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Final European shows- Amsterdam tonight, Zurich tomorrow, Bulle 10/3, Innsbruck 10/4, Vienna 10/5! Tix: #AllYouCanDo
@mangamsy: YEHHHHHH ON MY WAY TO AMSTERDAM @gwatsky” 🚲🎤
Vanavond in de Oude Zaal, de razendsnelle rapper en performer @gwatsky!…
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The Only busters I like is Buster Posey
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Very excited for folks coming to these shows who don't know yet to learn the genius of @BreezyLovejoy and @SuperDuperKyle
the Dallas concert is sold out! Ann Arbor is the next to go, don't say I didn't warn you @SuperDuperKyle
poetry show upgrades sold out in CHI, Ann Arbor, SF, NY, Boston, Philly, Ft Collins, Dallas- nearly gone in LA, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver
& in business news, the Dallas concert is about to sell out, so if you want to go this is the last chance for tickets
The lurk is real <3
Hi Mom, hi Dad! I'm still alive! Go Giants! See you at Thanksgiving!
I know most of you don't give a fuck about baseball but my parents read my tweets so this is another way of communicating w them from europe
If the A's or Giants go down I'll be rooting for the Pirates and Royals going forward
I want the Bay Area teams to win these playoff games, but Pittsburgh & KC have fan bases that deserve some cot damn glory
RT: "@Imaosorry: im flying to India for your concert & bringing all my cousins" might just be 6 of us there, but I'll rock like it's 6000!
so stoked for you @dylan_saunders we all miss you and love you - the whole crew
if you do one thing today, buy our brother @dylan_saunders' new album Confluence! He's the best there is!…
Amsterdam, we're here early. Tomorrow we play, tonight, we dine.
Goodbye UK/Ireland. You've been real friendly but it's time to cross this channel. What's going on, Amsterdam??
@gwatsky is on the Top 100 Hip-Hop Tracks on Spotify list and that makes me extremely happy
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@annamo731: @gwatsky I HAVE 6!!!” Prove it!!!!
@sandraisdumb: no fair bc u can't have more than 3 names & a surname in Finland” Finnish gov doesn't want u swaddled in 100% Watsky cotton
Tweet a picture of any official doc with your name (black out all your personal info) if you think you have what it takes!!!!
I'm about to do a classic twitter contest- whoever has the most middle names I'll mail you a free t-shirt!!!
. @SeanWalsh101 I'm gonna try and do a free stripped-down event (maybe an outdoors show?) in Perth for the under-18 crowd
@TifaYoung: @gwatsky Amazing night last night, best concert I've been to, and you're looking at a seasoned concert-goer ;) AllYouCanDo” 🍀=💚
@Its_my_world22: I wish @gwatsky was coming to Australia. I'd love to go see him!!” Check the tour dates, mate 😉georgewatsky.comh
@RawhbortLol: No but in all seriousness that was beyond better anything i could of hoped it would be. Immense. @gwatsky” thanks for coming!
@emma_oneill: @gwatsky rather an advanced topic for 9th grade” I kno, most high school kids weren't up on Shakira yet
I still have those papers on my computer
9th grade I wrote papers on why India-Pakistani tensions wouldn't go nuclear & why Shakira'd go frm S. America 2 global popstar #Nostradamus
Birmingham, UK. Photo by @photostills
Photoset: Sold out in Glasgow, Scotland!  Photos and post by Ellie Stills
Well @gwatsky was fucking AMAZING tonight!!!! Disappointed I didn't get to meet him but ahh well still the best gig I've ever been at
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I love you Dublin- til next time
@Raddy159: Dayum that was the sickest show @gwatsky literally the best performer in history! So much hype!" Thanks Dublin, hyperbole & all!
Photoset: Manchester, UK showed so much love. We even got to be reunited with our Warped Tour homegirl DJ...
Bedi byezalore with Mix Mizzler. Photo by @photostills
Absolute ledge @chukwudihodge makes his Birmingham, UK debut. Photo by @photostills
You know what they say about Watsky: the heaviest flow in hip hop 🐳
Also, i will probably not be discussing Northern Irish independence from stage in Dublin tonight...
That thing soaked up a half-pint of lager, easy. I'd definitely trust them when it's my time of the month
What I really learned from having the beer-soaked tampon thrown at me in Glasgow is that the Scots have high-quality feminine products
Manchester, UK showed so much love. All You Can Do rumbles on. Photo by @photostills
Photoset: Birmingham, UK! Sorry these are a couple days late, sometimes we get unlucky with wifi. Photos...
.@gwatsky is tonight!! Tickets from or few available on the door! Doors at 7pm
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Also looking ahead we play Amsterdam @melkweg Wednesday! Only Dutch gig of 2014 so don't miss it- We got history...
Dublin, Ireland tonight, Newcastle upon Tyne Monday! #AllYouCanDoTour