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Harvard Biz Review
The costs of both repressing strong emotions and submitting to them
A look at why Hong Kong's protesters are unlikely to change any minds in Beijing
India's economic future is in the spotlight, with PM's recent visit. Read the impact and oppty for business in #ConqueringTheChaos. @rvenk
Too many attempts to "market to women" reduce female power into a commodity
We can't judge the economy by the number of start-ups
To improve evidence-based decision making, AIG created a "Science Team"
What innovators can learn from India's mission to Mars
Why we shouldn't confuse start-ups with entrepreneurship
Tell a good story when presenting your business case #HBRMgmntTip
Management Tip: Take Time to Define Roles on Your Next Project #HBRMgmntTip
Why we need better managers, not more technocrats
Adopt this new approach for managing organizational time
How to convert the potential of data science into real business outcomes
Learn how to deal with bullies at work
Innovators, pay attention to India's mission to Mars
Despite crackdowns, illegal file-sharing surges ahead
The best ideas intentionally leave something out
"... a great starting point to learn about leading the life you want." @Forbes #LeadingtheLifeYouWant @stevedenning
Trying to capitalize on feminism is a dangerous proposition
If history is any indication, leaders in Beijing won't be easily swayed by protesters
Managing strong emotions is a necessary skill
Need a workspace for a mobile workforce? Join us tomorrow at 9am ET for a free #HBRwebinar. Register:…
Don’t Judge the Economy by the Number of Start-Ups
How blue ocean leadership differs from traditional leadership theories. via @BlueOceanStrtgy
How AIG Moved Toward Evidence-Based Decision Making
A New Approach for Managing Organizational Time
The Most Engaging Ideas Leave Something Out
What the Mission to Mars Shows About India’s Innovators
When Not to Use Feminism to Sell Stuff to Women
Understanding China’s Hard Line on Hong Kong
Online Bootlegging Surges Ahead
What to Do When Anger Takes Hold
The fastest growth in U.S. employment will take place in:
Influence employee behavior without telling them what to do
Is Xbox polling the future of election prediction?
Driving digital transformation is not an impossible task or arcane art
Lessons from the Scottish referendum's aftermath
When did talent start driving economic growth?
Treat each employee's retirement as distinctive
Management Tip: Tell a Good Story When Presenting a Business Case #HBRMgmntTip
A step-by-step guide for dealing with difficult people in the workplace
Winning has its costs -- but luckily, you can overcome them
Marketers, stop leaving recruiting up to HR #HBRMgmntTip
Building digital organizations is ultimately about leadership
How supply-side economics came to power
Academically marginal students benefit from college