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braden graeber
Sometimes you just have to disconnect and experience #nature.
RT if you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown
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True Life: Whenever I express genuine enthusiasm about something, people assume I’m joking.
R.I.P. dead celebrity. You are in Heaven now with other celebrities, still doing what made you famous. My idea of Heaven is just Hollywood.
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I absolutely love that modern modes of communication drive us to constantly feign enthusiasm!
I followed your brand on social media now will you please let my family go?
Just wait a few years and call it art.
[takes deep breath] I've been making songs w/ some friends for the past month. Here's the first 2, we're called Jr.…
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Sometimes I can pretend to be an adult for eight hours at a time.
Haters gonna have a valid point sometimes.
American Horror Story: America
Ugh. I hate Los Angeles.
The Featheriest Place on Earth!
We go together like peanut butter and a severe peanut allergy.
Feeling v pretty today.
*Puts old-timey brass goggles and a top hat on Netflix* "Streampunk"
Pray for world peace and abs.
Unclear on how problematic I'm being at any given moment.
I miss (when) you (would retweet me).
Figuratively, I can't even. Literally, I maybe could.
American Horror Story: You Forgot to Bring the Reusable Tote to Whole Foods
I'll consider having kids when I run out of stuff to Instagram.
I don't have a dog but @Sam__shipley and @allisonsires do. #Pilot #latergram
Popular Teen Film Genres in 2014: Dying from terminal disease/ horrible accidents Dying at the hands of dystopian governments #Optimism
a volume setting that’s louder than your thoughts
A gathering of crows is called a murder but even that's less ominous than when a gathering of my family members is called mandatory.
The year is 2030: All corporations have merged and every night before bed you say a prayer to your cable company.
I’ve been described as bookish but that’s only because I’m roughly the same color as paper.
think of this as a nonconformist haiku
5sos are boring as hell but i won't rest til everybody knows they totally stole their name from my comic
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Lorde gets it, though.
The #VMAs remind me that I am super out of touch when it comes to music and I'm okay with that.
I find Coke's new can design insensitive to introverts.
Living in the moment with @kevinfarzad at the @refinery29 party. cc: @pieraluisa
My trust issues stem from not having a trust fund.
Please stop referring to cops as "pigs." It's very disparaging towards bacon.
It's been an amazing year for Pharrell's hat and zero other things.
Thinking 'bout a cheese plate. #tbt