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John Hodgman
Congrats to the immensely talented and kind John Darnielle on his #nationalbookawards nomination for "Wolf in White Van" @mountain_goats
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BROOKLN! Just 2 seats & 5 standing-room tickets remain to see HG Wells (me) & EB White (@hodgman) on Oct. 8!
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#JudgeJohnHodgman The Burden of Goof: Michelle's fiance is a prankster and has taken things too far! ... @hodgman
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Holy crap, #GoingDeep with @david_rees is free on Hulu, you guys! Thanks, @hodgman
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Dmitry @samarov, is reading tonight at Housing Works as part of an @vol1brooklyn​ evening of Midwesternalia…
LOS ANGELES: If the heat don't break by 9/27, come watch us sweat more than you under hot lights! @Varietopia! Tix:
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A few tix still available for A Night of Cutie Pies 9/19 w/ @CheThinks @nickthune @KarenKilgariff Jon Glaser & more!…
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Video: laughingsquid: Willie Nelson Demonstrates a Long Storytelling Card Trick to His Sister Bobbie
Photo: gameraboy: Men’s Mousse by Shiseido, Japan, 1987. by v.valenti on Flickr. Hey guys, try this great...
Photoset: bunnyharlow: parksandrecthings: tastefullyoffensive: Video: Nick Offerman Recites Some Profound...
Now watch the ad for the Stay Alive board game, thanks to @mountain_goats and @hodgman
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One of my favorite moments from last week's @midnight w/ @PFTompkins & @hodgman. Make love, not (hashtag) war!
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Use part of the money you would've spent on that U2 album to buy my latest special "The Crowd Work Tour." $5
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Photo: Remember when we used to have commercial flights that went faster than sound? What an amusing...
Remember when we used to have commercial flights that went faster than sound? What an amusing ancient relic of ambition. Now we put that old thing on a boat, which does not fly at all.
.@mountain_goats & @hodgman @lprnyc tonight. Other attempts to see JD make art have been thwarted, but I don't believe in curses. I don't.
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Audio: lprnyc: Listen to John Darnielle read the beginning of his new novel Wolf in White Van. The Mountain...
To Combine Atoms in Such a Way - robfranks: I saw John Hodgman at The Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham Sunday...
John Darnielle (@mountain_goats) is at LPR Monday to read/discuss his new novel w/ @hodgman. Listen to a clip:
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Video: zacmof: This is everything to me
Photoset: atmidnightcc - 09.11.14 - 'Black and WTF' outtakes
"If possible, develop a legitimate interest in other human beings. -@david_rees, "How To Shake Hands" all episodes of GOING DEEP now on Hulu
.@NetConscience reduction of privileges is preparation for real world consequences in civil and professional circumstances
@NetConscience: @hodgman So is being grounded, or sent to your room, or any actual punishment.” The falsest equivalency
@NetConscience: @meaghano9 You confuse 'hit' w/ 'spank'. Intentionally, I think.” You create a phantom distinction to ease your conscience
Set aside physical harm. A parent hitting a child even-and maybe especially- in a "loving" context is psychologically terrorizing.
Children are literally the most vulnerable members of our society. They also have human rights.
Anyone who wishes to defend the hitting of children, or in fact hits children, should please unfollow me. We are not meant for each other.
My NYC taxi driver just turned on Prairie Home Companion.
You have to see the irony that people that were hit or spanked Are the only people saying it's okay
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Here's the uncensored extended cut of @midnight "Throbbing Brainiac" edition w/ @PFTompkins @hodgman @GregProops
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Photo: Thank you Austin. The Neck Pillow Boys will never forget you. (at Austin-Bergstrom International...
Thank you Austin. The Neck Pillow Boys will never forget you.
@hwinkler4real: “@hodgman: I am just going to say @FranklinBbq is the super best.” And I'll join you on that” WHOA
Watching people do simple things correctly is such a sadly-rare pleasure.
I am just going to say @FranklinBbq is the super best.
@GrantGordils: .@PFTompkins, @hodgman & @GregProops on @midnight w/ @nerdist felt like a multi-Doctor episode of Doctor Who.” Highest honor
@StephLangan: instead of brdesmaids, I want these gentleman. @PFTompkins @hodgman @GregProops” I AM IN
Photo: Two can play at that game HAL HOLBROOK (at Paramount Theatre)