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S.H.MonsterArts' Mechagodzilla has arrived.
Always being absent minded so I get hated by family but I got tons of ideas. I used to memorize those things but now a day need to memo.
Creator tends to fantasize all the time when eating, walking, watching movies, reading books, talking, in the car, toilet, & bathtub.(cont)
Hideo Kojima won the Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement award!!!
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See airplane between Gundam's legs.
Hideo Kojima received Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement Award.…
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After haircut I went to TowerRecord to buy PLAYLAND by Johnny Marr, John Fox's DVD & DIAMOND DOGS 40th anniv.
My lovely group i hung out with today 💅 I love this �
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RT @Nyxus_MGS KJP discusses memorable lines from #MGS 3 & Tamari cries over The Boss’s fate -
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Today we did VO shooting for Quiet even though she is quiet.
After seeing long awaited premier screening of "GONE GIRL", had Black Diamond that I've been wanted to eat.
When I look up to the sky from window I feel awkward since I've been simulating sun rise & set in the game all day.
This ain't spec direction but just a bug report.
Until now I've used my pen to draw/write what to fix, direct, adjust game. Now I got SHIELD, but still practicing.
It supposed to depict exaggerated future but it seems real now. Only the video game was Pong ish.
The opening montage cut gives u the feel of strong message towards civilization. When this movie came out then it supposed to depict (cont)
It's been over several ten years when I 1st saw "Soylent Green". Set in NY in 2022, suffering from population explosion. (Cont)
Viewer warning! Hadn't eaten late dinner for a while.
Love it! RT: “@konamieu: Raise your glass to the Cyborg Ninja! Special thanks to @Riikkuuuu for the picture!
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Cut Nov issue "Men w/ over 40 who drive u crazy".Martin Freeman in front cover,ITW w/ Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen.
ROSEANNA is still fresh althou it was written nearly 50 yrs ago. Very strong character. Looking forward to the next episode to be published.
Finished reading "ROSEANNA". I haven't read this one thou I've read other mystery novels in my childhood. (cont)
Redbull Music Academy"Diggin' in the Carts" E6 is out in pub. It includes my interview featuring music composition.…
(cont) and blood defeat tanker. He said "such situation won't happen" with complete denial. It makes total sense by watching "FURY"..
When I visited desert range in US army base to interview tanker squad team for MGS1, I asked squad leader how could a man with flesh (cont)
Myself and fellow MGS cosplayers were brought together to have our picture taken by @KonamiUK @Graham_Day #PlayExpo
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