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@BeaBonobo @SkelMawhrin @HaywoodsVoice I’d go along with that. Anyone with a /serious/ amount of spare capital should safely hoard gold
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@BeaBonobo @MikefromLFE @HaywoodsVoice Precious metals are a hedge against a currency collapse if you have money some of it should be inPM.s
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@MikefromLFE right now serious gold is more about a hoarding pot to actualise AFTER disaster is over. @SkelMawhrin @HaywoodsVoice
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@BeaBonobo @HaywoodsVoice @SkelMawhrin Precious metals are a start, but knowledge, ability & a place to grow food are vital
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@BeaBonobo @HaywoodsVoice @SkelMawhrin It can’t be land as in the UK we have a ‘Freehold’ on land that ultimately belongs to the crown
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@MikefromLFE @SkelMawhrin @HaywoodsVoice Gold is very tied up will hallmarks. Specific quantities (coin or bar) & an entire industry.
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@MikefromLFE you have a point. We are no longer in an age with a wanderer with gold scales. @SkelMawhrin @HaywoodsVoice
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@HaywoodsVoice And one day it will come crashing down around our complacent ears
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@SkelMawhrin @BeaBonobo @HaywoodsVoice I agree up to a point - but you can’t eat gold or silver. (I know. Hopefully it can be traded for)
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#DoesAllMoneyExist think about it......think of the supposed value of everything in the world...and it could not possibly exist
@HaywoodsVoice I think the point is intrinsic wealth. WTF is it? Either precious metals or essential resources like land.. @SkelMawhrin
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@HaywoodsVoice System relies on little other than our credulous belief in ability of the institutions holding the "cash" to pay us on demand
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@BeaBonobo @HaywoodsVoice Why you need some physical gold and silver in your pot
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@HaywoodsVoice the EU law, forced on all member states on "bail-ins", is one of the least reported and most extreme laws of all time.
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@HaywoodsVoice If people withdraw more than 10% of their deposits, there is a run on the bank and the con is exposed for what it is.
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But the value of massive institutions and pension funds etc is just out of control…
@HaywoodsVoice if it all goes left field people like me who actually have money are likely to get economically raped.
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#DoesAllMoneyExist the conversation NO ECONOMIST BANKER or CITY TRADER would ever have
#DoesAllMoneyExist its time we all started asking serious questions of politicians
still not enough cash in the world to cover the supposed value of everything…
@HaywoodsVoice: #DoesAllMoneyExist electronic transactions have allowed traders to run up # But they live the other side of the drawbridge
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@HaywoodsVoice Why do you think everyone has been encouraged to sell all their gold. This way you/we are banks bitches.
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#DoesAllMoneyExist its the Emperors new clothes, we all sit around naked while the city tells us we are all rich
#DoesAllMoneyExist its the same with debt and credit its all the same its a massive illusory con trick
@HaywoodsVoice Last estimate I heard was 8% of all money is "real" everything else is debt someone handed you. Normally a house you dont own
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#DoesAllMoneyExist DAVOS supposedly where the super wealthy meet to pat each other on the back, but most of supposed wealth doesn't exist
#DoesAllMoneyExist what is the wests economy actually based on? most cash and value is illusory, it doesnt exist it cannot be quantified
@HaywoodsVoice: #DoesAllMoneyExist where have all the cash piles gone?” # funding regimes and paying for wars And yet peace costs nothing
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#DoesAllMoneyExist could anyone actually put a Trillion of any currency on a table? or a few tables?
#DoesAllMoneyExist where is all the cash the real money, where is it?
#DoesAllMoneyExist if all wealthy people went to the bank and said I want to cash in my wealth, they would not get a fraction its fantasy
#DoesAllMoneyExist just bonkers its narcissistic claptrap, its the super wealthy living in a dream world
#DoesAllMoneyExist could google cash their chips in for cash....does that much actually exist, NO so what is their value based on?
#DoesAllMoneyExist where have all the cash piles gone?
#DoesAllMoneyExist most of the money in the world does not exist, so how are they still trading?

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