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Hope Laurent
Bubblebaths >>> 😍😊👌
Holy shit, my legs are dead 😲
Jogging on the levy & some geese try to attack me lmao. Awesome
I want new Drake musicccc
Lol some of my followers are sketchy as fuck
Today's a good day. 👌
Lol I swear me and #oomf are twins, we have so much in common
LOL I was bored, so I made this. Shoutout to Ashley for being so attractive 😂�
@LOHANTHONY: in need of a huge shopping spree”👏👏👏
I wanna buy a pair of white Vans & paint them.
Lmfaooooo I just remembered that #2omf had sex in my dream.... 😳😂
Still laughing at the fact that one of the waiters at Copelands thinks me and @ashleyhartt are lesbians
I feel like getting dressed up, but I have nowhere to go
I want a "fuck everybody else, let's worry about us" kind of relationship
Don't count your problems.... Count your blessings. 👌
I need some of whatever Amanda Bynes is on.
Be faithful or be single.
@_thickshadey: You can do your best to change for someone. Doesn't mean it'll change the way they feel about you.”!!!
I always wanna get up and do something productive, but the lazy bum side of me wins every time
Every morning, me and @ashleyhartt lay here and play games on our phones... Against each other.... #embarassing #noshame
Lol well that answers my question..
Idk how guys keep up with having soooo many girls lol
When things are wrong, I feel the need to make them right. Because until they're right, I don't feel like myself
“@0fficalMike57: Why must people draw the asshole out of me? But whatever, doesn't bother me” I feel disssss
Not the only one trying to be the onlyyy oneeee
Waffle House or IHOP sounds soooo good right now lol