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Grant Imahara
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Going to crash the Battlebots veterans panel and then hosting the Masquerade this evening. #DragonCon
Just bought some fancy dice and an even fancier lightsaber. So yeah, I'd say it was a pretty good con. #DragonCon
It's called 5 Truths and a Lie. Six people tell stories. One of them is a lie. Audience votes on which one they think it is.
Tonight one of us will lie to you! @MeaghanRath @SammyHuntington @hughhowey @GarrettRWang @EddieMcClintock Hilton Crystal Bllrm 8:30pm
Oops and a photo session at 3:30 in the Marriott Int'l Hall. Yes, it's a busy day. Bonus points if you find me at each place. #WheresGranto
My panel is today 2:30 Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F and then I'll be signing at table #54 until the end of the day! #DragonCon
I'll be reading funny fan fiction LIVE tonight w/ @ThatChrisGore & @FrankConniff at 5:30PM @ Regency V Hyatt #DragonCon2014
Signing at @GarrettRWang's autograph table #54 this afternoon for a few hours! #DragonCon
Friday #DragonCon sched: 11:45am photo session Marriott Int'l Hall-S; 1:00pm Star Trek Continues screening/Q&A Hilton Grand Ballrm-W.
First classin' it to dragoncon! See you soon, ATL! <3
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Wish... GRANTED? LOL RT @Transfan2: "@grantimahara @MythBusters wish..KEEP MAKING ROCKIN' ROBOTS"
Thanks @MythBusters for allowing us to teach science in a whole new way. Also, explosions. Now, on to the next adventure!
Two days, two awards shows. Last night, Emmys, tonight @TheGeekieAwards!
So great to dance and hang with our awesome crew at the #Emmys2014 Governor's Ball!
Sorry we didn't win this year, but thanks for the nomination #Emmys2014!
At #Emmys2014 I gave my phone to @Jennernugen. Find it full of pictures like this. LOL
We are up for another Emmy today. Wish us luck! I've heard the sixth time's the charm. #Emmys2014
Never underestimate the value of a turkey baster in home kitchen repair. #theglamorouslife
I'd go with the gold one! Help @KariByron choose her dress for the Emmys. Vote here:
So sad to hear about Robin Williams. RIP Good Sir.
My team is going to be putting up the #TeamShatner #GISHWHES entries on in case you were interested.
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LA area Whovians! There's a #DoctorWho Craft Faire today 12-6 at Clockwork Couture 707 S Main St, Burbank CA @clockwork_ctr
Many of the #GISHWHES2014 tasks were considered nearly impossible. Just my luck. Our Captain doesn't believe in No-Win scenarios.
Can't for you guys to see our entries. Some were truly inspired. I can't believe we did what we did in one week. #GISHWHES
Spent the last week doing some of the craziest things I've done in a while. Thanks to all my Team Shatner teammates! #GISHWHES
I never thought I would use the phrase "rocket-powered ShakeWeight" until today. #GISHWHES #IDGHP
Maybe aliens don't talk to us because we're creepy. We send them weird mix tapes and keep trying to find out where they live.
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RT @WilliamShatner: "I am Doing GIshwhes to Help People! #IDGHP Pass it on!” // Me too!!
RT @Secbuff: "Does it involve blurring any portion of the video?" // IT MIGHT. @TMZ
You may see me on @TMZ tonight doing one of the nerdiest things I've ever done in my life. #StarTrek #GISHWHES
That moment when you realize that you're basically the real-life adult version of Data from The Goonies. #gooniesneversaydie
In case anyone doubted the validity of my previous statement.
And yes, I intend to use ALL of these items in the next 72 hours. Possibly at the same time.
Actual contents of my passenger seat at this moment: a pink Hello Kitty boom box, a broken hand mixer, and a Shake Weight.
Actual contents of my passenger dear at this moment: a pink Hello Kitty boom box, a broken hand mixer, and a Shake Weight.
I'm pretty certain I'm THAT neighbor on my block.
Tonight's mission: add ducting to the garage for the laser and a fancy charcoal air filter to remove the burning acrylic smell.
It's Friday night and my girlfriend @Jennernugen is out of town. You know what that means: PROJECT NIGHT!!
RT @Mandal0re80: @ToryBelleci @KariByron @grantimahara how many fences have you murdered at Alameda? #CarBusters” -ALL OF THEM.
Morning paused to watch "Flashback" episode of #StarTrek Voyager. For research. I'm not unhappy about this. :)
Hey 9am dentist appointment the Monday after #SDCC2014: I hate your face so, so much. So. Much.