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John Hodgman
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PEOPLE OF MADISON! Just announced - @hodgman Sunday, October 19 at The Barrymore That is mother***ing all.
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Learn How to Open a Door - Here is an article from the Atlantic regarding David Rees and his new...
PREVIOUS owner. sorry
Photo: Biography of Hitler, HEAVILY highlighted by precious owner, found in a garage on Deer Isle, Maine.
John Hodgman is coming to Erikson Clock (a @GoatFarmArtsCtr annex) in Castleberry Hill on Saturday, September 6th. Get tickets @TktAlt
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COOLEST WAYS TO DIE -Defusing bomb while eating a Nutella crêpe -Drowning in Scrooge McDuck's coin pool -FIghting robots with John Hodgman
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"I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!" – v funny JJ @hodgman episode - :)
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@Remilbus1138: @hodgman @teenmethuselah @beeraserhead ...bring sexy back?” Agreed. But also small pox. We good?
@TheGookie: @hodgman bring back The Ted Knight Show.” The one where he runs an escort service? Ok. But I take away the last ep of Mad Men
@alyankovic: Just announced at #SDCC: In nov, @ShoutFactory will be releasing "UHF" on Blu-ray, as well as "The Compleat Al" on DVD!” GOOD!
@iamtomlawson: @hodgman @beeraserhead I'd settle for a Louis Greene prison spin off” OZ REBOOT
@teenmethuselah: @hodgman @beeraserhead BRING BACK MY CHILDHOOD PETS” I will bring back ONE but as another animal. Cool?
@beeraserhead: @hodgman BRING BACK BORED TO DEATH” you finally figured out that I have that power.
Cynthia Hopkins is playing Joe's Pub on July 27 and I am furious that I cannot be there. BUT YOU CAN…
A choir serenades @FreshBananasHea, The Fresh Banana Man of the I-95 Kennebunk Southbound Service Plaza…
The idea of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson fighting over a girlfriend is almost as surreal as the fact they both use the word "dog-gone"
@mattdomville: Most of my favourite podcasters would be an excellent Dr. Strange. @PFTompkins @hodgman & @aishatyler” AISHA WOULD BE GREAT
@PhantasticGeek: @LookeDubya It does seem oddly amiss that Judge @hodgman hasn’t been in the MCU yet. Maybe the NYC-based #Daredevil?” OK!
@LookeDubya: .@hodgman please play Dr. Strange” OK!
Photo: "The recipes for beat may also be used for wild boar"
Photo: devilduck: It’s the law.
Judge John Hodgman Episode 170: Monte Belmonte Python | Maximum Fun - NEW JUSTICE EVERYONE. Sorry it’s...
All of my @MaxFunHQ friends are on the Boat Party and I think that’s why we haven’t posted a new Judge John...
@Tonyhopedale: @hodgman thought you might like this!” THE ILLUMINATI'S SODA OF CHOICE.