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Hamish & Andy
"We are sending 7 people with a plus 1 each on the First Fleet" King George in 1788 and us, today.
It’s not easy being in a gang. So we’ve created some tips at to better your gang experience.
Guys, the ninja turtle is Raphael, not Raffaello, that's a delicious chocolate, not a highly trained amphibian. #JazzChat
Today we formed a gang and egged our boss's house. It didn’t quite go to plan... Video at
Spring Racing Carnival is about hats. You won't find one better than this. Happy Hour coasters & glue, you’ve got it!
Brad was held back in hospital as a baby as docs were baffled with how strong he was. He now tries to lift two humans…
We’ve got the whole office to celebrate Will’s birthday today… even though it’s not his birthday. Will he correct us?…
Amazing pictures of natural formations do well on social media. For us, this might be the most beautiful of all.
If our boss Grumpy Dave doesn’t call us in the next 5 mins to confirm he was listening to our show, we’ll egg his house.
People have asked how bad my mates knock on the head in Vegas was after today's radio show. Just a small scratch!
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Hey Timomatic, great to speak to you today & get permission from you to trademark your name & sell your autograph.…
Don’t worry everyone! We’ve split the cursed watch into five pieces and will send them to guardians around the globe.
Andy travelled over 16,000 km to surprise his friend by dressing as a waiter at his birthday dinner. Video:…
Can’t wait to be back on air next week!And we love your stories that shape the show. Keep them coming in at
We’ve thrown milkshakes at people and smashed watermelons on cars. Lucky we’re with @AAMI.…
Today on the show we find out if it is actually against the rules for a dog to play basketball. #airbud
If you were looking for an enigma, a man with a hat, purple jumper, a whip and a pet snake called ’13’ sounds like a good candidate.
We’ve come up with a great way for you and a friend to save money on car parking. Note: It may not be legal.…
I’ve just told Ham I’ll dupe him by the end of the day. He's written on his hand ‘Watch out for dupe’ as a reminder. It won’t be enough. A
Legal Soccer Move: Find a tall man with afro. Cut a bowl shape into his afro. Chip the ball in. Run ball into goal.
The Bachelor: "I felt like we were the only 2 people on earth". Thats horrible. Your whole family just vanished & you're drinking champers.H
“I sense there will be a fight” -Clairvoyant (when we asked her to use her powers & tell the plot of the top secret Batman vs Superman film)
It turns out you can ring any business at all and get them to host a kids party:…
We’re thinking of opening a store that offers tablets that make you ever so slightly sick if you want to skip work & need a legit excuse.
Instead of paying a $2 ATM fee why not get cookies and cash out at Maccas? Is it just us or is this real genius?
Hamish lied that we're the same height as Michael Jordan. If someone could hack his wiki to make him 194cm, then cheers.
On today's show we learnt of a guy who went to prison for forging autographs. This has not deterred Hamish from selling Timomatics one bit.
Ignore that last tweet guys, you can now download "truth eagle" the song as your ringtone. H…
People say "face the music" like it's bad, but music is usually great. Unless it's Hame singing this. A…
We're searching for an enigma on the show but anyone who puts themselves forth is immediately less enigmatic. It's been tough.
An artists impression of what Hamish looks like on his Truth Eagle blowing things Wide Open. It's close.
You’d think that if you blew up a gold coloured watch like this:… ...It wouldn’t survive. You’d be wrong!
We wonder whether you could book a restaurant under the name ‘Shifty McNoshow’?
Today on the show, I accidentally let Ham pad for 6 mins before realising he had nothing to say. He then claimed to run out of time. Sorry.
After centuries of wondering, today we finally see who has bigger hands, Vince Colosimo or Jordan:…
Do you know Vince Colosimo? We need his hands (preferably attached for his sake). This is as weird as it sounds. #HappyHour
We just made a giant mistake!! But who would you have said has more friends on Facebook? Favourite - David Copperfield RT - Cops (TV show)
Maccas would admit the McDLT in the 80's was it's worst burger idea. And ad. Must watch:…
Just before the weekend, Andy wants to introduce everyone to a new pickup move called ‘The Teledex’. "No one single as of Monday”, said Andy
Timomatic autographs! Geeeeet ya Timomatic autographs!! The limited 'kiss' edition is available until 4pm, only at:…
Ever heard of the app Meowchat? us neither, but Hame is now on it as a guy called @Blimpy till 6pm. Then @Blimpy retires.
A sad day for the world. We once got to witness the great man's brilliance in the flesh.
Ben’s been whistling this tune without knowing what it is:… It’s annoyed him for 3 months & us for 1hr. Can you help?
There’s good reason we’ve never shown you #UltimateWingman outtakes. See that reason:… #GapYearSouthAmerica now on DVD
Today on the show we combine two of our greatest loves: bingo and sausages. Don't be confused, just be listening….
Idea: a TV show called ‘The Shoulder’ where Andy lurks outside The Bachelor mansion & offers to console girls that have been rejected. H
We never thought a sombrero made of coasters would come up this good. Congrats Levi. We're commissioning another one.
What a season! Thanks heaps for watching guys. And it's out tomorrow on DVD and iTunes! #GapYearSouthAmerica