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dali parton
hbo has learned that if they print 'mother of dragons' on an otherwise useless item, i will buy it
David Suzuki has a challenge for you, @Grimezsz: You+Nature, 30mins for 30days. Will you take the #30x30challenge?
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forcing james to slow dance with me in the middle of the night
wow bbc 1 is good wtf why isnt' canadian radio like this at the crack of dawn? really digging whatever song this is rn
streaming british radio at 2 in the morning waiting for the new lana del rey track which is a pain but also feels pleasantly old fashioned
new game of thrones and lana del rey within hours of each other = best day of my life
also if u keep ur room impeccably clean then u can mess up other rooms and say it isnt ur fault because ur clean and u have evidence
best way to clean: put everything in the kitchen and then demand that room mates clean kitchen cuz u cleaned the rest of the house
the blue in the sky is so perfect i am filled with inexpressible joy
my main artistic limitation is that i have to avoid upsetting my grandparents
why dont more grandparents play the metal gear solid games? seriously if i was a grizzled survivalist thats how i would spend my free time
as a child i thought the word ersatz was too ridiculous to be a real word, i just assumed it was a big joke everyone was playing on me
argh like see even that comes off badly
but its actually worth it if u can get someone to massage ur butt - i didnt even know those muscles were so tense
ive been trying to think of a way to tweet about how good butt massages are that doesn't sound dirty but i can't
if society valued and supported teenage and single mothers instead of treating them like crap the whole world would be better
Y'all in LA! Request "Forever" on KIIS FM to make our teenage dreams come true 💋
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deep in my heart i still wish i had gone to cosmetology school
i would say that harper is just a sad little child with too much power but that would be an insult to children
shame on stephen harper for revoking paul watson's passport !