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Dolph Ziggler
IF I get to to talk TONITE #MainEvent I'll prove Im as good as it gets & superior to @mikethemiz in EVERY way ...IF #DZTV
YOU want me, YOU really,REALLY want punch @mikethemiz 's dumb face haha @WWEUniverse YOURE the reason Im here #RAW
is this really the life you dreamed of? are all your beliefs, just lies? Jk pass the loaded potato salad, dad #HappyLaborDay time out, brothers, @ZackRyder & I are here to save the day...or at least the show
All bad things must come to an end...just not yet! @MotleyCrue AGAIN! TONITE in holmdel, (uggg) New Jersey hahaha
Dude in pork pie hat quoting poetry to the faux nerdy/hot girl. you guys are the worst, even if you werent faking
redeye to NY or time machine to the '80's??? @MADmagazine
reading by the pool/in the sky. Redeye to NY to see motley crue
Tonight through Sunday I'm at @HouseOfComedyMN Last nights show was so fun, who want tonight to be funner (that's a word)?
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β€œ@britneyspears: Ahhhh the single life!” -brit, you want a piece of me? I'll wait for you til the world ends πŸ‘―
redeye to NY @MotleyCrue friday at jones beach. mini vaca sponsored by naty light, headbangers ball & hooters
surprisingly, the nike swoosh on your unnecessary parasol makes me hate you more, not less #JustDontDoIt
having frequented many a 'morning zoo' during WWE media days @marcmaron just summed them up perfectly on @Funny1260AM
Just took a "which movie are you" quiz on @facebook turns out I'm a ROM/COM, bc I hate myself
turns out captain kangaroo was only a lieutenant ...& actually just a "human entertainer" 😟#HelloKittyy
β€œ@mikethemiz: My fantasy football war room. Nonfat Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, computer & my brain -um, 3 increasingly smaller things?
β€œ@EverySimpsons: We always liked you Dolph :) RT @FOUNTAINOFGIRTH: @HEELZiggler @EverySimpsons I no longer hate Dolph -The bully or ME?☺️
sleeveless affliction t, revving my motorcycle outside this patio restaurant. so yeah, the hooters staff knows me by name😎
Fresh dye job ps: The 'HOUSE always wins...
mr. @AndyKindler this is DZ's p.a; changing your big Hollywood meeting from 9021-PHO to "GENERAL" tso's. bring "the bag"πŸ’°
um I wouldn't be caught dead wearing socks & sandals one would see my toe ring
Hell of a set of Rose Buds #MainEvent @WWENetwork watch Monday Night War: RISE OF THE NWO after cc: @RealKevinNash
β€œ@shake_N_bake28: My little girl likes to show off like @HEELZiggler” -nailed my pose☺️
he was here when I checked in @fairfieldhotels I swear #NationalDogDay
about your no pets rule @FairfieldHotels he was here when I checked in, I swear #NationalDogDay
Hey gang @mikethemiz cut the line @Disney land & Mickey Mouse asked for his autograph (thought he was Kermit the frog) #RAW
if I can be serious for a minute... @TheDamienSandow is a much better miz than @mikethemiz 😎 cc:@LanceStormm#RAWW
Big fan #BojackHorseman on @netflix bc I am him! haha nah, its @arnettwill hes great at everything & my boy @aaronpaul_8
.@mikethemiz is right. Im JUST good at wrestling,talking,making people laugh (on purpose) & beating U. But STYLE is cool too
iceberg lettuce is a real nuisance
Yo @mikethemiz Princess Leia called, she wants her snuggie back but she said youre really good at being handed roles/rolls
β€œ@Altoisthegame: @HEELZiggler No wireless? #AreYouSeriousBro” wireless is for bras, brah
killing it at the gym! dedication & never giving up, paying off! FINALLY got my headphones untangled #sundayfunday
so many under butt tattoos little sublime
Dat Squat Rack tho 😏
most people don't realize that cats hate when you're gone... but really hate when you're around
Ive been swimming in raw sewage, I love it...I said I LOVE IT
I'm confident, just not "ladies of the dmv, hairstyle" confident
1 week til @MotleyCrue @ jones beach! aqua net & nat'y lights @BradAttitude @katekatenav BLL for @ZackRyder #Hoeski