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Eternal Novel
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I stood up against hate at Will you join me?… K, not kidding, I got 666 RTS!!! LOL! TY+kisses, but U guys are the devil!
Don't you guys ever sleep? 58newtweets, 3;54 am. Dont wanna know what urall up2!. RT plz. Not if ur at the wheel, b..s! #TY4nottweetanddrive
As I slap my funky bass+pour my little soul in the cold metal of my microphone, do U feel me? Creative process altersU deep, no turning back
RT Plz: YAs have a sense of how the universe works, these days. They know 'bout Tony, Louise and Wayne. They practice the Secret. Good stuff
"If allU needed was positive thinking, everybody'd be fit/skinny/rich+having best sex of their life" Tony Robbins--not changing a thing then
"I'm standing in your line I do hope you have the time I do pick a number to I do keep a date with you" --Kurt Cobain
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon
“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” John Lennon
Finally 09/12. 09/11: so much heartache! Focusing on Love, Country, Family/Friends never makes pain go away, itmakes evil seem less powerful
Love is amazing when the actual event turns out to be greater than the expectation...
Multi-texting makes your fingertips and a few people blue...
Today, we remember. We celebrate the Best Country in the World and focus on our Greatness. God bless America!
TY! 96 new FF today! Here's a tweet for U: Make each moment count. U live many lives but each of them is short. Live with untamed PASSION <3
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I figured if everyone RTs this, with the few measures of "Mr Lonely", that would mean something to Joan in…
Joan Rivers given a truly funny,truly loving send off by folks who loved her, funny&deeply moving,much like her. gift laughter 2some1 2day
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Heaven is in tears laughing, thanks to Joan and Robin. We are just in tears.
Face Book is down! Instagram: Who's down?
How good is it to know exactly where ur going in your life right now? Plan it +believe it take steps towards it, daily. he universe loves U.
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Damn autocorrect! I had two instances of autocorrect mishaps today. How do you untext? I meant brilliant not brutal, I swear! Lol!
Thank you for all the RTS my dear friends! Warmest, HG
Stylist Who Spends Every Sunday Cutting Hair For Homeless: 'Every Human Life Is Worth The Same' via @HuffPostImpact
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To embrace what's ahead you have to leave what's behind. @tonyrobbins
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Have fun=feel good=get more reasons to feel good=more reason to smile and laugh=smiling and laughing: keep you healthy and striving. Smile!
A child just born is like a blank page. Then parents start writing on it. Children who receive love'll give love. Grateful 2 my 2 parents <3
If u don't grow u die. If you don't give back u lose what you got. Growth comes with win-win approaches to empower others. Giving IS growing
UPWgrads U ain't seen nothin' yet. My3 recent grad peeps got it! 1usuallyneeds2 raise level of consciousness bef 1reaps rewards #allaboutluv
Worse bout plastic surgery procedure: Ur stuck at home tweeting+writing dumb comments on FB. But there's always "Sons of Anarchy" binging...
How many likes for my photo on ?… LIke number 1,000 wil visit us on the set of my upcoming vid!
Walking on Sunshine! Lol!
Let somebody into your heart for sure! Just make sure theirs is big enough or it may get lost!
Books are easier to set up than a new console! Just open one up!
Out of Love? Get new Love now! At a lot of places near you! Parental Guidance, B---s!
How long does it take to get what U set out to achieve? As long as U think it does! Get all ur <3, Adventure, Journey, Thrill, Stuff...Now!
Get 15 % discount on Women's Fitness Clothing & Women Fitness Apparel
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"@HGNadel: if ur "besty" beats on ur bro, she ain't ur besty..."you right.
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Being at stand4other people's lives is where it's at. Being at stand4urself works only right now. Getsoldlater. Know what u're doing 2URSELF
if ur "besty" beats on ur bro, she ain't ur besty...
Envious, angry people get nothing. Givers ultimately rule the world. Being part of all that universal love means vibrating at the same level
RETWEETS:1,459 More plz "FF4 ? See my upcoming vid first! SUPER SEXY GIRLS! RT number 1,000 will be invited on set! "… 660 RTs! Thank you! Mwah! More please?