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Iain McFarnon
Kensington Gardens #Landaaaaan #HaveYouSeenMyFountain? #Gushing
He's in a boat. DogLAD
I hope everyone at Frenchay hospital look the way they look because they're ill and can't be fucked with life..They all look well gurt lursh
More in particular actually I'd like to wish @St_Brendans_RFC and @BredonStarRFC all the best on today's game it's a big 1!!! Good luck!!!
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Only 20 pages in and I urge everyone to read this.... Immediately.
@Iain_McFarnon @OldCryptiansRFC if you beat Bredon next week it may go down to points difference and you can still go up! #BelieveInSBOB
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TRY: Old Boys looking for a losing bonus point. They break & use their overlap well. Winger has gas in his locker & scores out wide again.
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Massive game on Saturday and a lovely evening, no excuses... Get training #showtime
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GRFU tables update Gloucs 2 @OldCryptiansRFC 66 StBrendansOldBoys64 @BredonStarRFC 62 and the two teams to play StBOB. Very close finish.
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Good luck to @OldCryptiansRFC & @BredonStarRFC today. Don't slip. Brendan's are coming up #3HorseRace
So Valentines Day was last month we've had International Women's Day this month. So when can a brother get some love?
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Does anybody else get so tired, they just stay where they are thinking about how tired they are, yet do sweet FA about it..?
Be happy for what you have, stay hungry for what you deserve.
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Keep your mind closed against all people who depress or discourage you in anyway.
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The home button on my iPhone is broken, so now I practically have to headbutt it for it to realise I'm pressing it
I sounded like I had a stroke while answering the phone. Mortified.. "Good afternoon. The University speaking Paper Iain, speaking uhhhhh"
He plays prop #fairplay
Britain: Excuse me Mexico: Perdon Italy: Permesso France: Pardon Canada: Sorry America: Get the fuck out of my way, douchedick.
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If forced to choose between Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, I'd take Parkinson's. I'd rather spill some of my drink than forget where I put it.
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Watched The Wolf Of Wall Street last night. I can't stop thinking about how work would go if I now started having cocaine for breakfast
@GoogIeEarthPics: A brick wall dating back to the 1950s, Just stunning” This is a picture of a....wall...Fuck sake
Amazing. You will always succeed when you know you deserve it & believe it Trust Your Power - NFL's Derrick Coleman,