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Gregg Weiss
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Aren't the "top 10 tech trends for 2015" lists being shared around basically the same trends we've been seeing for 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014?
When you MAKE an impression there's an opportunity to build a relationship. When you SERVE an impression, you're simply throwing a dart.
Impressions SERVED (the impressions most marketers refer to) are merely chances. Impressions MADE are what's important! #Twitter #Facebook
The essence of Twitter is NOT impression-based marketing.
Let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore
"Better to burn out than fade away." ~@janineannett
Nicole made a #thanksgiving #turkey made out of fruit!
Customer Service: -Is the biggest Loyalty driver -Is Marketing -Is Sales -Can't be overlooked
What do you think about people who only follow a handful of other people on Twitter?
Today my eldest asked me if the Barclays logo is the Twitter bird's dad.
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What are you obsessed with?
Sentiment isn't about the X mentions of your brand this month. It's about representation of a broader feeling across all your customers.
Scale is little personal things all adding up... Not broadcast.
Your creativity is an unwavering eternal gift, it cannot be stolen away from you
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Wow,@CrateandBarrel is playing the @Manics in-store (White Plains, NY)!
It's simple for cardholders to surprise friends, family, & coworkers with #PricelessSurprises!…
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And I keep having these dreams and I keep having these dreams and I keep having these dreams...…
Inspiration > Dictation
Steak in belly > Stake in ground
Brands: How many tweets have you ignored today? Answer: too many
Social Channels: (Ab)used by many brands as broadcast media because it was there for the doing.
Tweet tweet tweet breathe... Tweet tweet tweet breathe... Tweet tweet tweet breathe...
People scheduling tweets: boooooooooo!
"We're looking at our kids' schoolwork, and you're pulling up @garyvee videos?!?!?," said my wife just now.
Be demanding, but fair. Do not just demand excellence, instead help develop excellence.
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#NailedIt: @swarmapp shows value of check-in via term "Lifelogging". So true and so valuable to be able to search history...
Small business is big business.
Being busy keeps the mind from going grey.
I just wanted to tell @abigailjweiss ,@dylanmweiss , and @nicolebweiss that I love them so much.
Search Twitter for your handle and bacon. Scroll to the bottom. Tweet the link with #FirstTimeIMentionedBacon
Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.
Content is important. But context makes or breaks it.
As you tweet your brain out, please mind the gap between your brain and the platform. @MetroNorth #trainVO #socialmedia
See what @sethmeyers calls a “classic @nyjets fan move” when I drink with him yesterday …
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Before you complain about how cold it is outside, remember there are people who don't have: -a home -heat -a jacket -a blanket
Dedicating today's #SockGame to @agoldmanlinked, who apparently is working on upping his game! The pressure's on! :-)
When the going gets tough, the tough get tweeting!
PURPOSE has to be embedded into culture, far in advance of being embedded into the product. #MMchat
Culture is practiced and nurtured, not prescribed and purchased. #mmchat
Create a culture of "it's do awesome work that makes a difference day" -- not a culture of "it's pay day." #mmchat
Shaping Culture: part of everyone's job description. #mmchat
Culture isn't defined in a .ppt. It gets defined in hearts and minds. #MMChat
Culture does always need to "come from the top." Bottom-up culture changes companies. Smart leaders appreciate the crowd. #MMChat