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braden graeber
*starts nervously patting you on the back before the hug even begins*
I can't believe I've wasted all this time not being insanely wealthy.
#tbt to my sister @kelseygraeber in our childhood home
Got five minutes into American Horror Story before realizing it was just Tumblr.
Watching the leaves change color on Instagram is my favorite part of #fall.
The banner ads business model is, "Hey, maybe you'll click on us by accident!"
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Envious of the chillness of most dogs.
The haunted house acting circuit is a terrible place to make enemies.
Did you hear the story about the millennial ghost? She literally died.
Booty had me like: trying to be a better self.
I try to balance out my unhealthy eating habits by also drinking and not exercising.
I made a sketch parody of TAXI DRIVER called UBER DRIVER. Did you see it?…
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🎶You're so vague, I bet you think that one thing is, you know...🎶
tbt to when social media was fun
Scary Costume Idea: Gluten
Dance like no one is watching. Respond like you can't hear over your earbuds.
#ScaryCostumeIdea #EyeContact
scary Halloween costume idea: eye contact
Yay! A new thing to be terrified of!
A haunted house where they make you look at your checking account balance.
The internet could be so much fucking cooler and yet here we are, totally fine with Facebook and Buzzfeed.
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We found Nemo in a hopeless place.
I have looked upon the face of God.
billion dollar idea: coffee-flavored pumpkins
Hey girl are you arctic ice, because - oh no, where are you going?
Job Qualifications: adequate at monotasking knows what Photoshop is driven by fear
crazy christmas card collaboration coming RG: @saplingpress
I got my PhD in avoiding the workforce.
An app to block your bad vibes.
Redecorating the guest room.
Time flies when you’re having fun and ignoring the lingering fact that you’re running out of options.
Praying for people who think pumpkin is a spice.
The year is 2030. You're still an intern.
Rising global temperatures mean people will wear fewer layers of clothing and that is a bad thing. #PeoplesClimate