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Greg Jennings
sportrugby 316,328 followers
This may or may not be the coolest selfie ever taken from the great state of Minnesota! #PaintballWars.
Good people in both places! RT @Mike_Stafford6: Doing the @GregJennings #BeGreat tour today. Started in Minneapolis and now in Kalamazoo.
Decent chance. *Crosses fingers* RT @kerrylindsay3 @GregJennings Do you think there is a chance you make the 53 man roster? #Vikings
Lol. Interesting quote. RT @thrsn “I feel like if we knew the @Vikings we would be best friends with @GregJennings” - @amandathorson
I appreciate it! RT @van_kekerix My son got your football card & it's bringing Good luck! He carefully positioned on his dresser in his room
@GregJennings App deadline approaches for Jennings Fd Be Great After School Program Thx Greg!…
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#TheNovemberMan is definitely on my list of movies to see ASAP! @PierceBrosnan is a class act.
Belt = Hermes. Shoes = Paul Smith. RT @LiveLikeLuc: @GregJennings PS - Belt and shoes brand? I've been looking for both like that
It's just business. Never personal! RT @AndyKenutis: @GregJennings dressed to impress
College students? Not a bad idea! RT @mrmurph41: @GregJennings yes pleaseeee! Especially to us poor college students #skol #muchappreciated
Thinking of giving away some tickets to our first home game this year! Your thoughts?
Last call for @GregJennings' Foundation BE GREAT After School Program grant applications:
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I'm your flex! RT @RiddleShelly: @GregJennings I drafted you on my Fantasy Football Team! Let's make this happen! Go Grim Reapers!!!!
I can't tackle. RT @bryanhoulemn: Do you ever wish you would have chose to play defense so you wouldn't have to hear about fantasy football?
Only 3 huh? RT @KieAnderson: I picked @GregJennings for my fantasy team #BeGreat no pressue greg just 3 TDs a game would be great ;-)
I'm your flex! RT @jzottnick: Just snaked @GregJennings late in my fantasy draft. #Championship #StealOfThDraft.
Happy birthday, Matt! RT @leithm25: Great win tonight @GregJennings did it last year...turnin 21 today? Can i get a shoutout?
Not a bad team effort tonight, not bad at all. #Game3
But was my leg broken? RT @gamingtailgate: @GregJennings heads toward the endzone in this @EAMaddenNFL 15 screenshot.
Gotta rock a different @Vikings shirt every Purple Pride friday. Today showing love to @GregJennings !! ☺💕�
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Will do my best! RT @emilyebaum: Drafted my main Vikings @KyleRudolph82 and @GregJennings. Don't let me down, boys! #SKOL
Take All Day. I'll be there in later rounds. RT @BrianJYoung1 @GregJennings I have the first pick overall shall I take you
I'm your flex! RT @cwalt0 @GregJennings you're on all my fantasy teams I'm going to need a touchdown a game.
The Bronco way! RT @frosty_mike: @GregJennings Awesome story and video from your Western Michigan #class #awesome
@GregJennings my wife and son at the game sat. Drove from gb so noah could watch his fave team & player #15jennings!
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God bless! RT @kellynbosch: From the bottom of my heart I thank you! I lost my aunt 8 yrs. ago & my mom just 2 months ago to ALS.
BE GREAT After School Program Grant Application now available - #constantcontact
S/O to @GregJennings. He cool as hell. Regular just like me. No arrogance shown. People like him deserve respect.
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*Favorites* RT @4thliner_11: Pretty sure I saw @GregJennings at Moa goin into GameStop today. Fav if Im right.
Will do my best! RT @Chazztheviking: @GregJennings bring home a W on my B-day
See you there, Jess! RT @jessicacortez92: @GregJennings can't wait to see you play tonight @TCFBankStadium #skol
Thanks, Kris! God bless. RT @kristorkelson: Great seeing @GregJennings at training camp yesterday! #honored
Loved seeing my guy @GregJennings at @Vikings camp the other night! Going to be an unreal year! #skol
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Absolutely! RT @P_M_1988: @GregJennings I hope your recycling all those buddy!
Shout out to @Regen_Ingalls, for correctly guessing the amount of water bottles I would drink during camp! @Regen_Ingalls check your DM.
Have to count. I'll have a total tomorrow. RT @MikeWiz60: @GregJennings so Mr. many bottles of water did u have during camp?
Dang... you're close. Lol. RT @heidi_parpart: Just got this close to @GregJennings sup✌️
Don't look so surprised to see me @GregJennings We can do better than this one! Thanks 4 the pic this morning! #skol
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