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@iamARSMAGNA Looks like it arrived at the perfect moment for you!
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Native Instruments in the mail for my last year in my Bachelor's program. AND in time 4 my album. 🙏🏽 Thx@FullSailimC
This is going to be the busiest, most enlightening, powerful, humbling, and extraordinary 39 days of my life. & I'm going camping twice 👸🏾
It feels so good to have that secured love, that rest assured love.
Success and beauty attracts a lot of envy. I'm not gonna stop shining to make you feel brighter, tho.
Maya Angelou-like, display of artistic mastery in my timeline. and this is her 10 min fuck around shit? slayin.…
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Just found out it's #FriendshipDay, so shoutout to my sister, Aryah Carr. Who is too grown for Twitter.
Today has been successful so far😌
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in case u 4got, social media is for: 1. Networking 2. Sharing news, preferably good news. 3. Inspiring others 4. Supporting people you love
Life has a habit of testing you where you are weakest, know this, & you know what to work on.
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me: *types out a tweet* me: ok but who cares me: *hits X, delete *
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Heligoland and the neural network deep dream algorithm
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Getting my hairs did! 👸�VT
Debuting new music in August, I'm not sure if the world is ready for the truth I have to voice; my production goin harder than ever, doe.
I parted ways with a good friend this week, so I made this song w/ #GarageBand on my #iPhone.…
As I approach the source... I find more obstacles; I find more like minds. I'll share the latter with you... MSUNIVERSED.TUMBLR.COM
@iamARSMAGNA your body is god's gift to men. no obnoxiously fake booty or overdone makeup. natural curves & a beautiful smile.
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in other news... 33 DAYS UNTIL THE BURN. so excuse me if all my tweets are about that from now on. #burningman2015
Stop being so predictable. CHANGE YOUR PATTERNS, before your PATTERNS CHANGE YOU. I'm trying my best to help these f*ckin' mortals out.
If your man is contacting me, it's most likely 'cause: 1. My ass = fat 2. I have stimulating conversations 3. I'm cute 4. I make dope beats
I got more than enough love in my heart for everyone, even those who mean me harm. Not enough room in the limo, tho, so... #sorrynotsorry
Consistent success came from perpetual evolution; the ability to learn from failures & quickly recover w/o fear. 🙏�…wJ
I love being successful. It's new to me & it's the highlight of my year. If you hustle till your fingers bleed, I hope you feel it, too.
My heart's been aching for 2 weeks, but you'd never be able to tell by my smile. I just keep singing; I'm breathing & today is beautiful.
The best kind of message to receive in the morning... shout out to my powerful ex for feeding me strength and wisdom.
Note to self: Be the one who wouldn't hurt a fly or a feeling. Cry for the pains of others. Love indefinitely without conditions.
Don't rely on prescriptions or people to save or fix you. The secret to happiness in life is perpetual gratitude for the air you breathe.
In my 20s & approved for my first home. Graduating next year. In a higher tax bracket, now. A new album. My own studio.
& to think I tried to end my life quietly, without anyone knowing, because for 20+ years I only knew despair, let downs, hunger, & death.
I refused my diagnosis, shifted the focus: My state of mind, my reactions, and my destiny - are determined by only me. For better or worse.
We could eliminate tuition at every public college and university in America with the $80 billion we spend each year on incarcerations.
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I prefer to walk the other trail, with all its obstacles laid bare. The easiest path is always a trap, Wrapped up & conveniently presented.
“Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth, and your attitude.”
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Deep conversations at work. We seek enlightenment. Snapchat: marsgana
"There's nothing left to lose if you can't take it with you." - @astallaslions #nomakeup #noautotune
You can't take it with you.
Lunch break with the famreeeee?
people that vocalize about every bout of depression in life < people that can walk away from anything even stronger without complaint
i sling renewable energy and hang out with dope people for a living by day
Me: says exactly what I want to say to you and blocks you from every angle before you can respond. I win.
I enjoy transient relationships, so I don't waste time trying to sustain them. That way, the real thing can have its own s p a c e.

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