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Harle Quin
chekkk out a lil demo for a lil song i wrote called ‘Just Another Day’…
Oh juzt madonna texting
My favorite pussy! #meow
Have you heard ‘Super’ by Harle Quin on #SoundCloud?…
Apparently my "before" (on the left) picture makes people gasp or laugh out loud lmao. This couldnt wait for thursday. #throwbacktuesday #progress
#overit #officespace Im going to cry tears of joy when I finish this album!!!
#bodyrevolution Strength, health, effort, discipline should be priorities. Money doesnt bring happiness. Beauty is knowledge. Knowledge is power . We know better now. Be weary of anyone stuck in the past or encouraging your body fat to be high, or in their 20s with a face full of fillers! Misery l
Its a #celebration! Enough w selfies, time to rejoin the house party!!! Party with me where ever u are!! Xxxooo
These hoes aint loyal!!!
Who's still celebrating #thequeen? I am!! #everyday I gleem with pretty much used to at this point being negatively criticized anytime I voice an idea or a passion for something, for whatever reason that may be. But the longest running passion has been madonna, and now everyone seems to
I need to trust the camera in someone elses hand, insread of just mine #soon
#madonnaday #madonna #happybirthday #happybirthdaymadonna Happy birthday Queen. @madonna love, the Jester. ;) #spiritualmother #secret
Love away with me now.....
#ellenvonunwerth #love #onmywishlist Men seem to be props in her photographs. Wonder if she would do a portfolio with a man as the muse?
Surgery was a success. #thankjesus
Everyone's a specialist.... On where ive been and who ive kissed..... #ifeelititscoming...
Totally #gtl ing today #gymtanlaundry Always #dtf . I kid I kid. Sidenote, I miss jersey shore!
#progress #movement #constantmotion Hope for showtime to be in a month. Gotta get these abs out!!!
#noshortcuts #nothingworthhavingiseasy
No sweat no candy ;) Time for bed. Cant wait to share my songs with ya'll. Been yearrss in the making. Ugh! #goodnight
Thinkin about what kind of haircut to get tomorrow..hmmm
Theres that couch I am posing with a blanket. She keeps me warm! I will remain in this pose, until my next selfie - #dayoff #lazysaturday #idontsmile
Somewhere in Fountainbleau, lies my secret garden....super. next single! Check out demo on my soundcloud. Https://
Love is all we need
I dont understand war. The land we fight for is destroyed with our technology. So are the people needed to take care of it. The gods we fight for never come. The patterns are right under our noses. Will ignorance be our our legacy? There is this intense fear of truth and the terrified tend to go aft
Its friday!! What im looking forward to tonight :p #workingmyfingerstothebone #zzz
A sugarfree diet doesnt have to suck.#cinammon
Apparently my phone took this from my pocket. Smartphones too smart lately #machinesaretakingover
Wish I had the power to read your mind, create rain from a teardrop........#super #progress #super
Viva #puertorico #spain #france #latinosdoitbest #backtowork
Feeling changed. Thank the gods for the women in my life.
Im in a #nofilter kinda mood but, Camera flash scared me. Waiting for my producer kyle to send me back my song #super so I can finish and share! #music
If you are I to sadistic movies (like me) check out #nurse3d starring #pazdelahuerta. I love this movie just as much as #mommiedearest! Ha! #nowplaying
Like wolves they a lion I bait.
Have you heard ‘Testing Grounds’ by Harle Quin on #SoundCloud?…
Relaxing after an intense sweaty workout. Also thinking maybe a #mustache is not for me. Haha
In other words, we all have a purpose. We haven't failed as long as we find ways to love, as humans. Miracles will happen. #TestingGrounds
I have lots of lyrics written around that, might as well give it to Ridley Scott so he can make a film out of it. I'll write the soundtrack!