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Helen Dewdney
Someone just walked away from your business and u don't know?
Need to complain to a company? Be objective & polite don’t accuse or insult. Do state facts & what you want to redress
How can dms between 2 ppl still following each just disappear? Happened twice with same person
How long before you see the woman posing in bodypaint How to Make Sure Banks Don't Break the Misrepresentation Act
How many consumer Laws do you know?
Come join me on FB! Will reciprocate from personal account if you have a biz pg!
Right, must get on with CISAS stuff, Virgin's defence is utter rubbish going 2 take ages 2go thru everything they've ignored & got wrong! Can We Really Trust the BBC to Bring us Real Experts? A year on has anything changed?
Just once in my life I would like to go on holiday first class, no amount of complaining has got me that yet :( Still waiting 4 a response from IDS to email following up these surgeries. Might set the next 1 2 music
RT @oodlebooks: @ComplainingCow I agree. And they're all rofl-ing, apparently. Must be getting carpet burns by now...!
RT @stefanroberts: Oops accidentally woke up in the 15th century
RT @SheilaGilmoreMP: Deadline 4 evi 4 DWP Committee ESA/WCA inquiry is Fri. strongly encourage ppl 2make submissions:
The hackers are out in force, getting so many spam tweets, so annoying for everyone concerned
Ask a complaining customer to work for you, it will bring fresh insight and benefits
So much to complain about so little time
3 Simple Steps to Gain Compensation for Train Delays
If you need to complain don't be rude you will get nowhere and rightly so!
.@marksandspencer why oh why do you never have my size in things in the sale?
When complaining set deadline 4 when u expect response & let them know what u will do if you don’t receive a satisfactory 1 Flowers Direct Didn’t Direct Flowers!
Need to complain to a company? If it's long, summarise points (e.g. 10 emails, 2 visits, wrong info etc.) don't waffle make it easy 2 read
.@marksandpsencer why oh why do you never have my size in things in the sale?