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wow: "no woman has won a Grammy for producer of the year... Only 5% of music producers and engineers are women"…
@jayworthy142 @ryansidhoo haha my step bro crew at their launch I am drunk
@jayworthy142 haaaa
Trying to do 'Italiano rocky' face but keep doin like 'teenager angry at parents' face
My photographer in training is not doing a good job
Gerard way show tonight was amazing! I also got to meet him and lyn z which was like the highlight of my life but I was too scared to ask for a pic cuz I didn't want to be rude. he invited a fan to come play tambourine on stage after going on an amazing rant which may have been the highlight of the
O damn congrats @jackantonoff collabin w @taylorswift13 , we r blasting this on the studio monitors rn haha
Also ray of light is a masterpiece
Ariel pinks delusional misogyny is emblematic of the kind of bullshit everyone woman in this industry faces daily
Surreal juice death
Srsly considered buying this link
excerpt from a piece @Grimezsz wrote for #RookieYearbookThree on being a boss (it's pasted in my diary, fwiw)…
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i dunno about naming food after body parts like 'angel hair pasta' makes me think abt laura palmer's cold wet cadaver hair stuck in my teeth
damn its REALLY worth taking the time 2 watch @tagaq 's polaris performance - around 3hr30 mins into the show:…
I love Canadians because they straitforwardly wear shania shirts that they actually got at the concert and we can have conversations about the greatness of Celine dion without irony or sarcasm
Peak pinkwashing? MT @stevesilberman not the Onion: @SusanGKomen teams up w/ fracking company to make pink drill bits
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best best best friend @majicalcloudz destroying the stage as usual
great week for shows in la, @lordemusic and @majicalcloudz tomorrow nite, @gerardway next tuesday, need to locate my earplugs
Curve ball: Paul Thomas Anderson plays video for @Grimezsz's "Oblivion" (dir. Emily Kai Bock & Claire Boucher)… #NYFF
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kojima and beyonce give me the exact same kind of brain satisfaction if that makes any sense
editing a vocalist who did seven consecutive takes perfectly 0_0 simultaneously hating myself / digging humanity for bein so sick @lizzo
Ladies making it happen @lizzobeeating @carosofresh
just wanted to cred the photographer @adi_ptr from that sick live photo a few photos back but I can't figure out how to edit posts so I'm just reposting another photo of theirs of the wonderful mac demarco - if u don't know these talented folks u should check em both out :)
The only thing abt not playing live is that I have nowhere to kill my rage, feel awk screamin round the house
Preparing a fancy meal for a fancy guest!
apparently i said 'grimes needs a vaporizer sponsorship' in my sleep last night lol
I cant believe i edited so many music vids and made so many paintings without glasses its so weird to see the world clearly
#REVOLTNews | Paris Fashion Wk: @Grimezsz Inspires Designer Manish Arora + Kanye’s Lookbook -
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also once we print more we'll have a european store, so if ur in europe u should hold off a min cuz stuff will be much more affordable
ayyo just talked to my manager, the merch store is still just our post- tour merch so we do have 3XL and stuff but we sold out -
oops -- sorry seeing comments abt this, yeh ill work on getting XXL ad 3XL asap - sry bout that! <3
haha, i finally have an online merch store: -it could be fancier but im in studio, no time 2 design website layout
Had to take eye test to get my license, turns out I'm like pretty blind so I got glasses and I'm literally cryin cuz shit looks so nice, everyone has individual hairs and leaves seem very serrated. I feel very overwhelmed and they are annoying and heavy but there's lots of fashion potential but als
so stoked/ honoured that manish Arora played so many deep cuts thru spring rtw:… beautiful work, mad talent ah <3!!
just to clarify! rather than "sole producing,"@bjork and I are coproducing music together! just a quick correction to phrasing !! *curtsie*
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This is my managers car and I'm rly jealous
!!! im about to have bubble tea