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I literally only have videos with other people to film now
What the heck is brokeNCYDE and why is it a thing
Got a brand new Pixelmon episode for y'all! Sorry it's late haha!
( ˇ෴ˇ ) is a personification of my life
Sorry Pixelmon is going to be out later today, already got four videos recorded today! Still gonna hammer out some more haha!
My face is reallly really smooth.
Electro swing is such an awesome genre! :D
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So I think I have all of my solo content done for the next week until Tuesday, that's kinda neat.
WORST maaa truckas never loved uss
Oh yeah, do I keep all of those trinkets/totems in my hot bar to have their effects or do I equip them somehow?
Does anyone have any advice for MadPack 2?
Why are all these birds and bees getting it on?
idk why I don't have grind days like yesterday more often, being able to not worry about a certain series for a week is kinda great
1019pm on a Saturday night and I'm lying in bed ready for sleep, work hard nap hard.
Only managed to get 5/7 done today but there was a lot of down time, I still have three more days to do all of my videos so I feel good!
"I've put people in other people" -@modii101
oh yeah uhhhh 5/7. two more videos and I have all of my solo content done for the next week.
Also Immature Avocado is going to be my first band's name.
LOL! The boys are saying "un-possible" over & over. New motto for the day here. Thanx @HuskyMUDKIPZ & @modii101
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what the HECK is boulder dash and why did it scare the balls off of me
When people tell you to reschedule for something cause they can't do it a certain day and then don't respond to do the thing on the day of
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If Kanye West lyrics aren't a part of your daily google searches I think we need to have a talk.
the game just auto deletes after you die three times
If I go on the game mode Hardcore I only have one life whereas if I make a different game nonhardcore and type /hqm hardcore it's still HC
I typed /hardcore in Madpack 2 and it gave me 3 lives, is this the way it's supposed to be played? v confused.
I like including one or two super hardcore gangster rap lyrics in videos, secretly.
just gets ridiculous ya dig, just be who you is
I'm a transdimensional sub-otherkin-demibanana. But I like girls.
@HuskyMUDKIPZ I'm defined as a plant, I'll have you know. Now recognize my special snowflake status.
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No one wants to be labelled but everyone wants to have their own special definition of themselves.
Hope you guys are excited for the next "Warnerwar" episode :) featuring a favorite youtuber of yours ;D
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Got a brand new OP Prison for you all yo! Myself and modii show off our new shops!
Anyone currently doing a Madpack 2 playthrough, are you doing it on Hardcore? why/why not?
4/7 done, I think I'm allowed to eat and take a minibreak right?
3/7 videos done today! One more pixelmon and then I start on Madpack :P
Got a brand new Epic Craft for you all yo! Myself and modii try to head out and gather materials woop woop!
I just found a drawing I did of @HuskyMUDKIPZ during July last year. I don't know how to feel about it.
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Aw shoot I just realized I actually need one more pixelmon than I thought! oops 2/7 videos done today
Forgot I had to render/upload my videos for today lol! gotta do that before I record any more
Alright fine I'll start recording #3... after I drink a redbull #thuggin…
better watch out nerds i'm an internet gangster…