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Greg Stevens
"I have no sense of decency. That's why my other senses are enhanced."
Are we devils or fools?… The fool doesn't know he's hurting you; the devil doesn't care.
I'm pretty sure the Lord of the Rings movies give people unrealistic expectations about how easy it is to cut through bone with a blade.
My heart goes out to #Ferguson. I hope the police there can learn how to be human before there is more violence.
The Kernel magazine 3.0 - The Kernel is now in its third incarnation, if you count from the very beginning. This t...
Ancient Egyptian manuscript.
Archives of old @KernelMag content are back up, so entertain yourself with some of my fav older articles listed here…
The wife of an extreme anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with her lesbian partner
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Can I just point out that Canada is REALLY good at making Sci Fi television shows? What's that all about?
"I have very little ear and brow control." -- @zachheltzel
NEW ARTICLE @KernelMag: How right-wing ideologues used "privacy" to stop education technology:…
Niles: What's the word for "lighthearted" in French? Frasier: ...... I don't think there is one.
The weather in Dallas right now is PERFECT.... for finishing an entire season of Continuum on Netflix.
Proof that the first humans came from Eden? - WHAT IF????
Sorry I haven't tweeted much lately, my dad was telling me about a commercial.
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Should there be a legal limit to the number of prepositions in a movie title.
Disney rumoured to be releasing the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray…
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The Church of Satan, and the paradox of individualist religion - My in-depth interview with the Church of...