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Dolph Ziggler
saying "HELL" is so hot rn #RAW
can't wait until tomorrow's flight to music! #WWE2K15Soundtrack I'm ready to #FeelIt!…
.@WWECesaro it was to save space & show you were a proper noun but I was wrong, U really are more of a capital D dork
.@WWECesaro nothings impossible, I got people to notice U ps U tweeting from the balcony with the OTHER old guy from the muppets?
Hey @HEELZiggler dressing up like you for Halloween, got the for the spanxs! #owningit
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ps: it's not so easy to write good tweets, with all these ducking handcuffs πŸ’₯πŸ‘»#ZIGMANMAN
But seriously folks, if @WWECesaro is here, whos holding James Bond hostage? Jk hes my fav like mr freeze, minus the charisma #RAW
OH MY GOD! HEAT! "@TheJimCornette: In honor of #OxBaker here's the best wrestling riot ever caught on film:… … #RIPOX”
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I work out bc my body is a temple & I live life to the fullest... but mostly bc my hair looks like, so hot, sweaty
β€œ@TonySeigh: @HEELZiggler What are your fav standup comedy albums? @mulaney 'new in town' is killer & rickles -hello dummyπŸ‘
.@Justin__Gabriel @iLikeSamiZayn @WWENeville music like Im at a club,they sneak in a @ReelBigFish song, then right back to house
die hard fans & hard work, yet theyre losing! who do the @Browns think they are? the browns from every OTHER year #CLEvsJAX
great DRIVE @bhoyer6 but a field goal means @Browns defense still wears the white scorpion jacket @RyanGosling #CLEvsJAX
come on @bhoyer6 @Browns defense carrying the game, like a throne at wrestlemania πŸ”¨#CLEvsJAXX
I like my legs, like my coffee; tan & extra caffeinated #nofilter jk
I like my legs, like my coffee; tan & extra caffeinated #nofilter jk
@HEELZiggler thank you so much dolph for making my dream come true I really hope you read my letter
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Got new @HEELZiggler merchandise. Can life get anymore better? Now I challenge u for the IC title
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I'm booked... for a long week of work πŸ‘»πŸ’¦πŸ“š
#ThursdayNightFootball @GenoSmith7 making better decisions than a sorority girls lower back at a spring break tattoo shop
#ThursdayNightFootball jets "run & shoot"-ing themselves in the foot. but still hitting those 3's like larry bird on tinder
90 seconds in and it's already a "classic" 2014 #ThursdayNightFootball game haha
.@WWECesaro finally showed some personality (3 years later) & I brought it out of you. its kind of my thing, that & being CHAMP
.@WWECesaro is good, just ask him. if he had any πŸˆπŸ‰ he could be champ. til then, keep being the straight to DVD transporter
I don't sleep...I wait for my mom, to check for monsters
Cleveland hasnt looked this good since @DrewFromTV lost that weight & started dressing like buddy holly #CLEvsPIT @Browns
Cleveland hasnt scored this much since KSU wrestling team did spring break in Panama City "Im kind of engaged" #CLEvsPIT
Stealing the show #wweSAVANNAH at 5pm & hustling to the ATL! big Monday media day for @WWE #RAW #ItsTooBadImTooGood
see ME "THE" champ & @WWE LIVE this week: Sat-MACON Sun-SAVANNAH Mon-ATLANTA Tue-BIRMINGHAM 😎 It's too bad...
feel like I let America down, but more importantly MJH πŸ˜•#RusevCrushBuffett#Smackdown155 @RusevBULL@MelissaJoanHartt
#Smackdown15 see why my massage parlor charges me extra. yo WWE's king hippo, ITS TOO BAD... @RusevBUL
β€œ@SarahJatTheQ: @HEELZiggler wiping away a tear in that pic? sorry, Im not familiar with the term 'tears'? (Asking Jeeves)
It's DRACULA, like youve never seen him before Jk but it is in IMAX, so technically...
β€œ@aksakaria: @HEELZiggler are they real?” Yes ...& theyre spectacular CC: @THETOMMYDREAMER @IAmJericho @Christian4Peeps
β€œ@MindofCarnage: @HEELZiggler Who was the most athletic, well rounded, talented wrestler to compete against? & not u -@WWECesaro