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Got a brand new OP Prison for y'all today yo! Today we rock the new Casino Plug In and show y'all how to...
Hollaaaaaaaa blz oot
"Uh oh look, there Quentin goes stealing my girl again" -Everybody
I love @JeromeASF He has the firmest booty I have ever laid eyes on. <3 Kiss xoxo 10/10 4/2 3/3 Would recommend and I love @xRpMx13's milk
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@JeromeASF @krickenn Only 7-11 knows the true meaning of it... oh and that fish guy, @HuskyMUDKIPZ
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I've reached my final form
Photo: I thought I took down the cameras
Guys. The stream can't start yet. Chipotle is involved. I mean let's be reasonable. @JeromeASF @Bajan_Canadian
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Episode 2 of our Crash Landing Survival is out! Today we learn to deal with Death :(!
For those of you who are not premium on the @ShotbowNetwork I will be giving away weekend access to three viewers tonight on my stream!
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Got a brand new Pixelmon for you all! Today we travel to Booty Town and get our Bum Badge! haha!
"And I ain't even cocky I'm just confident that I'm the shit"
I'm so confused D:
I'm sorry sir but this is a No Flex Zone, you'll have to get your swagger outta here ayyyy
If we all put our houses on stilts we wouldn't have water issues probably.
Waiting for Jerome to finish recording, these are the thoughts that occur when I'm bored.
If I was a robot I would probably still be a gentle and caring lover.
Chick-Fil-Bae 😍😍😍
Imma need more champagneeeeeee
@WensleyDOOD: @HuskyMUDKIPZ u r so hot (don't tell deadlox he's hot too)” sorry @Deadloxx but look at the facts
Alright Quentin it's time for you to wake up stop lying around and sleepinggggggggg
Holla for a dolla "@JinBopGaming: I'm right here, @HuskyMUDKIPZ ;D”
Straight up cold as heckle here, could definitely use a cuddle buddy ⛄️😁
Photo: wisteriafield: i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my...
Super fun and exhausting day with @JeromeASF and @HuskyMUDKIPZ! Now it's time to pass out and charge up for my exam in a few hours.
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You need a new watch man if it ever says anything other than that, its always turnup O'Clock! Am I rite @xRpMx13 ???@HuskyMUDKIPZ
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Oh look at that, it's Turn Up O'clock.
I can't stop drawing @HuskyMUDKIPZ X3 This is the most simple drawing I've ever done on my iPad
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It's nice to be in control of my own happiness.
Relaxing in NJ with Jerome has been dope so far! Looking forward to a few more days of shenanigans :)
Got a brand new MECH Modpack for you all! Check out some Sky Scraping!
So kawaii desu, more madpack for you! It's murderous out here, come see things try to kill me :D!
Turn up for key and peele
You don't need anyone else to tell you how awesome you are.
I think I've kissed more male YTers on the cheek then any other YTer. I literally grip their face like a insane chimpanzee and smash faces.
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