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Today is #FortuneCookieDay. What wisdom does your favorite TV show offer you?
Anyone who undertakes the badgers has our vote. But how does one badge? #VoteShank #QuickDraw
Today's #HuluMovieNight selection is "K-PAX," starring @KevinSpacey. Watch it free today:
It takes a great mind of Great Bend to eloquently describe depths of one's love. #QuickDraw
Catch up with Season 1 of @SleepyHollowFOX before something catches up with you. #OnlyOnHulu
Greetings from #EastLosHigh. You wish you were here. Catch up on Season 2. #OnlyOnHulu
Catch up with the first 3 seasons of @KeyAndPeele on #hulu Plus before the show returns 9/24:
Is it too early for Spring Break planning? There’s a giant cloud of alcohol floating in space:
When "Sesame Street" started 45 years ago Big Bird used to tweet in his nest. Now he Tweets on “The Tonight Show:”
.@channingtatum's kryptonite is porcelain dolls. Try to use this information only for good. Unlike @TheEllenShow:
.@TheDailyShow discusses the Scottish secession referendum which is surprisingly civil, even by UK standards:
.@StephenAtHome throws his hat in the ring to be the new Dalai Lama. What are the four noble truthinesses? #Colbert
Finally a remake we can get behind. @etnow has the #DuckTales theme filmed with real ducks. Watch it, and woo-oo:
.@JimmyKimmelLive finally explains #NetNeutrality in a way we can understand: with VHS tapes and a drunk guy:
On @FallonTonight, @Nick_Offerman has some advice for college freshman. It's pretty gross, and a long time coming:
Watch the @nytimes video of President @BarackObama's address laying out his strategy for the coalition against ISIS:
Don't dismiss the latest episode of @ManhattanWGNA. Watch it for free here:
You can try to hide but #OhShitMoments will find you. Watch #EastLosHigh Season 2. #OnlyOnHulu
What's yet to be uncovered in #SleepyHollow? Catch up on Season 1. Now streaming. #OnlyOnHulu
Catch up with the first 3 seasons of @KeyAndPeele on #hulu Plus before the show returns 9/24:
.@MelBrooks gave the finger at his Chinese Theatre ceremony. Well, gave an extra one. @ENews:
Allow us to react in gif form to the news that @prattprattpratt is hosting the 40th Season premiere of @nbcsnl.
On #JKL, Bill Hader recites a 2011 sketch that never aired on #SNL. Meanwhile, we can't remember where are keys are.
On @LateNightSeth, Jeff Goldblum sings his own lyrics to the #JurassicPark theme. You try rhyming "velociraptor."
People weren't saying Boo-urns to Justin Bieber at #FashionRocks. @TODAYshow reports:
If you seek @britneyspears, @FallonTonight put her on #Tinder. The rest is up to your swiping finger.
.@IGN takes a look at the new #iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Guess it's time to destroy our 5S. We didn't write the rules.
In the latest #TheAwesomes, watch out for Santa's SLAY. Catch up on Season 2: #OnlyOnHulu
Ever wonder what it's like to go into the mouth of a volcano? Of course not but this guy on @Nightline did it: #ouch
Happy #TeddyBearDay! Bear with us, but RT with the TV bear you want to cuddle up with the most.
Ain't no party like an 1828 White House party 'cause an 1828 White House party don't stop. Let @WellAnyhoo explain:
If you want to know how one should interact with Robert De Niro, don't follow Ben Schwartz' lead. @rejectedjokes #JKL
The #ColbertReport looks at a fitness band that not only shocks you, it shames you. Just like junior high gym class.
.@TheEllenShow combined @NBCTheVoice & go-karts. Go-karts would also work well on #RealHousewives, Ellen. #justsayin
The original SF @RealWorldMTV house is up for rent, or you can just rewatch Season 3 and pretend to live there:
Gotta be 5:00 somewhere, even in places that "don't exist." Watch the latest @ManhattanWGNA:
Congrats to @ActuallyNPH & @Davidburtka on their weekend wedding. @ENews has the deets, but was there a ring bear?
It's #SuperAwkward how Christmas murder reports get earlier each year. Watch #TheAwesomes:
Check out this exclusive clip from the upcoming film @SkelTwins, one of our favorites at this year's @sundancefest:
It looks like she got the Hollywood goodbye she wanted. @ENews reports on Joan Rivers' emotional funeral: #RIPJoan
Are you ready for some football music? @TODAYshow & @carrieunderwood show you the making of the new @SNFonNBC theme:
You don't need super powers to be a super person. Catch up on Season 2 of #TheAwesomes. #hulu
You don't need super powers to be a super person. Catch up with Season 2 of #TheAwesomes. #OnlyOnHulu
Today's #HuluMovieNight is "Cairo Time," starring Patricia Clarkson. Watch it today for free:
Read a book for #ReadABookDay. It could turn into a TV show and you can brag you already knows what happens. #hulu
Today's #HuluMovieNight selection is "Traffic." Watch it for free today here: