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If I had muscles anyone would think were about to compete with tans this dark 😜
Linekers crew 🙌
Just finish reading @HollyGShore book Not Quite a Geordie n I love it it's a good read #GeordieShore
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I keep getting asked the iTunes link to download my book is here >…
Black or Cream? Don't know which to wear this weekend? >>… Help???
Book signings this weekend! Saturday: WHSmiths Metrocentre NEWCASTLE 12:00 Midday Sunday: WHSmiths NOTTINGHAM Victoria Centre 12:00 Midday Sunday: WHSmiths DERBY London Road from 15:00 Can't wait to see you all there for a gossip! #NotQuiteAGeordie #BookSigning #Book #Autobiography #GeordieShore
This arrived at work for me today! Can't wait to read it on holiday �@HollyGShoree 🎉
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Love "@ukfashionbible Can you believe this gorgeous tartan skater skirt is 🙌£12 >>"
On a serious note has anyone got a helicopter and wants to take us from manc to newc 😂 pAyment in unlimited selfies
TOMORROW book signing at WHSmiths METRO CENTRE NEWCASTLE at 12:00 midday. Who's coming? #NotQuiteAGeordie
cannot believe I lost my phone lastnight in a bar and @KyleCGShore miraculously found it in the hands of a random lad! What are the odds🙌
Nah why is this happening I've never been so hungover I thought tenerife would be a relaxing place ... I thought wrong!! 😷
@HollyGShore Morning Holly 😍 Don't worry I'll definitely be voting 😁 xx
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We're in the Multichannel category and need your help so please vote >
Morning, could I ask a little favour? Could you please vote for #GeordieShore to win a National TV Award here >
Whoop whoop got my break time reading to keep me sane at work ^_^ love it and you @HollyGShore xxxxx
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First book I've ever bought in my life😂 but I'm so excited to chill out and read it!👌
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The link to download my autobiography on iPhone / iPad / iPod is here >…
Lucky you, have a fab holiday xx "@Lindsaaaaaaaaay Arrived just in time for Barbados! @HollyGShore 🙊😬
The one thing I've learnt is that what you eat effects how you feel. Had a huge carby breakfast this morning and felt rank all day!! 😷
One week till @HollyGShore is on our stage meeting and greeting her fans with her new book! #NotQuiteAGeordie #GeordieShore #ChicagoRocks
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Just ordered @HollyGShore autobiography book! Can't wait till it arrives so I can bury my head in it! 😁�#excitedted
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Just ordered @HollyGShore new book not read a book since leaving school but I can't wait to read Holly's!! 🙌😘💕
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@Daily_Star @HollyGShore Well done Holly, you have worked hard and look fab.Losing weight by healthy diet + exercise has paid off. Well done
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Been healthy allll holiday but today is the last day and we are going IN! Gunna need to be rolled home @KyleCGShore
"I didn't get my fat sucked off" @HollyGShore shuns surgeon's scalpel to sculpt her own curves
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@HollyGShore loved meeting this girl last night.... She defiantly knows how to partyyy!! #toiletselfie
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