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Not feeling that well, might as well start watching the game of thrones. #LazySunday
...And that's how I ended up playing rock paper scissors with Fidel Castro.
S/O to my squad in the Nagano prefecture in Japan!
Just about time to leave the studio- live music night, n' stuff.
8-string custom bass with extra feels
Work over everything but hot chicks and mansion parties.
Throwback pic with @_mermaidmeg_ #Goodtimes 😜
When you're lit and someone starts talking about something serious.
My personal think tank. Mad love to all my friends at #FloatClinic.
Usual craving for sushi kicking in right about now.
Fresh afternoon hair cut boss mode.
If humans could fly, most people would consider it exercise and never do it.
No matter how many times I listen, the entire @sibonobo 'Black Sands' album is fire.
Work > running > lifting > @FloatClinic
Looking at property in Japan.
Current location
Living life the way I want. Disregard society expectations. Cuz after all - you only have a lifetime.
Life may seem complicated at times. But hey, let's keep it simple. W @jake_saint18
When the fighter is hotter then the model
Not you bruh! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻…
Pro Tip: If you cut yourself out of my life- keep it that way.
Work, beach, sushi, chill.
Work till the sun comes up.
Had to delete my last tweet for how fast @RondaRousey whooped that ass. #UFC190
Wave Racer - Flash Drive (feat. B▲by) #FIRE…
When I heard that new #BackToBack from @Drake tho-
BMW is fresh out the shop! 😭
Quite interesting statistical analysis of Top 100 tracks on #Beatport…
Currently listening to: Pro-Pain #FinalRevolution
Just pounded a beer with a quail egg. New sushi tradition.
#Sushi game stronger than Bill Cosby allegations.
Sushi game stronger than Bill Cosby allegations
About to get on my sushi and sake game today 🍣🍺
I swear I could play a drinking game with the #DEATHNOTE manga. Any time you see the word Kira you drink. Which is like 4 times a page.
2 mixes and masters done before noon. Today's gonna be a good day. 🔥😎
Breaking News: Baby Owl currently in stand off with Boulder Police
Friday Santa Monica traffic got me like
Headlight sockets #rip
Just finished the gym, about to eat and then head to @FloatClinic
Listening to @mjcofficial to start my day out proper. #LA
When the homie takes #GTA serious af and tries to hide from the police
Studio and coffee in a can. Cuz yeah. Musics.
I wonder how many "Netflix and chill" babies have been born so far...
How I feel waking up this morning without a hangover.

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