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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The community's been making comedy sketches for our #Taxidermy collab. Here's one of the funniest shorts yet. WATCH:
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Go shoot video of what you wear - or used to wear - to #School. Express yourself. WATCH:
Any & all grades! RT @CashColburn are we talking high school, college, or grad school? Very different looks there.
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Go shoot video of what you wear -or used to wear- to #School to express yourself. WATCH:
Write a Myth explaining why people get #DarkCircles around their eyes when they don't sleep:
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@wingnut817: eeeeevaaaahhhhh” Waaaalleeeeee..
Just re-watched Wall-E. Laughed and cried. So healthy, yet so delicious. #BUYnLARGE
ICYMI: Check out these TV show requests, incl. how you can get involved w/ our #Feminism project - WATCH:…
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Tommorow, I'm putting up my jokes and sketches to be open source available for anybody to film, perform, or just make fun of on @hitRECord
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If you're a Musician, come work on this new song for #HITRECORDonTV by writing lyrics or singing vox. Watch this:
We’re making a song for our episode RE: #TheDark that all Singers can get involved in:
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and thom yorke's NEXT album will only be accessible by going to hear him play it every week around a campfire in the woods
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We're making art re: #Feminism + much more for our TV show. Come work w/ us! WATCH:
RECord a Kid answering questions about our Season 2 Themes. Watch some highlights of the #AskAKid collab here:
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For #TBT, I am pleased to present to you a cartoon about a wishful shooting star. WATCH:…
We made these postcards for fake movies & u can get 'em all right here: #buythatshit #hustlin
Here's an interesting Video Testimonial that was contributed to the RE: #Feminism collab: What are your thoughts?
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on What It Means For Him to Be a Proud, Male Feminist
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Ha — this short vid I made years ago — “Pictures of Assholes” — is on front page of @reddit — thanks guys ^ - ^…
We wanna hear int'l perspectives on #PearlHarbor for our TV show. Grab a Text Book & let us know what it teaches you:
Visual Artists! Draw visuals for our futuristic short film about robots destroying the world:
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Join the conversation RE: #Feminism for our TV show. I consider myself a Feminist - what about you? WATCH:
RT @MTVNews Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s New Video Is All About The 'F' Word Thanks @MTVNews !
Come & join our TV show's #Feminism collaboration by letting us know what the word Feminism means to you. WATCH:
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to know what feminism means to you
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From what I read, Humanism is a philosophy born out of the Renaissance stressing the importance of humanity over the divine or supernatural.
Lots of people saying they prefer the word Humanist over #Feminist. So I looked it up, and it turns out "Humanism" means something else...
Trying to hash tag #Feminism, 1st autofill on twitter is "#FeministsAreUgly." 😕😂😭😰�
And speaking of #Feminism, @EmWatson is doing a great project called #HeForShe. Go check it out
@aka_skelter37: 80% of feminists hate men and dont want equality” Hmm, precise percentage there. What study are you citing?
RT @DrSealeyMorris: #Feminism means I can tell my daughters they can be anything they want, and we can work together to make it true.
@Snow_Meadows: To me #feminism is the art of seeing people and unique personalities, not genders.” I like that one.
RT @Lysander45: "TBH you're in for an unfortunate shitstorm, as is the case when #feminism is mentioned on the Internet." Why?
But, don’t forget to contribute your thoughts RE: #Feminism to the @hitRECord collab for #HITRECORDonTV…
Interesting conversations going on in the comment section of my vid RE: #Feminism over at YT.…
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) on the word "feminism" and why online misogyny has to go
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I consider myself a Feminist & I wanna know what #Feminism means to you. Watch+Contribute:
I'm reading estimates of 300,000+ people at #PeoplesClimate march today, that's way bigger than I thought it'd be..!!
Just saw Dark Universe at the NYC Natural History Museum Planetarium narrated by @neiltyson. Incredibly spectacular cinema..
Join us in making Season 2 of our TV show. Watch this Video to see how you can be a part of it:…
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Check the latest @wirrow cartoon feat. guns, ants, 'n crumbs ^ - ^ WATCH:
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We're celebrating #Teachers in our TV show's School episode. RECord a Vid telling us about an inspirational teacher: