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Richard K Herring
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Let's parade all the english twats up to Scotland just to let them know what they will be missing out on when they leave.
Och aye. RT @ItsAndyRyan: @Herring1967 The 'No' camp are undoing all the great work you've done for Anglo/Scotch relations over the years.
The "No" Camp are deliberately trying to lose, right?
At this sensitive time that might be enough to sway the vote RT @Johnloney4: @Herring1967 c'mon give us a Scotchland for old times sake! :)
Anything else on your mind. Also let me know if I need to bring my passport
That's the correct way round now.
Scotland! I know what you're concerned about. My tour next year. Edinburgh and Glasgow dates were wrong way round
Costume designer of the Walking Dead is called Eulyn C Womble #favouritenameever
.@Catiewilkins also in that pic it looks a bit like you're trying to mimic/parody the chicken.
RT @Catiewilkins: I haven't met any celebrities on holiday, but I am now best friends with this chicken
Federer 2 sets down this Cilic fellow is one powerful player. Looks like he is going wipe Roger off the court
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1st set to Cilic he is one powerful giant . Can't see Federer coming back unless he changes his tactics.
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:RICHARD HERRING: @Herring1967 "Lord of The Dance Settee" Weds 15th Oct £10 - Click the link for more info & to book
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Richard Herring's podcast is back soon. Guests will include @SarahMillican75, @joshwiddicombe & Steve Coogan:
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Kenliness is next to Doddliness.
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My secret is out RT @qikipedia: Castration prevents male pattern baldness, providing it is done before any hair is lost.
Coogan tickets liable to sell out in the next hour or so, so book here -… NOW!
My September newsletter gives details of newly confirmed RHLSTP guests: Steve Coogan, Rebecca Front&Josh Widdecombe…
The rest of you might just want to take a punt. It's half sold out already -…
If you're a monthly subscriber already you should have had an email about who we have on 13th October. Exciting huh? Sssssh!
New benefit 4monthly badge subscribers.Going to let you know 1st when big names on RHLSTP so you can book before rush
This week's Metro column about my gig on a plane -…
Badge subscribers! Can you check your emails for a secret announcement - before it's made public in a few hours.
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Appalled to see so many people treating Joan Rivers death with such disrespect, by treating her death with such respect.
I am frankly insulted by how many of you seem to think that tweet was about me! Quite old?
The curse of being quite old and being in hospital strikes again.
Sad to hear of the death of Joan Rivers. With her went the only person with the balls to make a joke about it.
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Don't miss out on tickets to see the amazing @Herring1967 show Lord of the Dance Settee to The Hyena on Thursday 16th October.
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It did a bad job RT @qikipedia: A nest of 24 baby dinosaurs with an older one thought to be babysitting…
depending on your definition of amazing.
I am pretty sure though that my seduction of Millican will finally bear fruit. The backstage extras for monthly subscribers could be amazing
@Herring1967 It is impossible to guess who will win (#Sarahwillwin) in such an evenly matched battle (#Sarahwillwin) .
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Millican and me will be the usual battle of mismatched wits and horrible insults. Who will win this time? It's impossible to predict #sarah
London! On 20th Oct, I'm a guest on @Herring1967's Leic Square Podcast. Come & see him flirt uncomfortably with me.…
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And in the way I tip you off to unconfirmed but very exciting possible guests (at your own risk) 13th October is another doozy. RHLSTP
More guests for RHLSTP confirmed. 29th September @Kathbum Katherine Ryan, 20th October @SarahMillican75… Book now
@Herring1967 For my birthday, after months of my asking new employees the emergency question, they made me a ham hand
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.@macinteresting we are not charging for the videos this time - though this one might be an exception to raise funds for purchase of series RT @kep0187: @Herring1967 hey rich, I don't suppose you have a link to the pay a pound a month do you? Can't miss out
That one is nearly sold out now. Ensure you don't miss out on other great line-ups, buy yr tickets 4 them all NOW -…
BUT We've made no final decisions on content of night/who will be there or how it will be released.
And I suspect you will thus get to see it RT @PagalPhil: @Herring1967 but 'I paid a pound (a month)'!
To further incentivise ticket buying asap I think it's likely this will be a DVD extra/money raising thing for DVD so won't be released free