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Dan Richards
Talking UFOs and conspiracies, pretty intense band conversation. 😬
I've come to conclusion that i'm not cut out to be a comedian. Its hard to come up with a clean joke in front of 70,000 people.
β€œ@fixadirectioner: Dan Richards attempting to tell a joke to Niall! - okay, you're not good at it,” yeah not great 😣
That was a lot of fun Atlanta, would love to stay, but we gotta go! #wwatour
Nearly party time in Atlanta, in another one of these mega domes, looks epic!
Family Guy meets the Simpsons? My evenings entertainment is sorted. πŸ˜„
Waking up late but finding a place that does all day breakfast makes my day. πŸ˜ƒ
Looking to improve on yesterday's sleep record, good night y'all. 😴
β€œ@Alejandrav159: @NiallOfficial @GuitarmanDan The Best, i love you Guys🎸❀️” great pic :)
Second show day in Charlotte, who's excited?
Insomnichat... No one steal my idea!
Got an idea. A chat room for people who cant sleep, so that they can either solve all world problems or bore each other to sleep...
Insomnia is lame...
Fun show in Charlotte, lots of streamers! Love these venues! #wwatour #charlotte
Our first proper shed of the year, really like these venues! Nearly showtime Charlotte!
Glad to finally be training again, its taken me nearly three weeks to recover from my road trip, but now fighting fit! πŸ‘Š
Cant move....bed...too...comfy...😴
Haven't left my room all day, i think that counts as a successful chill day.
Cold? I haven't been cold since I've been in America. Summer must be over... 😭
Vance the bus driver is busting out some epic tunes! #bringingthefunk
Just in case we forgot where we were tonight, epic looking stadium! #MercedesSuperDome #NewOrleans
Here in New Orleans, had a great day off yesterday, ready for tonights show! #WWATour
Off in search of some Voodoo...
Weird to be back in an arena again, you guys were loud for a small crowd! #wwatulsa
Hello Oklahoma! Good to be here! πŸ˜„#wwatulsaa
Nothing like repeatedly beating @sandybeales at his favourite game to help pass the time on the bus. #champion
That awkward moment when you realise you're being stalked by an Australian rock band...
Back in sunny Texas, nearly show time San Antonio! :) #WWATSanAntonio
Three trips to vegas in three weeks, can safely say I am done with this place for a while, absolutely partied out! #exhausted
Wow that was a lot of pyro, smokey!!!
So here we are @iHeartRadio festival, time to party in Vegas!
That was a funny show, big ass bugs flying across the stage and some interesting people in the crowd. I saw you πŸ‘€ !!
Me and my trusty steed Ash, who was eating, again!! Photocred @GemmaAnneStyles
After trekking through the desert we made it to El Paso! πŸ˜„
Having a great chill day today, just the sun and the pool! 😎 β˜€οΈ
Weird to think tomorrow might be the last day of the Union Jack, kinda sad. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
See you Arizona, time to head into the wilderness for a some well needed relaxation. 😎
Arizona how you doing?
Awesome weekend in Vegas, some serious partying and awesome DJs, @davidguetta absolutely smashed it last night!
It was good to meet ya @salsancheztat2s @mena13suvari , hope you enjoyed the show! Looking forward to trying 'real' mexican food! πŸ˜„
Thanks California, its been an amazing few days, cant wait to come back again. #WWATour
Birthday show for Niall, third night at the Rose Bowl! Lets party! #WWATour
Rose Bowl round two!!!! #WWATour
Time to get back on it, tour time once again! First show at the Rose Bowl, here we go! :) #wwatour
How it has taken me so long to get round to owning @PaulSimonMusic Graceland is beyond me. What an album.
1730 miles later and the road trip is over, been an awesome week, saw a lot of cool stuff with @douglouiselle