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Grant Gustin
Monday Memory. Painting mermaids with friends & family. Coloring them in with pencil is cool too.. @hannahdlaine @tylergust10 @kmoolah @tinahaney @mwchucks95
Dad was liking my last Instagram post in this picture. #hashtag
Full house this week. Finally enjoying the weekend with @tomgustin & @tylergust10. #jettlife
Friday in Central City.
Justice has a new face. Don't miss #TheFlash series premiere Tuesday, October 7 at 8/7c!
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@EdwardRomero23: @grantgust The Flash has been announced on Warner Channel Latin America!!⚡️ I’m very excited!!🙀” yay!!
@linzzmorgan: ...when you're soo excited abou TOMORROW's breakfast you try to go to sleeeep righ now. #nomnomnomonommmmm” ugh
@heroartist20: Quick sketch Grant Gustin aka The Flash and his dog.” awesome and hilarious. Happy national dog day.
Me and my roommates getting home from work early in the morn last week. #nationaldogday
Discover what makes a hero. #TheFlash series premieres Tuesday, October 7 at 8/7c on @CW_network!
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Everyone's asking! My book #EternalNight is available digitally worldwide today -- iBook, Kindle,…
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If you're in the LA area & able to adopt or foster, this very well-trained 2 yr old girl at @PHS_SPCA needs a home!
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"This year we're doing the show on a Monday night in August, which, if I understand television, means the #emmys are about to be canceled"
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@druidDUDE: That Robin Williams tribute was offensive. #VMA2014” truly. But I still cried.
@HannahDlaine: It's VMA DAY!!!! 🙀🙀🙀☺️☺️☺️👯🎶”gold. 💰
Done with social media for a while.
Look out Central City! @Greg_Finley signs on as villain Girder. #TheFlash premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c!
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@Greg_Finley: Glad to be back in @CW_network and @DCComics family…” welcome! Pumped about it, dude.
That's how much ice was in my ice bucket..
Can't understand why ppl are annoyed or upset by the #IceBucketChallenge It's for a good cause and raises awareness. Don't be a troll. Smile
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@grantgust I will be accepting the challenge but have to shoot it Friday cause of summer schedule. And ur in trouble when I see u next.
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ALSO, I nominated @druidDUDE, @chriscolfer, @kmoolah, @tylergus10, & @GBerlanti. Let's see those videos...
Here's a video of the torture. A link for the full video. Thanks @amelladventures & @leelarothenberg. @hrhchriscolfer @kevinmchale @tylergust10 @kmoolah @gberlanti YOU GUYS are up next! #Donate #ALS #alsicebucketchallenge #endalldiseases
Video to follow...
Oct 7. It shall begin. #iminthesuitrightnow #alwaysinthesuit #alwaysrunning #weredoingbigthings
Laughing with @candicekp. #theflash #hescominyall
We ate food and had drinks and it was nice. #theflash
52 days. #theflash
The ending to an incredibly long night/day. I sure hope everyone loves this show..
I may not make the time frame... but I'll respond.
I'd respond to @amellywood 's ice bucket challenge but I've been in the flash suit for 12 hrs and I don't think I'm getting out of it soon.
#FBF to the week before we started filming and I had a lot more hair..
This week may kill us. Hopefully not though.. hopefully not. Probably not. #somuchdrama #itsreallynotthatserious #imactuallyhavingalotoffun #areyoustillreadingthese? #imasleep #hashtag #selfie #hashtag
October 7th. #theflash
@HarryShumJr: Excited to share the NEW trailer for my next movie "Revenge Of The Green Dragons"” whaaaa??? Dope!
RIP Robin Williams.. So fucking horrible. I will always cherish so many performances..
@TheFlashPodcast ha! I think I was describing everyone trying to get a peak at Grant the first time he wore the Flash suit on set!
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