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Grant Gustin
@itschuckjackson: @grantgust Inspiring the youth (and my son). Thank you.” this is great. He looks awesome.
About to tape The View!! Got my boys here with me. #TheFlash #TheView #SupermanILoveHim
So, guys. I'll be taping an episode of The View tomorrow that will air on Friday. Obviously, Friday is Halloween. I will be wearing a cape.
Loved the Superman reference in last nights Flash: "Statistically's still the safest way to travel." @CW_TheFlash @grantgust
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Time for another plane. #NYC
Super impressed with the amount of visual FXs on #TheFlash. So much cool stuff!
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Once again #TheFlash is awesome. So much good stuff in a hour!!
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West Coast, #TheFlash is up and running starting NOW.
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Alright west coast! 5 min until the most epic Flash episode thus far! #TheFlash #CaptainCold
He may have started as a hero, but Wentworth Miller gives GOOD villain #TheFlash
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@jujubee1818: Star Labs should really invest in some paperweights. @grantgust #TheFlash” fo real..
"Going Rogue" is on now East Coast!! Tune in to meet Captain Cold! #TheFlash
Watch The Flash tonight. It's a good one. ;)
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An all new @CW_TheFlash tonight at 8/7 central guest starring @EmilyBett and Captain Cold aka Wentworth Miller! #TheFlash
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From my weekend in LA. I was very tired but very happy. I promise.
Sorry Cowboys. #noimnot But for real..what a game. Glad I was home for that �#GoGiantss#theydidntplayy#idontcaree
@grantgust Wait wait wait, the guy who directed the Captain Cold episode is named Winter? That’s perfect.
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Director Glen Winter talking me & Wentworth through a shot from tomorrow's episode. #TheFlash #GoingRogue #CaptainCold #ILoveMyJob
.@grantgust I can only hope we get a Rogues prison break out of Iron Heights in a future episode
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Back at work with the pups.
First day playing with the cast. Picture me and @grantgust in superclothes in an elevator laughing at how strange and wonderful life is.
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Linda Park is coming to #TheFlash - Iris West better realize sweet and geeky is where it is at!…
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Super proud of The Flash team. Breaking records..
'The Flash' premiere sets CW record in final DVR ratings #TheFlash @CW_TheFlash
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Is anyone a private chef who is willing to work FOR FREE and provide the groceries for the rest of my life? DM me
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Ok so now our huge episode 4 does air TOMORROW. Not only that but #TheFlash premieres in the UK tomorrow night.…
Everything I said in that last tweet is true... Except there's no episode tomorrow. It's on Tuesday. I've been traveling.. I'm tired. 😴
This art is so dope. New episode tomorrow! It's my favorite in this first bunch. It's HUGE. Introducing Wentworth Miller(I'm a huge Prison Break fan so I was pretty pumped) as Captain Cold. It's also a really sweet and funny episode because of Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity. We stole her from Arrow
SO happy I got to see my best bud Joey in @DeafWest 's production of Spring Awakening last night. I was blown away by their powerful, honest, brave performances. It's a really special show. Directed by the one and only Michael Arden. The sweetest & most humble genius in the world. Go see this show b
@DeafWest: Honored to have @grantgust in the audience at @DeafAwakening last night.” I was blown away.. Thank you.
This just made my day. @dpanabaker just sent this to the cast and it fills my heart. Love this show & these people & the people that are enjoying it. #TheFlash
Feeling grateful.
Wrapped & home from work. On a plane in a few hrs to spend a couple days in LA. Gonna soak in some warm sun & hopefully get some sleep.
People tweeting at me about writing The Flash movie. Rumors are untrue. I'm writing on the show. :)
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CATCH UP with Ravenator before tonightttt!! #the100 CW9/8c S2 premiere 😁🚀�…paTJ @YouTubetube
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Happy birthday @jessetyler. Thanks for being so funny..