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Grant Imahara
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Guys, I'm headed to a french fry factory today. I can not contain my excitement.
And here's the link to @chrissasparkles @netflix parody musical:… I might sing. A little bit.
My super talented pal @chrissasparkles and @HarryShumJr made a parody musical about @netflix! (cameos by me and @dantebasco)
It’s no longer a myth that Grant Imahara is headed for Adelaide and Brisbane in November! We’re proud to welcome...
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Um... WHERE CAN I SIGN UP?? RT @ParamountPics: Experience INTERSTELLAR in Oculus Rift
Starting today, @McDonalds is answering your questions about their food. Tweet them your questions! #partner
Sitting in an airport in Dallas watching a CNN report about Ebola entering the US through an airport in Dallas.
After less than 24 hours in Argentina, I'm back in the USA.
It's going to be super hilarious when I wake up this afternoon with no recollection of where I am or how I got here.
After a five hour plane ride and a five hour drive, I am in San Luis, Argentina. And it's dawn.
And my last Panama Canal fact: the water flow in the locks is all gravity driven. There are no pumps at the Panama Canal!
All ships use their own power to move through the Canal. The clearance on either side may be as little as 2 feet. #tightsqueeze
TIL small powerful trains help guide large ships through the Panama Canal. The tracks run on either side.
Leaving Panama today and headed to Argentina to speak at the #SanLuisDigital conference!…
Headed to Panama City! Delivering the closing keynote at #ASCE2014 and then... an insider tour of the Panama Canal!
"So humans put their clothes in these comfy bed things when they travel? What a waste." -…
While stranded at ORD late last night, briefly considered riding the Apatosaurus. (I didn't.)
Okay, ORD, let's... let's try this again.
Currently drowning my sorrows in Wolfgang Puck pizza and coconut water. Yeah, it's that bad.
I broke my vow never to fly United through ORD in the fall (...or winter) (...or ever) and I paid the price.
That classic story where due to a flight delay, our hero must RUN through ORD to catch his connecting flight. SPOLIER: I didn't make it.
On my way to VMI to talk about STEM and making science fun. #vmiSTEM14 @vmilife @vamilitary
The Dulles terminal looks like a level from #Portal. I'm pretty sure I finished this one.
I have rearely flown into Dulles on such a nice day. Based on prior experience, I thought it snowed here ALL THE TIME.
RT @ShoutyMouse: You're hosting a show, someone is hosting you, or you're being implanted w/ a symbiotic parasite?? - YES. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
When your wardrobe includes this, it's probably gonna be a messy day.
I'm filming in OK this week! (...and I'm OK also.)
Was awoken at 2:15am by some idiot launching fireworks. Open the window to find an honest-to-goodness lightning storm. NATURE!!
Really cute baby hippo (I MEANT TO SAY CAT) blog.
I can hear @Jennernugen upstairs talking to her cat.
I... I think I just joined some sort of colorful martial arts gang. #PowerRangers @EdmontonExpo
I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!! #ScoobyDoo @EdmontonExpo
A miniature Spidey stopped by my booth at @EdmontonExpo to help fight crime!
Having dinner with @GarrettRWang and @dantebasco after @EdmontonExpo. What could possibly go wrong??
Went into hotel gift shop to get Visine. Came out with dark chocolate KitKat. #IWIN
Excited to see old friends (and the world's finest modelmakers) at the @ILMVFX Model Shop reunion/art auction to benefit Robbie Edwards.
YAAAAAR! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! #AvastYe
Last chance to own a piece of @ILMVFX #StarWars history! Art auction to benefit my dear friend Robbie.
And now I'm on a plane to New York! I'll be speaking at @ClarksonUniv tomorrow evening.
About to go LIVE on the 24-hour PC gaming celebration #GAME24 @NVIDIAGeForce
I'm beginning to suspect that @Disney's movie Big Hero 6 is actually about @grantimahara's teenage years.
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Spent the last few days touring a massive factory and played with an industrial robot arm. It's good to be back filming again.
Made it out after the Pérez signing to catch this great crew of people. Love these guys.
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All we have to do is take this "ring" to "Mordor". How hard could that be?
Hitting the road again for another great adventure. Tell you more about it soon!!
Beach day in a tuxedo for jesdru's Beach Prom birthday party.