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Gretchen Ho
In this life, nothing is ever really ours. So learn to let go of what doesn't come and appreciate every single thing that is there :)
The Score tonight this time w @antonroxas. Nice to work w you again partner πŸ‘Š Watch out for our Halloween ep tom οΏ½
@TheScorePH tonight this time with @antonroxas. Nice to work with you again partner πŸ‘Š Watch out for our Halloween episode tomorrow πŸ™ŠπŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ™ˆ
WE'RE BACK!!! Finally reunited with @gretchenho on @TheScorePH. Thanks to everyone who tuned in…
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Catch us talk about the NBA Southwestern Division in a few on @TheScorePH! @MrPureBusiness @carlo_pamintuan πŸ‘
Up next is @TheScorePH! LIVE at 9:45 PM on @SportsAndAction. Join me and @gretchenho as we engage in more NBA talk with @carlo_pamintuan. πŸ€
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I love my new casing for my iphone :) Ate @gretchenho super awesome ng mga designs :) #theinspiredproject
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Guess what came in the mail today πŸ˜„ My contacts for Nov & Dec! Feels fresh to be changing lenses everyday. Try it οΏ½
Guess what just arrived in the mail πŸ˜„ My contact lenses for November and December!! Feels really good and fresh to be changing my lenses everyday πŸ‘€πŸ‘“ My eyes don't get irritated anymore. Recommending this πŸ‘
Featured Orthotics today for @GamedayWeekend. Orthotics is the technology that uses a 3D scanner to determine the contours of the feet and allows us to come up with a personalized orthotic (insole) to help solve problems caused by the feet. It promotes overall health and well-being, as well as enhan
Supporting the advocacy of Del Monte to have more family dinners at home because not only can it make the family closer, it can also help develop the kids' table manners, meal etiquette, social skills and good moral values. #FamilyWednesdates is a good idea! #tradition
Surround your mind, heart and soul with greatness everyday. Good morning! :)
Thank you for watching @TheScorePH tonight with me and @_MarcoBenitez. Missed doing the show 😊 Thank you @hoopnut for guesting tonight. NBA season starts tomorrow!! :)
Thank you for watching @TheScorePH with me and @_marcobenitez! Missed doing the show. NBA season starts tomorrow!
That was a fun episode of @TheScorePH Ate @gretchenho :D LOL-ed at the last part. Hahaha! :)
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Will be previewing the Norhwest Division of the @NBA with @gretchenho & @_marcobenitez on @TheScorePH tonight! Catch us on @SportsAndAction!
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Please catch Ate @gretchenho on The Score at ABS-CBN Sports+ Action. Airing in a bit! :)
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The Xperia Z3 has 2 DAYS battery life AND it's waterproof! Sounds like my new best friend ;) @SonyPHinc #DemandGreat
Hi @gretchenho, you're the best woman all over the wooooorld!!! :))
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The scratches on the airplane window look like snow.. Maybe someday I'll get to hold some myself 😊
Up late at night watching this great documentary, Mukha, on a fellow Atenean who chose to serve as a teacher in a public school. Inspiring.
Nothing is an obstacle. Everything is a preparation ;)
I'm liking what I'm learning :D
Check out #hwmph's Holiday Gift Guide. Thanks @robertmarion and @gretchenho for gracing our cover! Merry Christmas!
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Doing & thinking adult stuff. Investments, taxes, and bills. Students, please enjoy school as much as you can! :))
Guess who I bonded with on the way home from Vigan? Selfie with ninang while mom and dad are away πŸ˜™ @fillecainglet_15 @linocayetano
Ilocano specialties at Candon Bistro: BAGNEEEEET!!!!!! Dinakdakan. Pinakbet. Braso de Mercedes. Sobrang sarap! Happy to have tried these in my short #TravelToVigan :) #PSLSpikeOnTour
The right size for an easier lifestyle! The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is just what I need. Finally here! @SonyPHinc
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
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Maraming salamat po Ilocos sa mainit na pagtanggap. Sa susunod muli :) #PSLSpikeOnTour #PSLGrandPrix
#TheVoicePH is back 😁 πŸ‘
Smart announced the registration for the #SmartiPhone6! I just signed up! How about you? πŸ˜‹ Here's
Social media was meant for people to connect with each other. Don't use it to disconnect & bash each other. Live in peace & use it wisely.✌️
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Smart announced the registration for the #SmartiPhone6! I just signed up! How about you? πŸ˜‹ Check it
Visited the @UnderArmour store in SG. Overwhelmed with the designs!! Thanks to #underarmourSEA for the opportunity πŸ‘
Visited the @underarmour store in Singapore. Overwhelmed with the designs!! Thank you so much to #underarmourSEA for the opportunity πŸ‘ @tin_majadillas @nairda3 #msangelica #msregina
Oh Philippines, I love you the most ❀️ #homesweethome
Underarmour-ed here in Singapore!!! Love the line here!!! #TravelToSingapore #underarmourph #underarmour
Coming home!!! 😁 See you Ilocos!!!#PetronBlazeSpikerss#PSLGrandPrixx#PSLonTourr
Worked out today here in Singapore for our #PSLOnTour game vs Mane N Tail! See you tomorrow, Ilocos! #IWill #underarmourph #PetronBlazeSpikers
@gretchenho Stingray is really good! Singapore's hawker places are the best! Yummy!
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Teh Cino Ice. Milk tea the Malaysian way πŸ‘Œ
I simply needed time to get back on my feet. Once on my feet, I tried not to think about where I was heading.
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