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@ashleymarieegaming being filmed for something
Come find me and my fluffy hair at insomnia! Walking around a bit!
Was playing a game at the razer booth and this happened ): insomnia is fun so far!
If you are coming to insomnia today try to say hi!
Probably shouldn't be tweeting out where I'm going and stuff, I need to shower first and stuff anyways so HA
Gah, can't sleep any more. Gonna try to sneak down to the exhibition floor and get some foodsies (:
Recording itch sounds like a disease transmitted by sharing microphones.
I know that this trip is going to be fun but I really want to record something right now idk what. Got that recording itch
Oh yeah I'm awake at 3am UK time that's no good I need to go back to sleep
(Passive aggressive tweet)
New BB-Team wut wut! Today I make an enchant table wut wut!
My feet are kinda sore but I am literally falling asleep doing anything. Fell asleep sitting, almost fell asleep walking. Wat
If you're a youtuber showing up to Coventry/Insomnia today ya better say hi ya dingus!
All I want right now is a shower, that's it. 9 and 1/2 hours on a plane make me feel icky
Amsterdam/The Netherlands looks amazing! Wish I didn't just have a layover here, gonna have to come back sooner rather than later!
KLM has been one of the nicest flights I have been one, will have to think about flying with them again!
Landed in the Netherlands! Have a connecting flight in a couple hours and then imma be in Birmingham :D almost to Coventry
I don't think the plane has wifi which is a shame but I plan on sleeping anyways haha
Managed to finally board, upgraded my seat to business class :D! Will make he nine hours a lot easier I hope
Got a fun pixelmon for you all yo! Today we kinda... rant? idk, check it or wreck it fools!
Chilling in the international section of the Vancouver airport, lots of stores and stuff ;D
The absolute worst of people "@rowtendo: I like how whenever I get something cool my sister shits on it by saying it's not that great. 👍”