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Huey Dunbar
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@LucasRezza Tryin to me free myself up so we can focus, I'm D homie, once these ducks is in a row!! Bless!
@dfzambrana sending you that this week, sorry it's been hectic but positive here, Bless!!
Cocinando con mi Madre, aprendiendo tambien. Y en mi vaso, lo que me enseño Senor Lalo Rodriguez, Black & 7up, GOZANDO LA VIDA FAMILIA!!!!!
All I want to do is hang out with positive peeps & write and play music all day. #HappyThoughts
Stay positive and the Universe will say "Hi" in its own way. #FreeUrMind&YourJordansWillFollow
Feelin song # 2 @alihjey!! Workin on something cool for #3...True Bless!!
Huey Dunbar. Reggae Tune #1 "Music is my healing devotion...".
Tuesday is shave day, monday is sunday's scruffy chill.
Recuerdas Q siempre hay otra idea musical mas comercial Q L suyo, PQ #MusicaEspira'Musica --> MozartVsSalieri
@nuano Ojala q todo esta bien contigo!!!! Dios te bendiga!!!!
@MigguelAnggelo te deseo muchas bendiciones, alegría y canciónes!!!! Hope all is well bro!
@BenVereen Thanks 4 2day & Ur sincerity & Words of encouragement. As 1 of my inspirations, u inspired nu music 2day!!
La inseguridad solo trae problemas y energia negativa, Positividad es el Camino.
Prince, now there is a dream collaboration. Wow!
En una situacion desorganizada, nunca cambies su nivel de dedicacion de ser logico y organizado. Su apellido vive con sus deciciones.
@Rob21Hill q hay? Im in tránsito hit u son!
Nose up, Treads Up, I'm Outta here/like Vladimir/wit'a case'a Beer. Promotor got my Musical Director deported...O.o! #W2daF! #1stIn20+yrs
@TWC_Help Your New ARRIS DG1670a, has turned itself into a brick after I set it to bridged mode!! When Can I expect #Upgrade2ThisUpgrade SMH
"Atlanta is a hip hop town but Hip Hop isn't just music, it's a lifestyle." -@jermainedupri #MusicNewsmaker @Atlpressclub
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RIP Cream's Jack Bruce, singer, songwriter and bassist. Blessings!
Que Bendicion. Oir su voz, Madre Mia, Cantando Clasicos en mi casa por la manana. Por fin, realizamos nuestra vuelta, un camino profundo.
RT now the medium is Video Gaming. With every new console, update in tech, comes a new sys OS. Music HAD the...
Sometimes driving in LA at night reminds me of Grant theft auto V...
@RezzaBros just send all particulars2email address on profile. Always lookin'4 new collabs'that make sense wit'organized individuals.
NOs Veremos en Peru el 31!!! mas de mi en un poco!!
Hello California!
Manejando pa LA desde NY, deje un breve mensaje despues del tono..
What if Nostradamus's visions came from "viewing" our future TV and Cinematic broadcasts?
Never run from the start of a new day. "We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth." #COD
Like motion thru water, time sets past them. its tug of memoric'emotion just beyond Her grasp reachin'back, End is the childs moon.
Estuve n L lugar perfecto pa'grabar este saludo pa'el Urban Party 3 en Perú el 31 y por otro responsabilidades, me olvide D hacerlo #Mañana!
@OwlbertoRivera tis'a very small mundo 4 us Latinos, we'll hangar again, Be Safe n Take care of my homegirl StyleVamp!
'Call of Duty' creators seek to dismiss suit by ex-Panama leader Manuel Noriega…
... What troubles me iz the efficient form We use 2 remain inefficient in Our application of Our Diversity. #FreeUrMindUrJordansWillFollow
'Con mi Cervesa'stoy de Viaje, pero sin Ego. Siguen en lo'Suyo Mi Gente Bella de Tierra! Luchan!!!
Buenos Dias ‘Gente Bella!!