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Gunnar Peterson
Medaljen på plats #topploppet
Fullt rus mot mål #topploppet
Movitz struntar i pruttkudden men @hilleviwahl ger gärna High five #topploppet
Där drar Movitz och @hilleviwahl iväg i #topploppet
DÄR! Lykke och @hilleviwahl rusar mot mål i #topploppet
Lykke i toppform i #topploppet
''Go on 3! One, two-WAIT!!! On the number 3 or 1-2-3 then go?!?!1-2-3 them go! Got it?'…
Remember this before you start your weekend and your 'off day, and your 'cheat day'. It's not hard to…
Gunnar Peterson, trainer to top athletes and Hollywood's finest, answers YOUR question about...FITNESS TRENDS!...
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Favorite meal of all time: La Scala chopped sales-no cheese, no salami, no garbanzos, double tuna,…
Charlie Rivel
Flashback Friday!!! Tried and true. Live it and love it!!!
@ReesesPBCups: Chocolate + peanut butter:”I would commit a crime against a relative for Reese's. Just sayin'...'
@SeannieMac: @akaponte928 @Gunnar you are not..I am”Oh, I like this!!!A lil' competition! I challenge you, you challenge each other!
#tbt Stand tall and stand the test of time! Winners, losers, choosers, your…
@THENEW_CULTURE:You ready for #TheNewCulture big buy?! Answer all.Never get outworked. Joe Cal -Gunnar to WE”Ready!"
ENTER TO WIN a trip to train with Gunnar Peterson in the 14 To Lean Giveaway-->
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Gunnar Peterson, trainer to top athletes and Hollywood's finest, answers YOUR question about...KEYS TO SMART...
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Frågar Siri: Vad är klockan?
6 Degrees Of Separation between you and the beginning of your fitness…
Minns ni när man kunde skriva och sälja böcker med länktips? Ja, Google dödade den marknaden.
Comin' at ya!!! 1 week away from what you want and need!
8 is enough? And it's all you'll have to wait to start the GunnarChallenge! Get it get it!!!…
'Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at? Have that brutha in the cut, where the wood…
Saturday counts and we're counting down!!! Get ready to crush it!
@SteveHess1: @Gunnar better get your warm up in!!! Lmao!!!”You now I do big man!!!'
'Jump, jump The Mac Dad will make ya Jump Jump The Daddy Mac will make ya Jump Jump Kris Kross will…
10 Days to sign up for 8 weeks with yours truly! Don't miss it!! #TheGunnarChallenge @GunnarChallenge #greatin8 #starttoday #gunnarstrong
I challenge myself every day. Now I'm challenging you. I see you, and I call!…
Klassiker Rapport SVT
Såhär känner jag mig idag! #lillakollen
He’s trained Hollywood celebs & elite athletes. Now, @Gunnar offers advice to keep kids in the game. #sportssafety
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'Step back motherf***** you don't know me like that!'
@khloekardashian: G Series @Gunnar 💪💪💪I was tired today but I pushed”Yes you did! Like a boss!RRozay voice!'
@scottkfoley: @Gunnar what is this challenge!?” An 8 week, online fitness program! Workouts,nutrition, motivation!'