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@HuskyMUDKIPZ oh believe me it is, he used special shampoos and everything, I used to help him wash his hair so...
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I still got love for the streets.
Planet of the apes is so unrealistic, James Franco's hair isn't that luxurious in real life.
They always ship me with small rocks :( @HeyImBeeYT
@HuskyMUDKIPZ I made you a lil bit of fan art. It's a masterpiece in my opinion :)
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The name says it all, welcome to episode 20 of Madpack with Modii101: Tinkers Butt Floss!
Got a brand new Episode of SkyFactory with Jerome for you all yo! Check out the LUCKY BLOCKS and the Nether...
Photo: infiniteragequit: upgraders: pussy-pat: christel-thoughts: this is what i just picked up from the...
Yoooo it's iggy iggs
Darn yo! More Crash landing for ya butt! Hope you enjoy this, I need your help though yo! Check it!
Whenever me and @JeromeASF do Skyfactory we end up recording for like double what we wanted to lol.
SkyFactory da bomb yoooo Gonna be out later today :D! @JeromeASF and I are probably going to be chilling out a bit after last episode haha
Anyone else pumped for Sky Factory Episode 5 today with @HuskyMUDKIPZ?!?
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@HuskyMUDKIPZ so sad but true, same reason why Ive stopped recording with certain people. :(
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How do I farm in Crash Landing D:!
I doubt I would be anywhere near where I am today if he hadn't helped me out. One of the nicest guys I know.
Kinda get tired of seeing people call Adam things he is not, he invited me to be a part of TC when I was nothing and helped build my channel
.@TGFGG10 @SkyDoesMinecraf tries to show his audience how funny they are. If he only cared abt views he would only do vids with big channels
.@TGFGG10 @SkyDoesMinecraf Adam definitely does not only care about views lol, he frequently takes people with small sub counts and (cont)
I also hope your friends realize who they are dealing with, people who only care about views can end up using other people :(
On that 8 am grind like whaddup I enjoy waking up early it gives me a jump start on the day.
If the only thing that matters to you on youtube is views I hope you can find fulfillment somewhere else in your life.
How Can Our Eyes Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Cans?
aint nobody sicker and my fisker vroom vroom yo
Farting and having it sound like a sad bee. #JustGirlyThings
congrats on 500,000,000 subscriberers @TheZombiUnicorn goodluck on going to space!
@HuskyMUDKIPZ I saw someone on Twitter who was happy to get a Hedgehog because "they only live for 2 years anyway"
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@HuskyMUDKIPZ Ugh, theres a huge trend of people buying living creatures just to be quirky.
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Friend of mine on facebook just got a hedgehog and named him Sonic *cringe*
"SO CONFUSING!" Minecraft - MURDER - w/ Friends!!: via @YouTube
Looks like I might need to find another another person to do thumbnails ;P Darn school
I'm giggling at these "can I have a refund" people. What, the years of enjoyment Minecraft gave you suddenly has a negative value?
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more adult/late teen viewerbase and I would feel more comfortable doing so there. I also curse while playing it so it would be mad jokes
I'm thinking I might start posting League on my HuskyvsGaming channel, in those videos I would probably be cursing as league has a (cont)
Btw my tweet last night regarding cursing wasn't meant to call out anyone, it's a personal matter to me and I don't think it's "wrong" to do
On a more serious note, this is my biggest concern about Minecraft- Microsoft's current terms of use for game content
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People are going to fear monger and anything that microsoft does will be seen as negative and wrecking the community and I think that's lame
@HuskyMUDKIPZ all I need to do to get more subs is cuss! Here we go fiddle faddle bunch n' munch poppycock! Nvm I only know popcorn cursing.
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MAH ANACONDA don't curse much unless I'm playing league hun
@HuskyMUDKIPZ @LG_Astro Husky. We know you're a liar. You're in it for the Anaconda.
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@HuskyMUDKIPZ I’ve had people tell me this too. Same response. I’ll stay clean and “take less views.”
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I liked a @YouTube video from @HuskyMUDKIPZ "Eternal Isles!" Minecraft - ReefKipz HOUR OF POWER Modded
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Check out an hour of power! Reefkipz yo! It might only be 360p right now but it should process soon!
Annie keeps farting in this skype call and won't stop