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College admits it student it found guilty of sexual assault erase his rape accusation from his record
College admits it helped a suspected rapist transfer to another school
Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old with terminal cancer, explains why she's delaying ending her life
At Turkey's oldest university, the Syrian war next door has come to the classroom
Survivors describe ISIS massacre of 600 prisoners in Iraq's Mosul
Teachers really, really want an apology from Time magazine
Why college students don't get flu shots, though they really should
Fox News to air first interview with Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden
Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran sang "Stay With Me" together
Professor suing student who accused him of sexual assault
4 in 10 Tanzanian women are married before they turn 18
Kindness really does make you more attractive
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Brown student reports date-rape drugging, sexual assault at fraternity
There's no instruction manual for handling deaths on college campuses
"I finally understand why they call that store 'Forever 21'"
23 things any Scandal fan knows to be true
.@moryan offers more proof Frances McDormand is completely amazing
Why cleaning my freezer was like conducting an archaeological dig
This is probably the most 2014 Halloween sketch ever
Malala donates prize money to help rebuild 65 damaged schools in Gaza
Calm down and zen out with this captivation surfing video
10 love notes that perfectly sum up the modern relationship
Watch Scott Brown get schooled on New Hampshire geography by a debate moderator
Festivals of the dead around the world via @SmithsonianMag
SonReal and what it's like being a white rapper in a post-Macklemore hip-hop scene
UC Berkeley sides with Bill Maher
Don't worry, government weed will probably remain legal in Uruguay after all
"Ghosting:" The 21st-century dating problem everyone talks about, but no one deals with
Here's something you probably don't know about "Friends"
Lauren Conrad's DIY costume will put yours to shame
Starbucks is "ground zero for Ebola" because of its gay appeal, pastor claims
10 bizarre towns you won't believe people live in
Zoe Saldana opens up about her family tragedy
FEC filing reveals another tie between Koch network and Mitch McConnell
LOOK at your favorite characters frozen in (chocolate) carbonite
Hipster ice is now a thing. And it's ridiculous. via @MotherJones
Seth Rogen might play Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs biopic
Jon Stewart skewers Koch brothers for buying ad time during 'The Daily Show'
“The Internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom.” -- Jon Stewart #QOTD
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One of America's most politically toxic congressmen will probably be re-elected. Here's why
Finally, a (really good) reason to hit the snooze button
Accused cop killer captured in a Pennsylvania airport hanger after a nearly 2-month manhunt
Maybe 5-year-olds don't need to be put in handcuffs
Somalia faces famine threat, 3 million people in need of aid, UN says
World Bank funding to fight Ebola hits $500 million
Clicks for cash: The competitive world of online sweepstakes via @Racked
Iraqi TV show makes fun of ISIS at huge risk via @latimes
Victim's family testifies at Jodi Arias trial about going through "living hell"
Missing teacher Steven Stark's loved ones 'fear the worst'
College students hold "shit-in" to advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms