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Harry Potter Film
Are you ready to experience the magic? Step into the Great Hall and get lost in Diagon Alley at @WBTourLondon before settling down to watch your favorite #HarryPotter film this September!
"Hogwarts is my home. You, you can't do this." - Trelawney "Actually, I can." - Umbridge #DumbledoresArmy
"This is him fighting back, and even though it was Hermione who initially persuaded him to form the D.A., he finds he loves teaching. Harry is such a lonely person, even in a crowd, but in this class, he is teaching and doesn't have to think about his own problems." - Daniel Radcliffe #HarryPotter #
#Hogwarts journals that are perfect for back to school! From @minalimadesign.
"You show up here after weeks, and you say, 'Hey?'" - Hermione #Romione
"Every single scene, every single moment is about how a character feels, about the emotional core of the scene and of the character. David understands emotion. He brings that sensibility to this film, which is a spectacle. But the spectacle works best when it is grounded in an emotional center." – D
Costume designer, Jany Temime, describes Ron's style as a mix of "clumsiness" and "awkwardness," but felt that it was "almost cool to be dressed that wrong. And #RupertGrint wears everything well because he goes into wearing it with 100 percent sincerity." #HappyBirthday to Rupert Grint - the cooles
"Do something!" - Harry "What?" - Ron "Anything!" - #HarryPotter #WingardiumLeviosa
Fifteen years ago today, the world first met these young faces as Harry, Ron, and Hermione... #HarryPotter #FanFriday
Fifteen years ago today, the world first met these young faces as Harry, Ron, and Hermione... #HarryPotter
"You're a fool, #HarryPotter. And you will lose…everything." - #Voldemort #OrderOfThePhoenix
"I got to punch Malfoy, which was amazingly good fun.” - @emmawatson #ThrowbackThursday #Throwback #tbt #HarryPotter
#Repost @universalorlando ・・・ Whether a #Muggle, #witch or #wizard, celebrate #HPCelebration January 29-31! Experience an expo, film talent Q&As, demonstrations and more at #UniversalOrlando. Click the link in our bio for more details.
Greg Powell, the stunt coordinator for #HarryPotter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, asked the Snatchers to speed up during the chase scene because Daniel, @emmawatson, and Rupert ran faster than expected! #TriviaTuesday
#HPCelebration vacation packages will be on sale TOMORROW! Visit to discover more.
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What are the three tasks the champions must conquer to win the Triwizard Tournament? #HarryPotter #GobletOfFire
“...Flamel. Nicolas Flamel. Where are you?” - #HarryPotter #TheSorcerersStone #ElixirOfLife #MovieMemory
#HappyBirthday to the free-spirited and creatively talented @Evy_Lynch!
Favorite #HarryPotter spell? #FanFriday #HPSpells
.@wbtourlondon and @minalima are giving you a chance to design your own sweets packaging!…
"There's a lot to him, really. He's always in the shadow of his brothers, being in a big family, and he feels that a little bit with Harry because Harry's so famous - he's kind of in the background a lot there. I think he's quite jealous sometimes." - #RupertGrint #RonWeasley #TBT #Throwback #HarryP
"I thought perhaps you had forgotten me." - Madame Maxime "Couldn't forget you, Olympe." - #Hagrid #HarryPotter
“Mount your brooms, please.” #Quidditch #HarryPotter @wbshop

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