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Dan Richards
Whoops! To clarify, not my birthday everyone, just one of my best mates! Mines the 20th Nov! Thanks for wishing me a birthday though!
On the downside, I think we may have all lost our voices with too much awesome singing.
Fully recommend the 'heads up' app on the DJ setting if you really want to annoy the neighbours...
It's mid October, perfectly acceptable time for a BBQ, right?
Great to catch up with Tim and Dan from @TaylorGuitars today!
Wearing matching his and her shades, on a cloudy day, underground, hmmm I'm just not sure...
A fun but brief trip back to Devon, time to head back to the big smoke! #london
Had the ride of my life, and i didn't even hold the handles.. #reckless
Off for the ride of my life....
Cant wait to get off this train and buy a burger as big as my face! #hungry #nomnomnom
Hmm seems like they have programs in place for such a situation.
That's going top of my list for most bullshit excuses ever. #cursethoseleaves
"Im sorry,but the service has been delayed because of leaves "Its Autumn goddammit and its been happening for years! how are you unprepared?
Absolute free for all at the train station, somehow managed to grab a seat amongst the carnage. Next stop Devon!
Just had to move seats on the bus as someone smelt that bad. Two words, Shower, Deodorant. It's really not that difficult.
Why you shouldn't accidentally drop your new iphone into a mug of water. #lifefail #whatadick
Been away so long I had almost forgotten how much fun London rush hour traffic is! 😩
Been an amazing 11 weeks in the US, wish I could stay longer but I've gotta go back to the UK! Till next America, stay as crazy as ever. 😊
Got a layover so have a bit of time to spare, reckon it's time to crack out this baby! @GAEMS_PGE @GAEMS_VP
Good few days up in Remer recording at @douglouiselle cabin, that place was awesome!
Lake side at Casa de Louiselle, this place is awesome!
Got the studio set up, got the @LewittAudio LCT 940 out, ready to record some awesome tunes.
Road tripping with @douglouiselle up north to become a experienced woodsman, just looking out for all the deer that want to play! 👀
Feeling more like the undead today than when I looked it last night... 😵
So @WHALESOfficial are playing Studio B and it's going off! #sayyywhatttttt!!!
Good to catch up with the lovely ladies of @bowandarrowmag looking forward to future collaborations! @Matchboxmusic
Forgot the WWA movie comes out today! I'm not gonna get chance to watch it as I'll be busy being a Zombie, but I hope people like it!
Well I guess I'll go to sleep then... 😴
Second day of yoga, even more destroyed than yesterday, time to pass out!
I survived, just! Thanks @CorePowerYoga NE Minneapolis for showing me how its done!
Trying Yoga for the first time ever today, this should be interesting....
There's a reason its called the windy city, that turbulence was bad.
Bought an unlimited data plan and have just been told that it's going to run out, what gives @ATT #ThatsNotUnlimited
I've just heard someone use the phrase tickety-boo , what the hell does that mean?!
Off to see that Minnesotan rascal @douglouiselle for music and zombie related antics! ✈️
Getting up early upsets me. 😭
I made it! Whoooooooo! Thanks everyone! Online party and you're all invited. 🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎉🎈
The hotel has suddenly turned into a model photo shoot. Not that I'm complaining 👀 !
So close to 700,000 followers...
Last day of Miami sunshine, need to soak it up! 😎☀️
Right better get some sleep, want to go hang out with the fishes tomorrow! 🐠🐟