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rokos basilisk
Feeling really proud of my studio it feels like a real studio almost
I've completely screwed up this haircut and if u never hear from me aha it's cuz I've been murdered
Mushroom boiga and mashed patatas!!!
My grandpa being cool
damn i love this song to pieces:… i get a particularly special feeling when my friends make music that i adore
i guess the crucifixion is more goth, but lazarus is second
i feel like the story of lazarus is the most goth part of the bible
twitter is so boring, im so bored just having to type into this box
i just realized that i can't wait for halloween! so excited. i think ill go as johnny cash
im very amused by the fact that there are so many songs about satan
tracy chapman's voice is killing me rn ahhhhghfhf
It gets weird in here at nite
Amazing!!! congrats to @tagaq for winning the Polaris prize, animism is prob my fave album that came out this year -- so stoked
last run for a good while, background camo netting was affordable and remains useful after the fact
From their video shoot, talented ladies
Stuck in my studio but just wanna shout out everyone who participated in the climate march today I hope this has some positive effect on the upcoming climate summit <3
Yesterday I realized that pizza can be dipped in guacamole
Omg omg so excited for my best friend @blooddiamonds working on Madonna Traxxx aaaah
James made me a character in dragons dogma, I don't know why I don't have a shirt on
I stole this picture from sonnys Instagram haha ( don't wry I am also finishing song and not procrastinating kninsgagram) but I have to say that I heard some of these new asap ferg songs and they are incredible, I was blown away. All these folks r real talented
Some fancy thing from the thing
Been slowly building this candle flower over the past few weeks
Chris isaak finally showed up. I can say rn that I'm not taking this off until my friends stage an intervention cuz I smell bad and/ or buy me a different Chris isaak shirt to wear while I wash this one
Yo my bedtime mix is airing tonite on @AnnieMac on bbc 1 at… not sure the time tho... But I'll inquire + report back
feelin' deluxe! The look is a psychedelic high rolling Olympian gambler from France. my friend @hanatruly always says deluxe so I'm integrating it into my vocabulary as a substitute for awesome which I hate saying but somehow always say anyway
O M G u can't tell but this cockroach is like bigger than my hand he/ she is the cutest damn thing I've ever seen
Heirloom tomatozzz coconut milk and hella garlic, I'm on my second serving thanks to @actuallyjames
Damn return of the Mac and Mariah's fantasy r both tom tom club samples from genius of love all 3 r like epically good songs, eternal beat
I feel like w the glasses / wallpaper vs pit hair we somehow ended up reppin both conservative and liberal trends from the 60 s
Looking at pictures of food on yelp is like listening to unmastered demos, like u can imagine the true glory even tho u can't fully see it
sry to be so negative I just can't stand these tabloids. On a more positive note I am in the studio and it's great
Pitchfork sucks. I scrapped that album like 7 months ago lol. "music journalism" smdh ... haha
Dixie chicks!!!! Love Natalie maines forever such a queen, feelin the sisterhood
Woo hoooo our vintage band t shirts arrives in the mail!! Still waitin on a second Tracy shirt and an original wicked games Chris isaak single shirt
Every Lana quote in this rolling stone piece is so dead on, it's a great read if u need to get in the creative headspace and remember not to give a fuck
My girl is pretty cute
A model in our midst
Nondairy ice cream review: I usually avoid soy so I'd never tried this stuff despite the glowing reviews but I must say its quite fab tho the serving sizes r small. I would appreciate more chocolate coating and less cone but such is life. Despite this, still one of the best cow less ice creams I've