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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
RT @hitRECord If you're hanging out w/ your Mom today, you could interview her for our TV show:
ICYMI: This Video's got a variety of TV show projects anyone can contribute to over the holiday weekend. WATCH:
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ANIMATORS! Contribute Test Animations of our Pine Cone Dancer coming to life. Watch:…
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The #tunes from #hitRECordonTV season 1 are on #vinyl - the best way to go back again, to where we began...…
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We made this new @hitRECord Video feat @schmoyoho w/TV show requests for ALL ARTISTS. Watch:
Calling all moms! Click out this opportunity to collab with @hitRECord for an upcoming project: @hitRECordJoe
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We've got a project for Moms to contribute to for our TV show. WATCH:
Posted few ideas for entymology for the @hitRECord collab, now off to the hitrecord store to check out the new socks designed by @wirrow
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humans and aliens! My Scenes From a Fictional Film collab is now on sale as a set of 10 postcards on @hitRECord!…
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I love these new Socks designed by @wirrow. :oD They're available in knee-high or crew here:
What is the Gun Policy like in your Country? Share your thoughts & experiences! Watch:…
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Getting trashy w/ my dear friend Carla Gugino back in Season 1 of #HITRECORDonTV. PHOTO: #TBT
One of my fav collaborators, @schmoyoho, hosts this TV show request for Lyricists. WATCH:
Check out our new music video 'Look Around'. Big thanks to the folks @SonyElectronics for helping us make it! Watch:
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Musicians worldwide contributed to this #LookAround music vid. Thx to @SonyElectronics for helping us make it. WATCH:
RT @wirrow: @hitRECord all norwegians are citizens of the world, but not all citizens of the world are norwegian.. #deepthoughtmonday -___-
NORWEGIAN CITIZENS OF THE WORLD: #HITRECORDonTV will be premiering on NRK3 starting Sept 17 @ 10PM — more details as they come in! :o)
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RT @leagulino: just submitted some VO to Little Dragon collab. #russellrocks VO artists — who wants to contribute?
@jame_a_lame_: so perfect to watch with my mom before going off to college 😊” Ha that makes perfect sense. #Boyhoodd
Just saw BOYHOOD. Truly unique movie, shot over the course of 12 years. Anybody else seen it?
This #School song we're making for our TV show's gonna be great - contribute ur lyrics to it:
Have you checked out all the new Designs & Page Layouts on our site? Watch this Video for a tour through the updates:
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Here's a new #HITRECORDonTV video w/ requests for VO ARTISTS & ANYONE w/ a CAMERA. Watch:
Here's the most thoughtful article I've read so far about #KajiemePowell… thanks @sunitavpillay for tweeting it
Another unnecessary death. Disturbing graphic video, but important, I think. And so sad. #KajiemePowell
I love a good #Blackout & wanna know what you think of 'em. Answer these ?s for our TV show:
MT @LizHannah25: do you know if #HITRECORDonTV will come to the UK, and any relevant details? The int’l sales folks are working on it now!
ATTN DANISH CITIZENS OF THE WORLD! #HITRECORDonTV has been picked up by @DR3TV for your viewing pleasure — tune in Mondays @ 8! Skål! :o)
RT @rayperezzz: Today marks 5 years on @hitRECord for me. Thanks to the whole community for making it awesome! Thank YOU @rayperezzz
A free button comes w/ every RECord Store order: RT @gabrielaasalas Seriously need one of those @hitRECord buttons.
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Visual Artists! Design a Mom Tattoo for our RE: Your Mom Cold Open. Watch & Contribute:…
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...and here is the Script VOICEOVER ARTISTS should refer to when contributing to the #LittleDragon collab: Thanks!
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CALLING ALL VOICE OVER ARTISTS - Perform this #LittleDragon Script for our TV show. WATCH:
EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA! We want Video Footage of Moms interacting with their Children. Watch:…
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RT @SleepyBallerina: I'm watching the #HITRECORDonTV marathon on @pivot_tv !! ♥ Chk if you get @pivot_tv in yr area
If ya haven’t already seen it, check out episode 1 of #HITRECORDonTV for FREE over here:…
MT @Priz: there's a #HITRECORDonTV season 1 marathon on pivot today for anyone who missed it/wants to see it again -…
@questlove: Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death #IStayWoke RT: @DianeNeal Why are you awake?” I've heard they're more like brother and sister.
Celebrating at hitRECord office. You can feel it all over. We won an Emmy!! #HITRECORDonTV