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Grant Imahara
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Guys, someone made a jaeger costume from #PacificRim and it's amazing.… #GipsyDanger
...and then @Vangsness whipped out the most amazing birthday candle EVAR. It had three stages of awesome.
Upon further investigation, it wasn't even karaoke! Just drunk people singing. Okay, fine. They get a pass. This time.
I really hope that the sound coming out of the hotel bar is karaoke. Because I can't condone animal violence. #poorkitty
If this #2048 game turns out to be not mathematically possible to win, I'm gonna be pissed. Like extinction-level-event pissed.
Also, it teaches binary counting. IN THE MOST ANNOYING WAY POSSIBLE. #bonus
If you crossed Tetris and a number slide puzzle, you'd get this addictive game: #YoureWelcome #ImSorry
For all you #CaptainAmerica fans: 10 different versions of Cap's notebook!… (via @hollyamos22)
This show "Ask Westeros" is brilliant! (esp Khal Drogo explaining why Friendship is Magic)
Would you like to play as ME in a pirate-themed bluffing game? Help unlock the "Super Friends" deck!…
Yesterday, fans approached @AdamBaldwin, @alan_tudyk and me. We stood and watched @grantimahara get all the love.
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To those have entered the digital #HungerGames that is the #SDCC2014 hotel lottery, May the odds be ever in your favor.
BRB- applying for access to NASA's rocket guidance software! #madscientist…
Another amazing time at @socal_ren_faire! Sir Maximillain bested his opponent and gave me the shield!
And still going strong!! Someone just cast Mad Monkeys! #TableTopDay
We are in hour 6.5 of our D&D game. I love #TableTopDay!
Hey guys, hope you're enjoying #TableTopDay! Please take a moment to go to & support Tabletop Season 3!
Happy #TableTopDay! I'll be livestreaming with @wilw at 2:30 and then headed to a D&D game later. How are you celebrating?
(Un)Happy birthday @RealGrumpyCat! I hope it's AWFUL. #revisedforgrammar
(Un)Happy birthday @RealGrumpyCat! I hope it AWFUL.
Spent my afternoon talking creepy robots, Mythbusters, LEGO & failure w/science superstar @grantimahara. #KnowBrainer podcast coming soon.
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Gorgeous pictures of some of my favorite movie cars:…
Lots of jokes/hoaxes today, but this is real. RT @MicheleSpecht: Want a hint for @TrekContinues Ep3?