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My favorite movie, "Malizia" has arrived. Used to watch Lezioni Private, LA LECON PARTICULIERE in my youth age.
It's about time-traveling but should ignore its Sci-Fi mechanics & enjoy. I had to dig in Nick Cave's CD.
"Always believe you will succeed,even when the odds are against you"😉�#BigBosss#mgsg@Kojima_Hideoe#????
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Saw Richard Curtis' last directed film "About Time" again. Since I watched 1st time on the plane, had to go see it again at theater.(cont)
Who wants to see an epic Metal Gear Rex model? There's one right here courtesy of @chtcastro:…
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#MGS GZ, LoS 2 & 23 other #Konami games are on sale during @PlayStation's publisher's sale
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Ashley Wood's comic book "METAL GEAR SOLID DELUXE EDITION" published by IDW has arrived.
My interview article "HIDEO KOJIMA ON THE FEAR FACTOR " over JAPAN TIMES is out.…
P.T. and the Silent Hills trailer, Hideo Kojima’s terrifying world of the unknown…
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Had VO session. Satoshi Mikami(Ocelot), Tomokazu Sugita (Kaz), Akio Otsuka(Snake), Yutaro Honjo(Eli) and me(Hideo).
"Under the Skin" BD and OST has arrived from US. I am going to see at theater next week.
devils can't be physically defeated are scary, such as The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, THE JOYUREI, Tokaido Yotsuyakaidan,Botandoro
"Deep Red" or "Ijintachitononatsu" isn't horror film but I was petrified. Films of supernatural phenomenon (cont)
Scary movies I saw in my childhood weren't horror. Eyes Without a Face, Psycho,Alien,Furuerushita,Possession,Onibaba, Race with the Devil.
Since I liked "Under The Skin", I saw Jonathan Glazer's "Birth". Awesome long-cut, excellent direction. Genius!
A picture of @AceAshun taking a picture during the MGS UK community photoshoot. Cosplay inception! #KONARMY
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If u wanna know the world/story of MGSV, pls take a look at the realtime game trailers of E3 2013 & E3 2014… … … …”
If u wanna experience how much degree of freedom it provides along with the operability, play GZ, the prologue of MGSV TPP.
MGSV changes to open world stealth game. U can see what's like by looking at the gameplay demo available below.… … …”
Don't forget to check @gamespot at 12:00 BST for the TGS gameplay video of #MGSVTPP in English
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>【TGS2014】METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Special Stage -Virtue- (豪華...:… @YouTubeさんから
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Head over to @gamespot to check out exclusive #MGSVTPP game footage from #TGS, with English commentary! Click HERE:…
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#TBT with a twist from Tumblr user Cleanline! Have you pre-ordered TPP yet? Do it now @
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Had fun being a guest in Tokyo FM radio program "THE LIFESTYLE MUSEUM" hosted by Peter Barakan @pbarakan. Thank you!
Tune in 2omorrow @ 12:00 BST/13:00 CEST to @gamespot to see the #TGS demo & catch up here @
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Kojima Station at 8 tonight will show you the TGS stage show in addition to newly revealed MGSV gameplay.…
My favorite writer, John Le Carre's "A MOST WANTED MAN" has been made for film by THAT Anton Corbijn!
It uses opposite metaphor of such that working class get to see the "bone of society" by looking thru the special sunglasses. Very cool.
In this real world, people categorize others by their appearances looking thru the eyes of glasses. But in Carpenter's "They Live",(cont)