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Dan Richards
Weird to think tomorrow might be the last day of the Union Jack, kinda sad. 🇬🇧
See you Arizona, time to head into the wilderness for a some well needed relaxation. 😎
Arizona how you doing?
Awesome weekend in Vegas, some serious partying and awesome DJs, @davidguetta absolutely smashed it last night!
It was good to meet ya @salsancheztat2s @mena13suvari , hope you enjoyed the show! Looking forward to trying 'real' mexican food! 😄
Thanks California, its been an amazing few days, cant wait to come back again. #WWATour
Birthday show for Niall, third night at the Rose Bowl! Lets party! #WWATour
Rose Bowl round two!!!! #WWATour
Time to get back on it, tour time once again! First show at the Rose Bowl, here we go! :) #wwatour
How it has taken me so long to get round to owning @PaulSimonMusic Graceland is beyond me. What an album.
1730 miles later and the road trip is over, been an awesome week, saw a lot of cool stuff with @douglouiselle
Finally the iphone 6, looks like that unless you buy the plus version you will still have suck ass battery life. 😢
Everything in LA ends far too early for my liking. #wheresthepartyat?
Currently being serenaded by @douglouiselle , seriously ladies you are missing out!
Beach day, so thought I'd get some new shades! What you reckon? @SeraphinEyewear
Goodbye Vegas, you have ruined us, but it was a lot of fun in the process. On to LA! @douglouiselle
Las Vegas round 2! Check list, 1.Hit the jackpot 2. Steal a tiger 3.Get locked on a roof. 4.Get married. Any order will do. @douglouiselle
Vegas what do you do to me?! #shouldbeinbed
Explaining the Thunderbirds to @douglouiselle ,he was deprived as a child! #thunderbirdsarego
Goodbye Salt Lake City, next stop Vegas!!! 😎#partytimee
I clearly need a moustache or a beard to role in SLC! #oneday
Climbed to the top of the mountain so I could look over Salt Lake City, amazing view!
Ah I meant driving! Not diving! Though i do like diving. 😃
One whole lot of diving later and we've made it to Salt Lake City!
Damn temporary phone, making me send tweets to myself! #whoops!
Amazing time at the Grand Canyon, that thing is pretty damn big!
Time to get back on the road, next stop the Grand Canyon! #TheySeeMeRollin
Road trippin through the desert in a Mustang with @douglouiselle ,Prince blasting out the stereo, good times!
Touch down in LA, now to grab the car and get the hell out of here! #roadtrip
Two dunkin doughnuts and a hot chocolate later and things are on the up!
Wow there are some stupid people in this world.
Awful nights sleep followed by an early start, gonna be tired today! Off to meet the rascal @douglouiselle to start this road trip! #brotour
The @STUDENTBODYBAND absolute tearing it up today, playing some awesome tunes!
A yoyo club? On the beach? Now i've seen everything, kids nowadays and their high tech gaming gear. #jealous
Jimmy Eat World and now the Foo Fighters, bands busting out all the classics! 😃
Beach day with a backing of punk rock covers of 90s pop hits, something a bit different i guess...
The suns come out in Chi town, result! Might have to get my swim on! 💦☀️
Gym time, need to be mentally and physically in shape if I'm going on a road trip with @douglouiselle
For anyone who hasn't seen Blackfish i recommend you check it out, its movings stuff.
On a quest to find the magic bean...
Holiday officially starts today, gonna go feed my inner tourist!
Thanks for having us Chicago, time to have a little break, but we'll be back soon! 😄#WWATourr