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Hey there Twitter, been neglecting you and I know it. Will get to messages today and also redesigning profile.
Minecraft sales at 35m makes a lot of people in high places look pretty fucking stupid. I like this.
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Also TWiG is going to be late, was up until 7am editing ALA footage D:
Registered for SDCC thanks to the amazing @meepygirl <3
@i_K1NG @meepygirl Thank u BOTH for being a part of one of my FAVORITE vids yet!… Red Alert Episode ONE shot today!
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Obscure dancing! God impersonations! Other eye-catching interpretations of this video!…
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YouTube rejects @terrycavanagh 's ContentID dispute.… Two more rejections and they kill his account, is the policy?
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Hokay you're allowed to look now, made a thumbnail. Ahaha…
Brb gotta make a thumbnail
New vid exporting :)
“There are plenty more fish in the sea.” - How to comfort someone that likes to fuck fish
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@marikathecat takes her camera pretty seriously.
Con plague is starting to go away (fingers crossed) going to try to get back in action today.
Too hot Too cold Too hot Too cold Too hot #manopause
For the lulz. #worldofwarcraft #southpark #animelosangeles
"This guy who I do yoga with owns the dispensary across from Whole Foods" <-- nominee for most LA sentence ever from @ChloeWestx
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Just so you guys know, @montyoum is a pretty awesome guy in person. Was a pleasure to meet you good sir.
Running a website is really hard work and requires a firm commitment to hiring a lot of interns to do it.
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Caught the ALA zombie virus. Totally worth it.