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Get crunk! Finale of the Captive Minecraft Show series thing leave a LIKE OK COOL
don't go chasing what or falls?
Just saw @jacksfilms latest moustac- I mean video, and it was pretty entertaining. The moustache.…
If my throat would stop hurting that would be greattttt
I seem to have given myself a sickness, last night my throat started tot ickle and now it tickles more.
@HuskyMUDKIPZ @soulofw0lf @Arizrain @Nathanlemin @HyperLynxxPlays thanks for a great week! I'm glad no one died That's our story right guys?
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Had a very good set of conversations about some life stuff and poker stuff with a poker friend of mine. Four hours that felt like one haha
I really want to get a pet owl because every time I came home it would look really surprised to see my like "HOLY SHIT IT'S YOU AGAIN?"
thezombiunicorn: I’m less than 100 followers away from passing Steve on instagram again. I couldn’t use...
Sviđa mi se videozapis "Rage Machines!" Minecraft - MadPack Modded Survival! - 9 korisnika @HuskyMUDKIPZ s
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Myself and Modii got some more MadPack for y'all! Let's break some lucky blocks and machines!
Got a new X-Run for you all yo! Join in the Rage!
Had no one sitting next to me on the way home :D
Finally about to start boarding, I am the tiredest every yep
I'm so tired I feel like I'm in slow mo
Hour or so until take off, I need to sleep on the plane pleaseeeee
So unbelievably tired my face hurts
When it comes down to it life is about making número uno happy and hopefully leaving a good mark. Can't do that when you bend on everything.
I bend too much for people, I need to start being more forceful and getting what I want vs what I believe everyone else wants.
@HuskyMUDKIPZ jeez man u must be tired. but hey who says having fun was easy.
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@HuskyMUDKIPZ PLZ BB. DON'T DO DIS TO ME! I can change, for you. So we can be together. ;-; Safe travels though haha!
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