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Hamish & Andy
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Ham has just claimed he looks more like John Snow from GOT than I? I think he is going off beard alone. - A
If you’ll be travelling South America in June, you should come watch us be silly in Traxedos.
We were banned for life by an international body in 2012 & told never to talk about it. We’ve decided to talk about it on this arvo’s show.
Today on the show we launch "Am I naked?". Either a great or terrible moment in radio. Up to you. #HappyHour3pm
Think you can have more fun on a Gap Year in South America than us!? ...You probably can, and here’s your chance:
Frank Woodley, @samsimmonss, @Wil_Anderson, @nonstoptom and @felicityward on the show this arvo for our #MICF special!! #HappyHour3pm
Just launched our special Gold Water, available at @CottonOn stores. All proceeds to build a school in Uganda. Highly Collectible!
These are the new colours for our safari suits this Gap Year. Sooooo South American!
One thing led to another, and now we’re actually thinking about buying a cheap island for the show! So excited! #ThePeoplesIsland
We knew we’d be too busy to do April Fools Day pranks this morning, so we recorded ours in February… still kinda works. #HappyHour3pm
There's only 2 people we've never had on the show. Carmen Sandiego and @DHughesy. We solve one of those problems today! #HappyHour3pm
So according to this art expert, we don’t actually own the real Mona Lisa. Pretty deflating.
We bravely attempt to wipe the arrogant smirk off every chicken in Australia. It's time to eat the giant schnitzel!
A one man eating challenge is no match for two men! Video:
Always take your business to the next level! Although this one should have probably just been kept in the basement:
Want Timomatic's autograph? Impossible. But for $10 I'm willing to sell you a brilliant forgery:
Hamish made a carnival game for me! Which was great until he revealed the sneaky ulterior motive! Vid: #HappyHour3pm
Strange things have happened to us since we got hold of Rhonda’s Brake Foot Bling. So it's best we auction it off:
There are 100 coveted happy hour gold (coloured) watches in the universe, and a boy called Callum has TWO! #CrazyFact
I want a french nanny so my kid has an accent. - Hamish #HappyHour3pm
The Chicken community is currently beating us 1-0. But Andy (aka ‘Fox') smells revenge on 60 wings in 60 mins. Video:
We have 2 rules on our show: 1) Don't negotiate with terrorists, 2) Mexican on Thursdays. The first will be broken at 3pm. #HappyHour3pm
Taking a different tact to most terrorist negotiations & calling the guy who's blackmailing me on the radio today. #HappyHour3pm
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You’re the Jury! Review this confronting evidence and tell us if you think Hamish won Pilates