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Gunnar Peterson
What?!?! A personal arrival moment!!! Pinnacle! Ha! Love it! krisjenner @khloekardashian kimkardashian…
@CiaraZonin: I'm about to workout with @Gunnar on @KimKardashian game 😍”Get it done!!!"
@DessieBabie86: @Gunnar not yet.Not easy working a 9-5 w/2 kids but somebody's gotta do it!”I know! Try 4:30am-6pm-with 3 kids! #noexcuses
Mix up your traditional squats with @Gunnar's dumbbell squat press with a twist. #GUNNARformcheck
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Day 3 of #thegunnarchallenge water down, food intake smooth, now to kill this workout later #imscared #gunnarchallenge #fit #healthy #130
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Good morning! Who got to the gym?!
And the winner of the 14 To Lean Train Like The Hollywood Elite Contest is...TAMISHA HARRIS! She will train...
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A mother/daughter duo doing !!! I love that they sent me this! Looks like Jill…
'Then we played bones, and I'm yelling domino, plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L. A.…
One day in a row is not 'a row'. Get after it today, string your workouts together, build on it, get…
Ok, trying that moderation thing for awhile instead. Settle down. I'm a hoarder by nature, ask around.…
Time to get serious about my challenge.... I'm going to miss my night time peanut butter... Oh, and…
#TheGunnarChallenge starts TODAY - who's with me?! Use promo: LIKEABOSS to get 20% off and Look, Feel, Be #GreatIn8!
Readly går från klarhet till klarhet.
Good Morning! Lets start the day right!! #TheGunnarChallenge begins...NOW!
Kvällens högläsning #neworder
No need to gas myself up but just in case you were on the fence about doing TheGunnarChallenge, here's…
Get some sleep tonight!!!! Tomorrow is your first step and you will never look back! Fitness with some…
Out of town. Out of time. Never out of options. Always get it in.
How is everyone's Sunday?!
Gunnar Peterson, trainer to top athletes and Hollywood's finest, answers YOUR question about...SLIMMING THE...
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Trainer-to-the-stars @Gunnar Peterson is hosting an 8-week online workout! All the details:
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Full fart! #ängbydagen
Rastaman i lådbilsrally #ängbydagen
Helgens andra medalj #ängbydagen
Blast fat with a heart-pumping cardio and strength-circuit routine from celebrity trainer @Gunnar Peterson:
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Medaljen på plats #topploppet
Fullt rus mot mål #topploppet
Movitz struntar i pruttkudden men @hilleviwahl ger gärna High five #topploppet
Där drar Movitz och @hilleviwahl iväg i #topploppet
DÄR! Lykke och @hilleviwahl rusar mot mål i #topploppet
Lykke i toppform i #topploppet
''Go on 3! One, two-WAIT!!! On the number 3 or 1-2-3 then go?!?!1-2-3 them go! Got it?'…
Remember this before you start your weekend and your 'off day, and your 'cheat day'. It's not hard to…
Gunnar Peterson, trainer to top athletes and Hollywood's finest, answers YOUR question about...FITNESS TRENDS!...
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Favorite meal of all time: La Scala chopped sales-no cheese, no salami, no garbanzos, double tuna,…
Charlie Rivel
Flashback Friday!!! Tried and true. Live it and love it!!!
@ReesesPBCups: Chocolate + peanut butter:”I would commit a crime against a relative for Reese's. Just sayin'...'
@SeannieMac: @akaponte928 @Gunnar you are not..I am”Oh, I like this!!!A lil' competition! I challenge you, you challenge each other!
#tbt Stand tall and stand the test of time! Winners, losers, choosers, your…