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ℙÜɼΞ ∑η∉ɼℊƴ
Hopelessness will consume you, and that's what they want. For you to feel hopeless and give up right before the breakthrough. Keep going.
The upper echelon, the status quo. I'm breaking through those, anyway. @RevoltTV…
I no longer allow weak elements to have influence over my aspirations. Critique is welcome, but always consider the source.
I've had a lot taken from me... ...but some things can't be stolen. Please share this guerrilla interview. #music…
I move forward without looking to the sides. I don't hear false tongues, I don't feel bad vibes. I just rise.
I am #blessed to be producing an extraordinary super talent by the name of Simone B. Her voice will lift you.
Never trade your skill for someone else's illusion of success. People go out of their way to make the grass look greener, when it's dying.
#OneWomanSymphony THE MARS GANA EXPERIENCE. via @YouTube| @iamARSMAGNA is an artist with a message, give her an ear!
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I already won the war. Time tells all.
Don't even feel the shots you're firing, I'm flying too high.…
This is the story of how a lotus flower blossoms through the cracks in the pavement. Please share it. #music…
One of my favorite Twitter moments of all time. Praying I can make music with him one day!…
I feel prettier now that I don't paint huge eyebrows and cake my face in foundation. Soul deep, not skin. #nomakeup
You can take my story, my name, my hair styles, my music, minimize my work, and pretend like it's yours. That's fine.
One of our favorite underground goddesses. We love this sexy, ethereal Zep rendition, @iamARSMAGNA…
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I don't talk as much. I don't tell people what I'm doing anymore. I don't sit here & pity my circumstances. I just make moves silently.
My crown sits beautifully attached to my head. So come for it, but it can't be taken, it was preordained and rightfully earned.
Lol I deleted it right as you posted this haha... Too intense?…
This just in: @iamARSMAGNA announced a weekly series called #VIBEFLIPS, wherein she will cover a song, switching its genre. #genius #stoked
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Check out this live, two take cover of Led Zeppelin. No auto-tune was utilized in the creation of this video. #music…
First #feminists are sluts because we want birth control, then we're ugly. Which is it? SURE you can be an ugly slut but it's a lot harder.
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"The Indigo children come." - Puscifer. Fully realized Indigo since '09. Thx, @lionsinthezoo, for the dope hat.
Happy birthday Mommy, gone but never forgotten. Today after work Will and I are planting flowers in our garden in your honor.
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This is my jam, right now. Lyrical content is soul deep, production 👌, and@kehlanimusicc is a SUPER TALENT.…b
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BREAKING: State’s attorney says Freddie Gray’s death in police custody was a homicide.
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An elderly man lies on the ground near riot police during violent May Day protests in Istanbul
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Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.
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in-order to grow, you have to constantly challenge yourself.
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I've got a lot of brushes, some guitar skill, and cruelty free make up to contribute to the cause.…

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