his music. Every song has stories, every second has it's own special place in his heart. You can totally feel it. O
Excited to see Mr.Legend later! Or, is it really him that i'm excited to see? Mmhmm
Okay let's make it like this. Throughout this week i'll be posting stuff, like clues.. Then you guys need to guess it okay?
I might mention some names. Gahhh.
It'll be the bomb. Yes. Bomb.. Like boom
Something we've never seen coming. Yes, we. I didn't expect it too
But no yeah seriously. I'll announce something awesome. Hmm maybe after a week or two?
I should start writing again
It's not about something or someone. I just had to share my thoughts. Hehe. *apir
Slap them with love! Punch them with kind words! Kill them with faith. 💪
Trust Him. Whatever you do. No matter how tough your battle is. Remember, he won't put you there if you're not worth it.
Open your hands sideways, tilt your head to the side. Then tell em. "Bring it!"
So just live and love your own life and the people around it and just breath! Screw all those people who judge you.
You do something stupid, they judge you. Do something great. They still judge you.
Nakakakiliti yung ngiti mo
Just kidding. Meh
Bigger than a show maybe
Bigger than a dance video
Give me a week or two. I'll announce something big
About to make it big. Bigger. The biggest
Oh yes you, love!
It's like, God took more time while he's creating you.. Or maybe he's eating ice cream that time. That's why
Gorgeous formation of a breathing human being. ❤️
Aaron Paul is just.. Brilliant
Gus' death. Crazy.. Not tfios. Breaking bad.. 🙈
I wanna go to Korea
I am not in danger, I am the danger. - W.W
Let's make it big