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Greg James
Any other mentalists up for their final big run before next week's Great North Run? Anyone? Ah. Just me then. @BupaRunning
@gregjames Correct. The 'is' tends to be an Americanism, and sounds bang wrong. I'm with you on this thorny issue. #mcgrammar #grammartime
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This trending topic is so offensive. 'Man United Is The Worst Team in the EPL'. It's 'Man United ARE The Worst Team in the EPL'.
Were you listening just now? Nightmayor of Where - incredible.
We went out for all you can eat chicken wings tonight. Poultry portions they were. Paltry portions they were not.
@Erin_McNaught: Oo! Just found a Chupa Chup in my jewelry drawer! 👅” THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
PHEW! If it wasn't for National Burger Day, I would have completely forgotten about THE MOST FAMOUS FOOD IN THE WORLD 🍔
Oh I thought #PatronisingBTLady was something to do with the '...but the caller withheld their number' 1471 smug phone woman.
Am I the only one who thinks the Pringles guy and Monopoly guy are related?
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Good day! Live till 7pm...New Nerd Alerts at 5 and a little experiment I want you to be part of after 4:30
Doing life admin today: 'Can I take your name?' 'Greg James' 'Greg Games?' 'No, James. Why would it be GAMES? That's not even a name'.
"If you enjoyed my set, I'm @huwstephens, if you haven't, I'm @gregjames" - Huw on the mic at Silent Disco, Reading ✌️
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Jen Long had a heavy night at Reading
Dalentless Shid
Meanwhile at Reading Festival, @royalblooduk are being excellent as usual
SHIIIIT! So proud my bottom is going to burst! My old chum @johnsfurcoat just won the bloody Edinburgh Comedy Award!…
The drumming on Song For The Dead. MY GOD WOW. Hope you enjoyed QOTSA. Back tomorrow at 7pm! ARCTICS AND ROYAL BLOOD! @OfficialRandL 👍
If you couldnt make it to @OfficialRandL tune into @bbcthree from 7pm to see an acoustic performance of Battles for @gregjames & @jenlong :)
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BEST THING EVER “@ThePoke: Have you seen this Lego Fawlty Towers hotel?…
So with less than a month to go until the Bupa Great North Run, we had @LynseySharp put @gregjames through his paces.
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After much debate - the show hashtag is #HuwAndGregsRubberFactory
It's the 'Pre GCSE/Post A-Level/Pre Reading & Leeds Annual Huw & Greg Radio Show'. LIVE NOW! Till 2! Who's on board?
As promised. I watched the Bake Off. Let's chat more about it from 4pm tomorrow. More immediately - back on with @huwstephens at midnight!
Can't believe our show has been on Nerd Alerts TWICE today @gregjames
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Good afternoon to you...Brand new NERD ALERTS on at 5pm today!
Some people say I fight like me dad. Fortunately for you me dad actually fights like me nan. And she's really frail. #CBB
Join @BBCR1 DJ @gregjames & our curator inside #IWMLondon at 9pm as they look at music & war, now & 100yrs ago - #WW1
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Ricky Gervais, Rage Against The Answer Machine, Nerd Alerts, Mayor of Where, and LOADS more...Become a @Podcastard!…
Wasn't quite ready for Ian Botham's stump cam this morning. 😶
HUGE win for England! Let's all meet on the Oval outfield at midnight for the annual cerWEEmony eh? Cricket is about tradition after all
EVERYONE TWEET THIS LADY TO SAY THANKS XX “@Hazzls: @gregjames just using my tweet with no credit! Bit harsh but I'll let you off” THANKS!!
“IT'S A FUNNEL CLOUD!! GOD!@Telegraph: Ryanair flight takes off moments before ‘mini tornado’
Dark skies over The Oval. Dark times for Indian cricket. Pathetic Fallacy. #EnglishGCSE
Good luck with results today folks. One day, you'll achieve great things. Just like this man here: