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Helen Dewdney
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If u paid 4 timed delivery, eg next-day del & parcel is late, ask 4 refund of money u paid for the faster delivery from company NOT courier ppl are beginning to mention me in their complaint emails to Tesco! I'm not sure what to make of that? 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds! #kprs #bizirt 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds!
Extreme complainer helped with complaint on going 4 2 yrs hav spent much time helping but not clear have decided retailer came 2 same conc! 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds! #newpost
Within the first six months after purchase the onus is on the retailer to prove that the fault was not present at the point or purchase.
The number 4 is the only number with the same number of letters as the meaning of its name. 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds! How To Take Charge of Your Energy Bills 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds! #bizitalk
Ask 4 a ‘letter of deadlock’ before you take a matter to the Ombudsman. You need this to show you have tried everything and is a requirement
Aw nice sweet Cs manager dealing with idiot (me) @Tesco just now 7 Common Fob Offs that Companies Use to Not Give Refunds! How to Beat Uncle Tom Cobley’s Customer Service
If your optician cannot resolve the dispute, or you’re concerned about quality of service, u can report them to the General Optical Council.
Contact the retailer - your contract is with the retailer and not the manufacturer
Is Captain Barnacles or Prof Inkling on charge? #octonauts Small Claims, alternatives and tips
Be grateful when u get a complaint in yr biz! Yr opp 2 retain customers & improve yr service! U might never have known of the prob!
ipod, ipad and iPhone how do I stop things bought on one going on all 3 devices? and photos?
The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. The Complaining Cow Meets the CEO with Common Sense
@ComplainingCow @PaulRutherford8 Get adblock plus and set all ads off . Ta daaa no tube ads.
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Does anyone NOT click "skip this ad" on Youtube?
RT @Emma_Fryer: RT @AnnHawkins: RT @martynsibley: Does anyone know of a wheelchair accessible limo company in the UK? // Pls reply to...
Your legal rights remain the same when you buy an item in the sale unless the fault was pointed out at point of purchase.
Working at home = eating too much chocolate What other bits of fun or advice wld u like to see on my YouTube channel?
Are you guilty of doing something because you've always done it that way? Try it a different way!
"Fit for purpose" Sale of Goods Act, items must do what is claimed of them
Want 2 complain about yr Broadband speed? Which? has a template letter for you here go 2 CISAS if still unhappy
She's just moved from my "Annoyed me today list" to the permanent list
The Housing Ombudsman - for complaints about member landlords and agents How to get Your 15 Minutes of Fame
Ask your complaining customers for feedback not your satisfied ones u will learn more! #custserv
Are yr social media ppl r replying 2 all who tweets to/about your org? If not, who is telling how many ppl that they aren't?! More Tesco Fail (at Risk of Turning into an Tesco blog!)
Don't just ignore complaints on FB, Twitter etc. they will come back to haunt you!
Always thank your customers when they complain and make it genuine, better they complained to you than on here…
Biz people have you listened to a complaint today? No? Hmm maybe you just don't know you lost a customer?
Come join me on FB for a rant or two!
What company is the best for customer service? Why?
What is the Secret about Jamie Oliver's Fish Fingers?
The point in false pockets in trousers is?
Stores using "No refund signs" are breaking the Law! See them, report them!
Be innovative in the way you get feedback from customers. When was the last time you did something different? 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself if you Don't Complain
Never apologise 4 complaining 2 a company! If valid u need redress & they should ty u so they can improve service 4 all How to Get the Cream (Without Being a Clot)