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Helen Dewdney
Why do I always sell a book straight after going to the Post Office with a load?!
RT @AnnRobinson8: @ComplainingCow .Everyone should read your book and follow you on twitter. You do more for consumers than anyone I know.
You replace every particle in your body every seven years. You are literally not the same person you were 7 years ago.
Come and get more tips and join in ranting on FB!
15 Great Words to Use in Complaints
Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a brighter day.
Please and thank you, loads over the w/e with no manners. Doesn't hurt or cost u know when ppl r giving their time freely.
If you were a tool what would you be and why?
What fast food place has the worst chips? For me its Macdonalds - all that salt! Urgh All You Need To Know About Comparison Websites
What are your complaints today?
As a biz what was the best thing you ever did to change things for customers?
Complaining is good for your health!
Have you ever used a paid for warranty when your legal rights wouldn't have been enough?
Never apologise for complaining, you have the right to do so they shld thank you for giving them opportunity to improve!
Empowering consumers is more important than ever
V helpful service from @Tesco Twitter team 2dy
If a customer cancels an order & asks 4 refund the retailer must provide refund within 14 days of customer returning goods
U r always entitled to full refund/repair/replacement if item - faulty unless fault pointed out at point of purchase generally up 2 6 yrs
Who should we ban from ever appearing on tv ever again?
The Minimalist Guide to Complaining About Your Holiday
Sites still using pre-ticked boxes 2 sell additional services r breaking the law.
Biz - do you treat your customers in the way you like to be treated? How to Get the Cream (Without Being a Clot)
Keep your promises to customers if you want them to return 7 Tips for Complaining When Wedding Services Don't Deliver! #kprs
The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (the Regulations) replaced Distance Selling & Doorstep Selling Regulations on 13/06/14
There goes another one.. PLEASE and THANKYOU are the words you are looking for when ranting on my blog asking for help!
Various EU laws actually offer consumers more protection do you know them? You can get How to Complain, Amazon bestseller in time for #fathersday excellent reviews!
Yet more bog standard marketing emails telling me wrong info about my website. Blocked How Your Customer Service CAN Win Over The Complaining Cow
Dear Twitter - another phrase for "stands out" please. Thanks how to Complain reached no.1 in Kindle and 3 in paperback get yours for a #fathersdayguft!!
If companies treated their staf well they would be loyal to the company and treat customers well
Under Sale of Goods Act items must be as described, fit for purpose & last a reasonable length of time 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself if you Don't Complain
Y when I am numbering my doc with footers it goes from page 1 - 17 then starts again instead of saying 18?
Ensure your staff know how to deal with irate people approriately! Not rocket science - just training
Up at night wondering what to get for a good #fathersdaygift? How to Complain Amazon bestseller complain effectively!
Do you buy warranties? Why?
Excellent fab accountant here shld u need one!! @BrightFutureAcc
What Everyone Ought to Know about Their Consumer Rights @ComplainingCow via @JohnnyDebt #mondayblogs
It is the book that saves 1000 searches, as all the answers are in one place!” James Walker,
I expect good service, that is what I pay for and is my legal right, but will compliment when get extra good do you?
Faulty Item? 6 Ways to Protect Your Consumer Rights - Skint Dad via @SkintDadUK #mondayblogs #kprs #fpsbs

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