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Contact your state’s #emergency management office to learn about disasters that might happen in your area: #NatlPrep
Get help starting a conversation about unhealthy relationships: #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft
Share your thoughts on the latest #HealthNews: “Report: 21 states don't meet emergency standards for kids”
Learn what to do for injuries and emergencies: #NatlPrep #healthfinder
Relationship violence isn’t always preventable, but there are ways to protect yourself: #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft
9/17 1-2 PM EDT: Join us for a chat on emergency preparedness for little ones. #Prep4Kids
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Shelter-in-place means to take shelter wherever you are — at home, work, school, or in between. Learn how: #NatlPrep
New blog! 3 prep steps for your family. Know what you need, what to do & how to communicate: #NatlPrep
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Sit down and fill out this Family Emergency Plan together so everyone in your family will know what to do: [PDF]
#childobesitychat DrRG: It's imp. to decrease home portions or say bye to the clean plate club. Teach kids to trust their full tummies!
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Is your child overweight or obese? Don’t put him/her on a diet without a dr.’s advice! Learn more: #childobesitychat
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A3: Support healthier school meals & encourage kids to make smart choices. #childobesitychat
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You can help your child stay at a healthy weight. Get tips here: #NCOAM #childobesitychat
From @Readygov — Know what questions to ask at work or your child’s school about their emergency plan: #NatlPrep
Every family needs a #FirstAid kit. Find out what to put in yours: #NatlPrep
The hashtag for National Preparedness Month is #NatlPrep. Get the toolkit to participate:
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Check out this week’s health challenge & RT if you plan to join in!
September is National Preparedness Month! Follow us for tips & resources to help you and your family prepare for emergencies. #NatlPrep
DYK? Kids who don’t get enough sleep are at higher risk of being overweight. Make sure your child gets enough:
Check out the myhealthfinder tool to find out about preventive services you may need this year:
1 in 3 children are obese or overweight before age 5. Join the #childobesitychat on 9/9 at 2pm ET to discuss in-depth. #NCOAM
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Do your kids spend a lot of time on the computer or watching TV? Get tips to reduce screen time: #NCOAM
Share your thoughts on the latest #HealthNews: “Parents Think Their Overweight Kids Are Healthy, Study Finds” #NCOAM
Want to get your family moving? Post a family activity calendar on your fridge! [PDF] #NCOAM
Learn about health risks for kids who are overweight or obese from @letsmove: #NCOAM
Try giving your kids apple slices with peanut butter at snack time. More healthy snack ideas: #NCOAM
It’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month! Help your child stay at a healthy weight. #NCOAM #healthfinder
NEW: Each week, we’ll challenge you to do something good for your health. Check this out & RT if you pledge to do it!
This week, we’ll be taking about #PhysicalActivity and #nutrition for kids. Follow us for important info and helpful tips!
Looking for help with your #depression? Use this guide to finding a #MentalHealth professional [PDF]:
Don’t wait. Get help right away if you or someone you know is thinking about #suicide.
Earlier delivery w/o a medical reason increases health risks for baby. WATCH to see why: #pregnancychat
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Check out this short presentation from @medlineplus to learn more about #depression:
Myth: “Pregnancy lasts 9 months.” Fact: A healthy pregnancy usually lasts about 40 wks—almost 10 months. #pregnancychat
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There are lots of things you can do today to have a healthy #pregnancy and a healthy baby: #pregnancychat
NEW Be Active Your Way blog post: "Help Children and Teens Get an Active Start to the School Year"
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Protect your teen’s mental health — talk to your teen and your teen’s doctor about depression. More info:
Got kids? Don’t forget to check out our brand new #parenting quizzes! #healthfinder
Back-to-school time can be stressful. Try thinking ahead about how to use your time. More tips to manage #stress:
If someone you love is depressed, suggest getting help. Here are some tips to start the conversation:
In this week’s #HealthNews, learn about the link between chronic (long-term) disease and #depression:
A strong support system is key if you’re struggling with #depression. Here are some tips to build yours:
Depression is an illness that can be treated. Learn more about #depression at the #NIMH site:
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