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. @AncientForestBC and other org. call on Island Timberlands to stop logging old-growth forest
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my whole life my mom said if i quit biting my nails i could get acrylics but its the acrylics that actually stop u from biting ur nails
if i won the lottery i would hire a private chef and open an animal sanctuary
the greatest luxuries in life are cute animals and food
do u think whale watching events are well catered? if so count me in!
somehow didnt see this amazing @genki_sudo video!… - one of my fave songs of theirs. watch to the end! its intense
im just a lass about town
from now on i will refer to ladies as lasses. like 'g'day lass' its a great and under used word
i would love to play harvest moon with the oculus rift, it would be so relaxing
ok the oculus rift is too real, dangerous technology, after i took it off i felt an incredible yearning to go back into it forever
yall can hate on my socks and sandals, i see it - but i assure you i am 100% comfortable at all times and i wouldn't have it any other way
tomorrow i am going to try some game of thrones oculus rift thing where u can peer off the wall, seems dangerous
ive reached the zenith of my life, its all down hill from here now that ive been graced by the presence of george
i just held hands with george r r martin for like a full minute, i am literally dying
taylor swift and adore era smashing pumpkins rly compliment each other
i feel like trailer park boys perfectly sums up my feelings about the world
im really late on new music as usual but congrats to @bleachersmusic !!! on his new record ^_^
if i run out of time im just going to be snake in the box though because i have a large cardboard box here
comicon plans: day 1 = link or impa, day 2: khaleesi or brienne - any1 else dressin up?
ive had a cup of juice for every hour that ive been awake today, feeling hydrated and fruity
whoever invented juice is my hero
like, this live version of withdraw is genius and so classic :…
haha when people from new zealand say jazz it really sounds like jizz
literally cannot stop listening to everything kimbra has ever made im so late on the game, loving this jazzy pop