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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Great doc THE HADZA: LAST OF THE FIRST. Tribe in Tanzania living hunter/gatherer lifestyle 50k+ years. Also love the singing&dancing!
Next weekend I'm shooting a music vid in L.A. -- SINGERS, DANCERS, MUSICIANS, join me!
Roll call! Lemme know what city you're filming footage in for our new @hitRECord short film #inacity -- info here:
#PlayAlong Week 4 has officially began! MUSICIANS - spend your weekend collaborating together:
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I'm looking for LA-based SINGERS to perform harmonies in this music vid I'm directing - info here:…
RT @XXV25X I've got Blackburn, Blackpool, Manchester & Preston covered :) Nice! Upload footage here: #inacity
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WRITERS - use this beautiful poem as inspiration & write about your city for the new #inacity collab. Read here -
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RT @zephyrchan: *any* city, Mr. Gordon-Levitt? Even #HongKong or #London? Yes, absolutely.. #inacity
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: take a walk around your city this wknd & shoot some footage—be a part of my new short film #inacity…
@hitRECordJoe Another Londoner on the case, filming footage for #InACity Excited!!! :)
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RT @lmberne Is it ok if it's prose? #inacity Take a look at the original poem & aim to capture the feel of it:
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RT @iamtidjani: Am i the only one who don't understand what is #inacity @SamsungCamera Lemme explain:…
RT @LaMouff: @hitRECord I hope I'll find a lot of tiny stories there #inacity the universe is not made of atoms..
RT @iamPetek: Another person from Istanbul is up for this! #inacity @SamsungCamera So great—what are some other cities folks are shooting?
MT @dnshwhddn going to shoot mine soon! Is it OK if I submit 2 contributions of 2 diff cities? By all means #inacity…
RT @didartutan: Time to go out in Istanbul to shoot some footage! #inacity Yes! Excited to see what you shoot —…
RT @PurpleHazeDe: Out and about in Frankfurt to shoot some night footage to contribute to the @hitRECord collaboration #InACity Nice!
RT @wistomadero Where do I send you the footage?? Glad you asked! Upload all your #inacity footage here:
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I'm directing a new short film—everyone can work on it! WATCH this for info Thx to @SamsungCamera for supporting it.
Dancers of all kinds are welcome! :)… RT @carlyyloves: Do we have to be professional dancers?
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SINGERS OF L.A. - Wanna sing w/me on #Halloween weekend for a music video? Info here:
Join me out in the woods of L.A. to sing+dance for my TV show --- info here:
What'cha doing on #Halloween weekend? If you're in LA, come w/me into the wilderness to shoot a music vid. Info here:
The world jams together! @hitRECord: #PlayAlong MUSICIANS - collaborate together on a simple melody. WATCH:
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And now for the late night crew - watch this + join me in LA on Halloween wkend. We're making a super dark music vid…
I'm shooting a ghoulish music vid for my TV show in LA on #Halloween wknd. Wanna be in it w/ me? WATCH for info:…
If you’re a SINGER, DANCER or CINEMATOGRAPHER in LA, I wanna spend #Halloween wknd w you. WATCH this vid for info:…
CITIZENS OF L.A.: Join me for a dark+creepy music video shoot on #Halloween weekend. Watch this vid for info:
LOS ANGELES AREA! Wanna be a part of our first live shoot of Season 2? Watch & get involved:
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RT @sonlux: “@Glassnotemusic: Officially welcoming @sonlux to the Glassnote fam! Wowie—another great bit of news!
Heres a beautiful song by @MWandtheMB Madisen has been a @hitRECord contributor for yrs—stoked for him&his mama bear…
One of the most talented musicians on @hitRECord, MadisenMusic (@RicketyStrings), signed w/ @Glassnotemusic! :oD
The amazing @hitRECordJoe and I want to collaborate with you! Submit and join the fun. Info here-…
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And here’s said ‘anonymous secrets’ collab we’re doing @hitRECord w my bud @rejectedjokes for #HITRECORDonTV Join in…
MT @la_belle_laide: Wondering if @hitRECordJoe is going to contribute to "anonymous secrets" on @hitRECord Maybe I already did.. :O)
CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: We're making a song w/ the legendary @dantheautomator for our TV show & you can perform on it:
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The hitRECord community is going to introduce each ep of our TV show. Watch this request + perform the intro script:…
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'Tis true! Watch this & work on these projects w/ us: RT @annejumps Wow, lots of @hitRECord stuff to do this weekend.
RT @hitRECord Week 3 of our #PlayAlong project is underway! Musicians - add on to this beat:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) and I want to hear your secrets so we can act them out-
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Don't tell anyone... TELL EVERYONE! Reveal ur deepest #Secrets (anonymously) for our TV show:…
I've got stuff that ANYONE can work on for #HITRECORDonTV. Check out what we've got going on:…
Here is the Demo that Musicians & Lyricists should refer to when contributing to the #MirrorMusic collab: Thanks!
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What are you doing this weekend? Wanna make some shit for my TV show?...
What are you doing this weekend? Wanna make some shit for my TV show?…
Two can be better than one. Let's make a segment about this for our episode RE: #TheNumberTwo:
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