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Richard K Herring
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Not just me who didn't know who anyone (including me) was RT @HolyMoly: Run, famooses! Run!…
They booked me. It's like they did that, found out no one else knows who I am and are trying to pass the buck!
As someone who works mainly in audio format it's sad to realise my face is more recognisable than my name!
@Herring1967 That's a fairly forgettable date. Nothing of any note happening then.
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Is it just my face that is nationally known now? Gonna be a lot of disappointed Charlie Boorman fans!
Hmmm! RT @EventsFalmouth: Hey, you probably don't know the name, but you know the face right? here on 19th Nov.
6 places left on my comedy writing course in central London starting Oct 25th…
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Go fasterstripe’s @gofasterchris (not that one) is a dedicated and amazing man who will only use your money to make more DVDs!
@Herring1967 the only company that has ever managed to achieve next day delivery to me in the sticks up in the NE of Scotland. Remarkable.
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If you haven’t yet checked out the gofasterstripe sale - there are some ridiculous bargains to be had -
Hi @Herring1967 - looking forward to tonight's show but have spare ticket, could you RT please
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Coogan is on first tonight and we start sharply at 7.30 so don’t be late if you have a ticket
Really looking forward to tonight’s RHLSTP with Steve Coogan and @sarapascoe. Tickets all gone, but will RT any spares that come up.
And all money goes to fund future internet projects. Join the coolest secret club in the universe(don't tell anyone about the secret)
For £1 (or more) a month you get access to secret channel including behind scenes RHLSTPquestions, monthly prize draw, ticket offers... RT @mcintoshpaul: Set up a monthly badge subscription. Worth it for @JosieLong 's Keith Allen answer alone.
@Herring1967 And as a bonus, when I added it to my podcasts thing it froze up the whole iPad and I had to hard reset!
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You have to start from frame 1 and listen to them all though -…
I tell you, it's all kicking off in Me1 Vs Me2 snooker. If you're not listening to it than frankly you're a cock.
@Herring1967 Wow. You’re right. I didn’t think any self-playing snooker podcast could beat the Frame 47 almonds. But the Me1 fear did it.
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@Herring1967 this weeks snooker podcast is the best ever, however where were the stewards to stop the invasion?
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Because it started off so sane.
I ❤️ how mad @Herring1967's Me1 vs Me2 Snooker podcast is. Becoming even more experimental #podcast
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[Sunday Catch-Up:] Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast with guest Katherine Ryan:
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Now this is funny: Clacton resident who told a TV reporters: "Yes, I voted UKIP. The Tory MP's done nothing for years"
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Only asparagus in there RT @EejitMor: @Herring1967 @danielihemming test that wee for performance enhancing substances, me1 demands it!
@Herring1967 RT please? I have 2 spare tickets for #RHLSTP 13th Oct with Steve Coogan. Selling for face value so if interested PM me.
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Um thanks. Especially on the wee RT @danielihemming: Well done I saw you having a wee and also passed you at about 4 miles. Top effort!
Pretty pleased with my consistency! Check out those splits!
I wish it was RT @halbpro: @Herring1967 Is bald guy in blue shirt Jim al-Khalili?
Don't know if the girl in the tiara is real royalty.
You could also have had Sophie Raworth, Katie Piper, Ben Hull from of of
Correct. Ahead of him the whole race, but he won dash for line at end RT @NewYardbird: I reckon that is @andygoldstein05 2nd from the left,
A lot of you have spotted Ben Fogle. Not much luck on others yet. Though to be fair I don't know who they are either so you might be right
almost certainly. Had the flavour of a botched hit RT @GamingConj: @Herring1967 perhaps Me1 had paid him off?
He didn't care if there was a half marathon going on. Nothing was going to stop him cycling through park. Not even people blocking his way.
Can you name more than 2 of the celebs (including me)?
This man nearly hobbled me before the race, cycling through the "celebrity" photo line up. And hitting me as he went.
To be fair last year I wasn't very well and was a lot fatter. Still delighted to have taken 8 mins off my 2004 personal best.
Official time 1 hr 47. 09. It just gets better. Last year 2hrs37. 41. Over 50 mins improvement. Insane.
And you can raise money for Scope and herald Me2 for his triumph by sponsoring him here -
No that's Paul Tonkinson or maybe Tony Gardner RT @walberswicks: congratulations you are the Gordon Ramsey of the comedy world
Where do you think Robot Voice comes from? RT @AntMeads: @Herring1967 what's going on with your arm? Is me 2 some sort of cyborg?!
@Herring1967 I love those charity runners with their funny wigs on.
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If there's a Royal Parks Half Marathon prize for most improved runner then must surely be in with chance. Until they realise I used ringer.
I did have it written on my shirt, but didn't hear anyone cheer for Me2.
Just watched @Herring1967 beat his personal best in half marathon. Love that crazy bastard
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Take that 36 year old Richard Herring. Even Me1 had to admit that the right runner had been selected. Always next year Me1.