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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The amazing @hitRECordJoe and I want to collaborate with you! Submit and join the fun. Info here-…
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And here’s said ‘anonymous secrets’ collab we’re doing @hitRECord w my bud @rejectedjokes for #HITRECORDonTV Join in…
MT @la_belle_laide: Wondering if @hitRECordJoe is going to contribute to "anonymous secrets" on @hitRECord Maybe I already did.. :O)
CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: We're making a song w/ the legendary @dantheautomator for our TV show & you can perform on it:
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The hitRECord community is going to introduce each ep of our TV show. Watch this request + perform the intro script:…
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'Tis true! Watch this & work on these projects w/ us: RT @annejumps Wow, lots of @hitRECord stuff to do this weekend.
RT @hitRECord Week 3 of our #PlayAlong project is underway! Musicians - add on to this beat:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) and I want to hear your secrets so we can act them out-
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Don't tell anyone... TELL EVERYONE! Reveal ur deepest #Secrets (anonymously) for our TV show:…
I've got stuff that ANYONE can work on for #HITRECORDonTV. Check out what we've got going on:…
Here is the Demo that Musicians & Lyricists should refer to when contributing to the #MirrorMusic collab: Thanks!
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What are you doing this weekend? Wanna make some shit for my TV show?...
What are you doing this weekend? Wanna make some shit for my TV show?…
Two can be better than one. Let's make a segment about this for our episode RE: #TheNumberTwo:
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Here's a musical #TBT vid of me, Annie Hathaway & themetafictionist singing in French for your pleasure:
So so so so happy to get to work w/ @dantheautomator on this new @hitRECord track. U CAN BE A PART OF IT TOO. WATCH…
STOKED to be collab'ing w/ @dantheautomator on this dope @hitRECord track for our TV show. MUSICIANS, be a part of it
What effect do you think future technology will have on mankind - will it help or harm us? Share your opinion here:
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RT @hitRECord A brand new #WeeklyWritingChallenge has begun - and it's a really good one. I’mma get in on this one:
RT @YayPiglet: I really wanna see #HITRECORDonTV but don't have @pivot_tv. Can I find it online? 😉 And, you can DL on@iTuness +@amazonn
RT @YayPiglet: I really wanna see #HITRECORDonTV but don't have Pivot. Can I find it online? Here’s ep #1 for free:…
A brand new #WeeklyWritingChallenge has begun @hitRECord - and it's a really good one. Check out the new challenge:
#School can be an escape from reality, & we're making this odd song about that idea. Musicians, watch & play along:
Brrrr.. It's getting cold out there, eh? Fortunately you can warm up w/ this hitRECord hoodie:
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We're talking about the #Future for our TV show - Let us know if you think technology's gonna help or harm us. WATCH:
Join the conversation @hitRECord re: whether future technology's gonna hurt or harm us. WATCH:
RT @angela45541: #HITRECORDonTV marathon on @pivot_tv and im extremely glad I tuned in :oD
you guys! there's a #HITRECORDonTV marathon on @pivot_tv right now! GET INTO IT. start w/my favorite @hitRECord vid:…
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I'm starting this new @hitRECord Q+A for our TV show -- do you think future technology will help or harm us? WATCH:
RT @canalplusxtra El dinero, a veces, sí da la felicid... Awesome! ▶ And for those en España..
Y’know—folks are always askin when and where they can see #HITRECORDonTV. Welp @pivot_tv is running a marathon TODAY:
We're making a "How To Be A Mom" instructional video. Moms - what advice do you have about Motherhood? WATCH:
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We’re making a segment of #HITRECORDonTV all about the pro’s & con’s of going to #College. Come + be a part of it:…
RT @traviswyatt Make it free & there is no more value to the earner than a HS diploma. Things of value should never be free True? #College
RECord yourself sharing your thoughts about #College for our episode RE: School! WATCH -
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Germany's now offering free #College for everyone—not only for Germans—even intn’l students, including Americans..…
RT @SarahMc_Dyer: I don't wonder if people should go to #college I wonder why our country doesn't value it enough to make it free.
RT @Miss_Murder221: As a single mom&student, it's my only hope for a better life for us&my biggest curse - I'll never be out of debt.
Hey Writers - Today is your last day to contribute your poems to the #WeeklyWritingChallenge Week 2! Join in here:
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RT @kiwi_canick: You have to be learning ALWAYS, but not everyone learns the same way Q+A: “Should I go to college?”…
MT @ohmaggers: my degree sometimes works against me at the jobs I really want... How does it work against you?…
RT @ohmaggers: Haven't used my degree and it sometimes works against me at the jobs I really want, but it got me out of my small town.