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Gregg Weiss
Don’t tell people that something is great. Tell them why it’s great.
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Good product: important Fair price: appreciated Great customer experience & service: differentiator
What happens after Gen Z? Do we start all over again?
"Call Me Maybe"on YouTube: 633.5MM views
Be: -curious -original -bold -sensitive -gracious Change: -minds -feelings -perceptions -behaviors -actions
No such thing as "creating value." Only creating "potential value." Value is determined by the receiver not the creator.
Happy Days > Happy Holidays
"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from swinging." ~Babe Ruth
12 bottles of wine: $186... Snacks for the kids $6... Seeing @garyvee hustling at @WineLibrary: #Priceless.
"One size fits all" rarely fits anyone well.
Yeah!!!!!! “RT @mitaninamenezes: Love my job. I get to create, conceptualize, connect w/ consumers and cultivate a community all day long.”
General Tso Tired...
Tomorrow is 12/13/14 ... will not see a date sequence like this in our lifetime.
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Thanks so much, @Crowdtap! Really appreciate this! :-)
How come the office is only a "fort" when everyone else is out and one person is left behind to "hold it down"?
Pull the customers in > Get the word out
Devotion to Emotion (that's the secret Potion).
A view of your Twitter feed that eliminates tweets with urls in them... Who wishes that existed besides me?
Fastest wins the sprint; Smartest wins the race.
2014 PR People Awards: Brand Marketer of the Year -- congrats to my colleague and friend @MasterCardAndy!
Let It: -Go -Be -Snow -Shine
Understand native before you end up selecting tools that do the same thing. Find the differentiators #getrealchat
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Connecting With Ourselves To Connect With Others:… via @RajaRajamannar
Scale is not just about a great product and a little bit of luck. It's actually about hard work.
Meetings are never effective when the topic is not a priority for attendees.
If you can think the unthinkable then you can scale of the unscalable.
And you are great at it! “RT @diaryofadude: The Golden Rule!! RT @greggweiss: Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.”
Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.
I like Twitter because it: -is easy -keeps me informed -helps me meet new people -enables me to share with others -scales the unscalable
The biggest risk of social media tools is that people stop experiencing other content native to platforms. #getrealchat
The best tools birthed social platforms as a result of utility. Twitter was a tool. Instagram was a tool. YouTube was a tool. #getrealchat
Shiny objects lose luster quickly. #getrealchat
Yes yes yes x 1,000 “RT @JakeDParent: I think SM is great, but over-automation kinda blows. It's inherently unsocial. #getrealchat
Top 5 Social Media Tools: 1) Your heart 2) Your mind 3) Your passion 4) Your empathy 5) Your curiosity #getrealchat
Too many platforms and tools and software packages actually can HURT productivity rather than help it. #getrealchat
If you're not a practitioner, your ability to generate meaningful results is limited. #getrealchat
Tech Tools are not social media. Tech Tools are simply software. #getrealchat
When the 1st 10 minutes of a 60 min meeting are water by tardiness, small talk, elaborate intros, etc, 16.67% of the agenda is Unproductive
In 1985: -Note passing was Snapchat -Drawing on a desk was Twitter -The bus ride was Facebook -The mirror in your locker was Instagram
Don't proclaim success. Always keep working towards it.
Moments create conversation. Conversation creates memories. Memories are Priceless. Priceless stories are shareable. Sharing is social.
Social is more about anthropology and psychology than it is about technology.
Complaining it is cold outside is absolutely shortsighted when there are people outside in the cold overnight with no place to go.
Conversion is not the end. It is really only a portion of the beginning.