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Gregg Weiss
"Audiences appear to strongly prefer content with no calls to action." - Gartner's @jakesorofman
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Stop "jargon monoxide" - corp statements/buzzwords that confuse employees & diminish messaging #internalcomms via @pollylabarre #prsaicon
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When u think about it, a @Snapchat ad unit is probably the most accurate measure of engagement around: requires touch&is measured in seconds
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"skills are cheap, passion is priceless." ~@garyvee
Amen @greggweiss. 9s and 10s on NPS will do the trick every time. If only more businesses focused on happy customers first instead of $...
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The only business metric that matters is happy customers. Everything else is just diagnostic.
#winning “RT @jillcress: "Please pay with card" now this is what I'm talking about @greggweiss #AcceptanceMatters!
The customer pays our pay checks. Respect them, embrace them, and celebrate them!#custserv
Long Live The Mix Tape & How I Miss Thee via @allytales
Instead of swatting at interruptions as if they were pesky mosquitoes, try to embrace them as opportunities to lead meaningfully.
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We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other.
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Travel is the sherbet between courses of reality. #skiftforum
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Yup. I get so angry at them! “RT @jillcress: @greggweiss someone pulling out cash when I'm in a que makes me crazy!”
Cash delays everything.
"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--that's why we recommend it daily." ~Zig Ziglar
7 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers: 1) give 2) give 3) give 4) give 5) give 6) give 7) give 8) keep giving (had to add an 8th)
Make impressions-- top priority. Serve impressions-- not priority.
Marketing Brain: reaching the biggest audience possible in my target. Social Brain: reaching the right people and building relationships.
Journalism: Coverage Content: Creation (Both are important)
All time is Real. Thank goodness we don't talk about Fake-Time Marketing.
Twitter is pretty freakin' awesome.
Ok, who else has a really bad habit of leaving work shirts draped over dining room chairs?
The #1 Trending Topic On Twitter right now:
Let's all enjoy what we do, and appreciate the impact it makes on our customers-- and never take for granted the privilege to do so.
"Music is what feelings sound like."
"We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we trust and care for each other." ~@ValaAfshar
Campaigns start and stop. People are always on. #socialmedia
Required listening: “RT @garyvee: Who listens to business podcasts???? There's a new one 💪😉->…aD”
Stocks with women on the board outperform those that only have men
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The important Engagement Rate is how you're engaging with others!!!!
Super-clutch performance by @apyper with the @NutellaUSA surprise addition to #BagelFriday! So clutch!
Hasn't "this week been so crazy" every week since 1998?
It's Friday: -jeans -hoodie -bagels -super cool stuff to work on to help make MasterCard cardholders happy #excitedtogettowork
That's what #Priceless is all about! :-) “RT @JohnRidgeway: "Moments Matter." @jsilapas Always make them important! #mpb2b”.
Crudo = "not confident about this fish as sushi, so let me dress it up with some sauce."
Brands themselves are not social; The people at brands are.
Many self-proclaimed (and perceived) "social media gurus" are actually completely anti social and are simply "good broadcasters".
Think about how YOU are engaging with others -- and at what rate. THAT is the "engagement rate" that actually matters in #socialmedia.
Less typing, more talking.
Most people are looking at engagement rate without looking at the types of engagements.
Share an opinion, not a link.
The most valuable employee of the farmer is Mother Nature.
Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.
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Who is still up & getting less than 6 hours of sleep aside from me?
If you think Twitter sucks, it's because you keep shoving out links to articles & aren't looking at what other people are talking about.