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Wishing toys to life ends up being more "Woody" than "Buzz Lightyear" in the @nbcsnl premiere:
Today's #HuluMovieNight selection is "The Spirit." Watch it today for free here: #hulu
Miss today's @WildCountdown? Don't worry - you can watch my WILD adventures anytime on @hulu!…
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Do you have what it takes to see who has what it takes? Watch @ABCSharkTank on #hulu Plus:
Nathan Lane and @FallonTonight brawl over Jimmy's Emmy win rather than bond over the fact neither has an Oscar:
.@AnnaKFaris & @prattprattpratt know how to keep it fresh: pranks with fake arrests & public radio on @TheEllenShow:
The Snl documentary is on HULU!!!! (The link is On Twitter) Watch it here:
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19th Century cuisine was certainly more complicated. Watch Season 2 of #QuickDraw. #OnlyOnHulu
If you missed @HowToGetAwayABC last night, watch the pilot today on #hulu:
The SNL documentary is NOW on HULU!!! Watch my documentary about the history of @nbcsnl “Saturday…
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#TheSituation is in a situation & TV news says "situation" so much it doesn't sound like news anymore. Oh right. #JKL
Has your life been missing some @ScandalABC? Watch the Season 4 premiere on #hulu:
.@TheDailyShow introduced @Redskins fans to Native American activists last night in this much talked about clip:
Groundhogs of NYC, in case you didn't get the message, don't mess with Mayor de Blasio. #ColbertReport tells why:
.@prattprattpratt shares the unintentionally erotic tale behind his first headshot with @FallonTonight:
Start the next verse of the song with @Nashville_ABC S3 premiere. Watch it now on #hulu Plus:
It's #NationalComicBookDay. You celebrate with your comics. We'll do it with ours. @ScandalABC
The Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy clan is back. Watch the @ModernFam Season 6 premiere on #hulu:
If you haven't seen the @NBCChicagoPD Season 2 premiere yet, get arrested by it on #hulu:
If you missed the premiere of "Black-ish" last night, watch it today on #hulu:
Watch an exclusive trailer for the new #BillMurray movie "St. Vincent" on #hulu:
Watch last night's new episode of #SouthPark on #hulu. New eps Weds on @ComedyCentral and next day on #hulu.
.@BillCosby knows the dark secret behind why Morgan Freeman won't portray him on film. #ColbertReport #puddingpops
Andy Samberg told @FallonTonight how he got @facebook tech support from Mark Zuckerberg. Stars! They're just like us!
.@StephenKing has some advice for cable news writers. Well, they can't make it any scarier. @LateNightSeth:
See @nbcsvu tonight or on #hulu Plus tomorrow. You have the right to remain streaming:
When taking a selfie with @kirstendunst, be sure to ask many questions. That's how we understood this @etnow clip:
Secrets are business and business is good. Watch the latest @ManhattanWGNA ep free. #hulu
.@prattprattpratt hosts the @nbcsnl 40th Season premiere Saturday and it looks to be intense:
Watch @SouthPark Season 18 premiere tonight on Comedy Central at 10p ET and tomorrow on #hulu.
Which East Los Girl are you? Take our flowchart quiz then binge Season 2 of #EastLosHigh for free #OnlyOnHulu.
Ring the alarm. The high-octane drama of @NBCChicagoFire is back for a third season: #hulu
.@TheEllenShow attempts to make sense of the Matthew @McConaughey Lincoln ad. #TrueDetectiveSeason3
.@kerrywashington might be a mermaid. The facts check out, at least according to her on @FallonTonight:
Have questions about #ISIS? @sethmeyers has answers. Really?! Seth? Yes, really. Seth. Really?! Just watch: #LNSM
Brewski for youski? In the ultimate act of hipster irony, classic U.S. beer PBR is now Russian-owned. #ColbertReport:
Can’t wait for the new season of @SouthPark tomorrow on @ComedyCentral?! Watch the preview NOW on #hulu:
.@SleepyHollowFOX is back but are your fave characters? Watch the Season 2 premiere on #hulu:
Feel the power of the first part of #TheAwesomes Season 2 finale. Use that power to watch it:
Who wore it better: @jonesinforjason or @MichelleObama? Sorry, Jason. We're going with Michelle: @TheDailyShow
.@AnaGasteyer apologizes to @MarthaStewart for everything on @LateNightSeth. Yes, that, too. And that.
.@WSJ looks at how Stonehenge Druids celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and nary a pumpkin spice latte is seen:
Miss Fox's @Gotham last night? Consider this the origin of a bat signal to watch it on #hulu:
Please bask in the greatness that is @theroots improvising songs about the audience members of @FallonTonight:
.@JohnTheCho tells @JimmyKimmelLive meeting Morrissey was depressing. Why is this a surprise? #BigmouthStrikesAgain
.@StephenAtHome asks the tough questions, like how did the Climate Change March affect @hodakotb? #ColbertReport
Check out these long running shows available on @hulu ---> #OnlyOnHulu
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