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@Kojima_Hideo Mr Kojima ruined my social life with P.T First I s..t my pants and now I am too scared of my bathroom to clean-up!
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For the long weekend we know 1 of these will get played. Which 1 will it be for u? #MGS Photos: Cleanlined on tumblr
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We'll be exploring P.T.'s corridors once more this weekend! What will you be playing?
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@Kojima_Hideo Thanks a lot for the retweet! Such an honor. Where can I send you the 10k version?
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#BuenosDias Diamond Dogs, mírate al espejo y siéntete Big Boss, vamos por el Jueves!! #FelizJueves
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撮影が無事に終わった☆ゴジラにも会いに行ってきた。 Today's shoot is a wrap! Also went to say hi to Godzilla. ;)
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Finished S3 of Breaking Bad. That was awesome, how far will he go or fall? So addictive,can't wait S4 comin nex month
"Under The Skin" by J.Glazer. It's been stucked in my mind since I watched it on the plane. Wanna see it in theater.
1984 wine gift received from Marketing Team. Thank you.
Thanks everyone for birthday wish. Became half century +1. Will no change but challenge as always.
Wow! That's excellent! Animating #LikeABoss. RT: “@MleegArt: Time for some MGSV animation? @KonamiUK
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@Kojima_Hideo MGS-NeoGAF mosaic. Printed in high quality. The avatars form Big Boss.
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Watched what happened to Hank in episode 7 of Breaking Bad Season3. No spoiler pls.
I've been listening to Icelandic band "KIMONO" which I dare to say "THIS IS THE JOY DIVISION IN ICELAND! ".
Theres a lot of live play footage of PT found in YOUTUBE. And moreover there's screaming play footage in various languages. Some are so real
Just felt relieved that Gamescom is over but now TGS is coming soon. lol
Heavy rotating the Icelandic band KIMONO's ARCTIC DEATH SHIP as writing concept. Time flies.
Received yearly underwear gift from Murashu. I'm turning to 51 soon.
Received this fresh flower gift from Yasuko Okajima. Thank you.
あっ、P.T.だった。ごめんなさいw I meant P.T. of course. Sorry! lol
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私はT.P.をプレイしてかなり怖かったけど、皆さんは如何でしたか? T.P. is definitely the scariest game I've ever played. How was your experience everyone?
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Which one would u like? White or black iDoroid.
Working while listening to MIDGE URE's new album FRAGILE. The 4th track BECOME is very emotional.
Kojima Station 7pm today will introduce TPP gameplay footage revealed only in Konami booth at Gamescom last week!…
Thank you for screaming, Stefanie-san!
PT screaming play by Stefanie-san. This footage will be shown at Kojima Station tonight at 7pm in Japan time.
My suitcase wheel got broken again. It's the 4th time. It happens when flying back from Europe always.
The games that horrified me was "Twilight Syndrome" and "Clock Tower".
So far that Silent Hill demo is my game of the year…
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@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @Kojima_Hideo Oh, how I screamed. Couldn't move. I froze, scared stiff. All I could do was scream...
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PT, now available for free! Experience horror in this hot summer time.…
@Kojima_Hideo MGSV 関連ですが、家電量販店Yで見つけたポップです。久々見たら新しくなってました。
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