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Graphic India
Brace Yourselves. The Guardians are coming. Guardians of the Galaxy #Movie #Marvel #ZoeSaldana
"May a Greater Wisdom Spring from this Madness." Watch Bhima take control of the skies #18Days #GraphicIndia
Watch the full episode on the Birth of Gatok #GraphicIndia #18Days
Mukunda Michael Dewil (Vehicle 19) will direct the #GraphicIndia & Mark Canton produced Sadhu movie #Sadhu #Superhero
Enjoying this great app by @GraphicIndia in my #WP @WindowsPhoneInd ;) Great Comic Sense!! Childhood is back with this!!:D:)🙏
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A Catalyst for Cosmic Events. Check Out The Full Episode on Draupadi #GraphicIndia #18Days #girlpower
Duryodhana the Unconquerable. Check out the Full Episode on Duryodhana's birth #18Days #GraphicIndia
The Guru blesses his student though they are on opposite sides of the war.#18Days #GraphicIndia #Honor
Surrounded by creatures from his worst nightmare. What will the kaurava soldier do? #18Days #GraphicIndia #Battle
CHAKRA stands for Cybernetic, Hyper-Acrobatic, Kinetic, Realigning Acceleration suit. #TheMoreYouKnow #Chakra #GraphicIndia
A gift or an invitation to hunt? Who is this Kaurava soldier? #18Days #GraphicIndia
@GraphicIndia #MahaYodha New card game based on 4000 year old universe of Hindu Mythology now live - Pls share!
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Nakula and Sahadeva are probably the greatest unsung heros of this story #18Days #GraphicIndia
An aesthetic case for the re-telling of the Ramayana. The Sunday Guardian's review of Ramayan 3392 AD - #GraphicIndia
Hv u caught up on Chakra's adventures? Watch the episodes on New episodes coming soon! #GraphicIndia #Chakra
'Smallville' Producer James Marshall Partners With GroupM, Graphic India for 'The Adventurers Club' Find out more:
Nakula & Sahadeva unknowingly release the greatest evil on Earth. Now what? #GraphicIndia #18Days
"Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League." What do you think of DC's latest news? #BigNews #JusticeLeague
Big News! @GraphicIndia is teaming up with James Marshall on a live-action TV series called “The Adventurers Club”
Can Nakula & Sahadeva retrieve the sword without waking the demon in the dark grove? #18Days #GraphicIndia
Nakula & Sahadeva head out on a quest to bring back the people of fallen Nimoor #GraphicIndia #18Days
@GraphicIndia Awesome work... i love all the characters and the comics are fantastic. Keep the comics coming.. :p
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Nakula and Sahadeva go looking for adventure #GraphicIndia #18Days
Giants \cast great shadows. This is the story of those who stand in these shadows #GraphicIndia #18Days
Stan Lee’s ‘Chakra – The Invincible’ Issue #1 | Graphic Novel Review - Indian Nerve… @GraphicIndia
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That's creator Stan Lee standing between Thor and Hulk. So much awesome in one picture! #GraphicIndia
Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses. Yudish plays the Game #GraphicIndia #18Days
The game is revealed can Yudish resist the temptation? #GraphicIndia #18Days
Have you braced yourself for winter? Game of Thrones Season 4 releases 6th April. Tell us your favorite GOT moment
The first issue of Chakra The Invincible is out on Flipkart Get your copy today! #GraphicIndia
Stan Lee’s ‘Chakra The Invincible’ Launches On Rovio’s ToonsTV Across All Angry Birds Apps Worldwide… @GraphicIndia
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Watch Episodes of Stan Lee's 'Chakra The Invincible' #Chakra #GraphicIndia
.@GraphicIndia CEO says it's a life dream to spark a superhero wave from India as Chakra bursts onto @Rovio's ToonsTV
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Vuclip & GraphicIndia are getting together to bring Gabbar Comics to your Mobile Phones! Read:
Will this open up Indian Comics to the West? Mark Canton (#300) is teaming up with Graphic India to develop #TheSadhu
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Stan Lee's Chakra comes to Rovio's Watch Stan talk about his creation & Read More
Angry Birds more like Angry Stan! Watch Stan Lee tell Rovio why Chakra needs to be on the app Excelsior!
Graphic India's Chakra is now available on Rovio's more: #Chakra #Rovio #GraphicIndia