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dali parton
happy earth day! ^_^ regretably, i am not able to be on earth today
every year i tell myself that this is the year im gonna learn to write with my left hand
@cleanbandit - Extraordinary feat. @sharna_bass : --- LOVE THIS! GET IT ROUND YOUR EARS!!
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of course game of thrones falls on a day when everyone is stoned and free chocolate is abundant
i got a faith hill shirt and a cowboy hat at the thrift store today, also am in the best place on earth
this is so weird ive also dislocated my knee before in my sleep too, i just dislocate bones all the time for no apparent reason
ive mysteriously dislocated a rib and i have no idea how i did it the only explanation is laughing too hard? really hurts to laugh now :'(
like james looked at me today and instead of seeing his eyes i saw the eyes of that eva girl who rides the motor cycle
after u become familiar with the metal gear games u can never look at the world the same way
i dont understand wave pools im always like covered in blood and bashed into rocks and then theres like ten happy babies
nooooo rest in peace gabo :'(
hbo has learned that if they print 'mother of dragons' on an otherwise useless item, i will buy it
David Suzuki has a challenge for you, @Grimezsz: You+Nature, 30mins for 30days. Will you take the #30x30challenge?
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forcing james to slow dance with me in the middle of the night
wow bbc 1 is good wtf why isnt' canadian radio like this at the crack of dawn? really digging whatever song this is rn
streaming british radio at 2 in the morning waiting for the new lana del rey track which is a pain but also feels pleasantly old fashioned
new game of thrones and lana del rey within hours of each other = best day of my life
also if u keep ur room impeccably clean then u can mess up other rooms and say it isnt ur fault because ur clean and u have evidence
best way to clean: put everything in the kitchen and then demand that room mates clean kitchen cuz u cleaned the rest of the house
the blue in the sky is so perfect i am filled with inexpressible joy
my main artistic limitation is that i have to avoid upsetting my grandparents