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Guggenheim Museum
Tonight at 6 pm catch two New York premieres plus a producer Q&A at our #TropicalUncanny" Latin American film series. In celebration of these films, the Wright restrauant will be open extended hours with a Latin American bar menu designed by Executive Chef Rodolfo Contreras. Enjoy Cucumber Mojitos a
In celebration of our #TropicalUncanny Latin American film series, the Wright will be open extended hours 5:30–9 pm.
Tonight 6pm catch two New York premieres and producer Q&A at our #TropicalUncanny film series:
For our followers in Venice, "AZIMUT/H: Continuity and Newness" opens today at The Peggy Guggenheim Collection (@guggenheim_venice), dedicated to the gallery and review founded in 1959 by artists Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani. The exhibition brings to life Azimut/h’s short but intense story, w
For our followers in Venice, AZIMUT/H: Continuity and Newness opens today at @GuggenheimPGC:
Don't miss the final days of "Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today" through Oct 1:
Thanks for tuning in to today's #GuggUBSMAP Symposium La Universidad Desconocida. Catch up on our coverage @Storify:
#Repost from @artforum: Guggenheim UBS MAP, Latin America Curator @pablodelabarra, artist Tania Brugiera (@taniabruguera), and artist Luis Camnitzer at today's symposium on Latin American art "La Universidad Desconocida (The Unknown University)" #guggubsmap
Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander discussing contemporary Latin American art collecting practices at the Pérez Art Museum (@pamm). #GuggUBSMAP
Now on stage at our #GuggUBSMAP symposium, artists Raimond Chaves and Gilda Mantilla speak about their work:
#LuisCamnitzer "Art appreciation is a form of #vandalism. Art itself should be pedagogical" #GuggUBSMAP "El museo es una escuela".
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"Artist and teachers are successful when they stop being needed" Luis Camnitzer. Teacher's guide. @Guggenheim #GuggUBSMAP #Selflessnes.
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Video - Luis Camnitzer shares his thoughts on the pedagogical implications of independence in making art: #GuggUBSMAP
As part of "Under the Same Sun," artist Luis Camnitzer produced a teacher's guide: #GuggUBSMAP
At the end of her #FrancisEffect project, Tania Bruguera aims to deliver 12,000 public signatures to Pope Francis in person. #GuggUBSMAP
Tania Bruguera discusses her #FrancisEffect project, which challenges public perceptions of immigration: #GuggUBSMAP
Both Bruguera and Camnitzer's works are currently on view in "Under the Same Sun" and now part of the Guggenheim collection. #GuggUBSMAP
Artists Tania Bruguera (@Immigrantmove) and Luis Camnitzer take the stage to discuss politics and pedagogy in their work. #GuggUBSMAP
"Cada exposición implica una estrategia, básicamente política, teniendo en cuenta cada vez el contexto" Mari Carmen Ramírez #GuggUBSMAP
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Next, curators Jens Hoffmann (@TheJewishMuseum) Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (@CPPCisneros) will moderate curatorial case studies. #GuggUBSMAP
San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial Chief Curator @GerardoMosquer1 references Borges: "Being [Latin American] is an Act of Faith." #GuggUBSMAP
MariCarmenRamirez: "#LatinAmerica is a region that produces original theory and their artist are still not well recognized". #GuggUBSMAP
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Curator Mari Carmen Ramírez (@MFAH) revisits her 2004 exhibition "Inverted Utopias" for today's #GuggUBSMAP symposium
Teachers: in the final weeks of our exhibition "Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today," use artist Luis Camnitzer's teacher's guide for a deeper understanding of the works on view. PDF available for download in English at and en español at 📓 #gu
Some of the most lucid minds of Latin American cultural theory are present today @Guggenheim for #LaUniversidadDesconocida @pablodelabarra
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Walter Mignolo "It is not cultural difference that matters to us is colonial difference" #LaUniversidadDesconocida @Guggenheim @wmignolo
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Unknown University symposium keynote speaker @wmignolo : "to decolonize aesthetics means to liberate aesthetics" #GuggUBSMAP
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En la Universidad Desconocida, parte de #UndertheSameSun, curada por @pablodelabarra en el @Guggenheim. Escuchando a @wmignolo.
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Guggenheim UBS MAP, Latin America Curator Pablo León de la Barra (@pablodelabarra) introduces today’s symposium on Latin American contemporary art, titled "La Universidad Desconocida (The Unknown University).” Today, global curators, artists, and scholars will address recent cultural thinking from t
#GuggUBSMAP symposium will feature Under the Same Sun artists Luis Camnitzer: Tania Bruguera:
Lean la guía de maestros por Luis Camnitzer en preparación para nuestro simposio que comienza ahora: #GuggUBSMAP
“There is an unknown university that has no fixed location; it’s a mobile university, but common to everyone.” - Roberto Bolaño #GuggUBSMAP
The title of today's symposium "La Universidad Desconocida (The Unknown University)" comes from Roberto Bolaño - @pablodelabarra #GuggUBSMAP
Prep for today's #GuggUBSMAP Latin America symposium with Luis Camnitzer's teacher's guide:
We'll be live tweeting highlights of today's symposium on Latin American art starting 11 am. Follow with #GuggUBSMAP:
#TBT Photo of Hilla Rebay in her studio, circa 1930s from the Hilla von Rebay Foundation Archive. On, Guggenheim Library & Archives intern Giana Ricci reflects on the past of Hilla Rebay—world traveler, dog-lover, painter, and the first director of the Museum of Non-Objective Pa
#TBT Our Library & Archives intern uncovers the past of Hilla Rebay in the Guggenheim Archives
Today at our media preview for 2015 exhibitions, Guggenheim curators presented ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s–60s; Wang Jianwei: Time Temple; On Kawara—Silence; Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting, and more. View the upcoming schedule at Which are you most excited to s
In case you missed our live coverage at today's media preview for 2015 exhibitions, read the tweet archive @Storify:
Thanks for tuning in to live remarks from our 2015 exhibition media preview. Which show are you most excited for?
Among the artists whose work will be included Photo Poetics are Anne Collier, Leslie Hewitt, Lisa Oppenheim, and Sara VanDerBeek.
In Nov 2015, Photo Poetics will present photography at a moment characterized by rapid digital transformation.
Burri is best known for "Sacchi," works made of stitched and patched remnants of burlap bags:
Alberto Burri: Trauma of Painting (fall 2015) will be the first U.S. retrospective in 35 years
Doris Salcedo will occupy 4 levels & feature the artist’s most significant bodies of work, including "A Flor de Piel"
Following a presentation @mcachicago, Doris Salcedo opens June 26 surveying the artist's searing, deeply poetic work.
More than half of artists in Storylines are women & feature recent acquisitions including this work by R. H. Quaytman
In summer 2015, Storylines will examine contemporary art in the Guggenheim collection through the lens of poetry, storytelling, and text.
This year now marks the 10th presentation of the prize honoring outstanding achievement in contemporary art. #HBP2014