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Mignon Fogarty
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Saying "done my exams" instead of "done with my exams" is a regionalism. Here are the details:
When You Need Periods After Abbreviations
It's time to enroll for the Bee. Find out if your school is enrolled for the 2015 Scripps National #SpellingBee.
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@RSJNevada prof, @GrammarGirl, will have her own segment on @RenoPublicRadio's Beyond the Headlines. The show airs Fridays fr 2-3pm.
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RT @VocabularyCom A usage tip from our friend @GrammarGirl: Is It "Copyeditor" or "Copy Editor"?
National Punctuation Day will be here soon (Sept. 24) and the organizers are having an essay contest:
The University of Nevada, Reno, is hiring a corpus linguist! Get hired, and I will want to have coffee with you.
MT @VocabularyCom You need someone to "copyedit." Do you call a "copyeditor" or "copy editor"? @GrammarGirl explains
Merriam-Webster's @PeterSokolowski Explains How Dictionary Definitions Change Over Time
"Whoa" Versus "Woah" and a Quick Tip for Remembering the Correct Spelling:
Thanks for including me! RT @Scholastic 10 Twitter accounts for #WordNerds: #WordNerdWednesday
I just posted a Goodreads review of "The Happiness of Pursuit" by @chrisguillebeau…
Great Post: "The Things I'm Learning: Working With an Editor" via @kate_sparkes
. @GretchenAMcC shares a great explanation of WHY people mix up "I" and "me":
MT @StitcherRadio Listen to 433 Grammar Girl: Why People Mix Up the Pronouns "Me" and "I": (audio player)
15 Words You Didn't Realize Were Named After People via our friends at @VocabularyCom
Books don't agree on where to put the apostrophe in "dos and donts." Here's my recommendation. via @quickdirtytips
Ask a Writing Expert: Q&A with Grammar Girl via @Petersons
I was amazed to see a Grammar Girl shout-out in this month's Chicago Manual of Style Q&A! Thanks, @ChicagoManual.…
Merriam-Webster's @PeterSokolowski Explains How Dictionary Definitions Change Over Time via @quickdirtytips
IKEA makes fun of Apple in its hilarious new ad: via @TIME
16 Writing Tools & Apps Critical To My Happiness (And Paycheck)… via @nectafy
RT @Stitcher Listen to 432 GG When to Use a Comma Before 'Because' now, on Stitcher:
RT @VocabularyCom Is "Shined" or "Shone" the Past Tense of "Shine"? @GrammarGirl explains.
On September 23, Ragan is rerunning the writing webcast I did with @word_czar. Sign up to watch with your coworkers:…
Getting ready to interview @PeterSokolowski from @MerriamWebster for this week's Grammar Girl podcast. It will be a good one!
Three weeks from today: My tandem webcast with my friend Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. @GrammarGirl. Sign up here:…
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What’s your story? Photos taken today @ 2:30-5, The Joe on Nevada Campus. #DearWorldNevada
Made my day! RT @JHornungScherr: Students brushing up parts of speech knowledge using Grammar Pop app. #10DiffEnglish
I've already helped two people make sure the spelling is right for their Dear World message. 👍
Getting ready for the Dear World photo shoot at @Unr!
"Wreaked" Versus "Wrought"
Beer Goggles = Everyone looks more attractive. Writing Goggles = Everything looks as if it must be cleaned immediately. #amwriting
. @G_Faylor We have a few Grammar Girl T-shirts on Cafe Press: The different designs are listed on the left.
More coverage! RT @EditorMark Mignon @GrammarGirl Fogarty returns to the academy as a journalism professor:
15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters by @VocabularyCom
RT @rgj “Grammar Girl” joins UNR faculty as entrepreneur guru
You can also listen to the "Words That Aren't Words" audio right here via the @StitcherRadio player:
Words That Aren't Words… An excerpt from @ammonshea's fabulous new book, Bad English.
Can you do better than these schoolgirls' 4-line "Alphabet of Errors" poems?
It's back-to-school season! Kick off the year with tips from @GrammarGirl, @MightyMommy, & more: via @quickdirtytips
15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters by @VocabularyCom
. @quickdirtytips has created a neat back-to-school board on Pinterest:…
MT @Poynter We catch up with @GrammarGirl as she begins her job at UNR's Reynolds School of Journalism:…
My handy editing checklist is printable so you can keep it on your desk to use when you're editing.…