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braden graeber
I find Coke's new can design insensitive to introverts.
Living in the moment with @kevinfarzad at the @refinery29 party. cc: @pieraluisa
My trust issues stem from not having a trust fund.
Please stop referring to cops as "pigs." It's very disparaging towards bacon.
It's been an amazing year for Pharrell's hat and zero other things.
Thinking 'bout a cheese plate. #tbt
So awesome that stealing posts from Tumblr and posting them onto Instagram is a lucrative career now.
Other crops to turn into seasonal Starbucks drinks: "Corn Cream Latte" "Wheat Chunk Frappe" "Thickened Soy Sippers" "Corn Yet Another Way."
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming early this year. Climate change is real.
This is LITERALLY a tweet.
*stares at a rock all day to avoid accidentally reading a news headline*
Taken moments before the knife fight I had with @bathsmusic. RG: @edroste
Love how the farmers market bread stall serves up whole grains AND existential dread.
Grizzly Bear's @edwarddroste and @BATHSmusic live-tweeted The Little Mermaid last night. Here are some highlights
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In Summary: The Little Mermaid is a timeless story about the necesity to drastically change yourself to be likable.
@hipstermermaid She signs the contract, so she can clearly read & write, which basically eliminates THE ENTIRE PLOT.
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Ariel's whole no-voice thing could've been easily resolved with an iPhone and a handful of emojis.
"Under the Sea" is basically a song about settling.
Ariel is basically a hoarder.
Little Mermaid live tweet with @BATHSmusic and @edwarddroste beings in one minute!
Fujifilm moment with @edroste captured by @bathsmusic