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graham coxon
@grahamcoxon Plz RT Alice Gross (14) from Hanwell, London has been missing for over 2 weeks now.#FindAlice
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Today we celebrate the birthing of.... @nabyl_farizi !
Too many children have been killed in this conflict #Gaza #Israel. It's time for the UN to act. Sign our petition >…
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people! go straight to Kickstarter here:…” do help out!
@ShirleyCMovie. A lady absolutely deserving of a movie if ever there was one… donate here…
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Good morning early birds! If we can reach 500 followers before Sunday, we've got some secrets we're dying to reveal - #ff us?
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Happy birthday, Nick.x
Roundhouse tickets are now on sale - get them here:…
On behalf of Wilko's family, a huge thank you for all the amazing love and support you've shown Wilko. Truly incredible #getwellsoonWilko
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our shiny new LP will be available on Record Store Day from the fantastic @RoughTrade
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Millions in Philippines need your help, please watch and retweet if you can! #Haiyan @oxfamgb
Are The Loudness Wars over? Nick Southall investigates iTunes Radio & the future of Dynamic Range Compression…
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Paul Weller with @grahamcoxon, Mani & Zak Starkey. "This Old Town" The Jonathan Ross Show. BBC TV. 2007.
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I am going soon so bye... This space will remain but run by official more responsible folk. X
Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H....
@KeyboardKhan: @grahamcoxon ... socks and sandles.”woooop
“@pleaseplaycreep: @grahamcoxon what does your heart necklace mean?!?!?!?!?!”I went to Spain..
@charlottebrophy: @grahamcoxon But where's the rainbow?!” There you are.x
Weathers perfect... Sun AND rain...
Ahhh... Hello Dublin, I've missed you!
I'm in an asylum on wheels!
@grahamcoxon Hi Gra, can you move this on, wouldn't normally ask but its quite urgent. Ta @donate4chris
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@the_watch_trick: @grahamcoxon grey yum are long wondrous legs more important than charisma? ?” I say no..
Smile is important.
Well you know...when i say pass... I mean imagination...
Ok....I am going now... See you in the real world if you have a pass..
@lpalms: @grahamcoxon Do you believe in Yeezus?” How do you mean?
@a33or45: @grahamcoxon - easy on the gas pedal preachy peach.”c
@AnDyHiLl909: @grahamcoxon What's your favourite colour of cheese?” Off yellow blue
Oh and temperature.....twitter is really getting on my sergeants.
It was a comment about uk..
Th east coast is cooler and the televisions jutter and get embarrassed
@ofmedway: @grahamcoxon what kind of hat is best in the sun shine ?” Wet hat.
“@pleaseplaycreep: It wasn't my blog. I don't have a blog. It was set up for me and I put a few tho has on it . That's all
“@NatturlyKovax: @grahamcoxon For those of you lamenting the tumblr deletion, go outside and climb a fucking tree.” Hahaha
for those lamenting the tumblr deletion have a look at tinhat on instagram.
@caroline_hailey: @grahamcoxon r u ever going to tell us why u deleted ur tumblr?” It's dull.
By arguments on the street I mean arguments in the street...
Nice day. Well sounds like one. arguments on the street and horns going crying and squatters shitting in the square..must get up.
Yes it is a difficult watch...but that's a good thing...and it's long...that's a good thing...
Come and see is the best film ever made...your opinion counts too.
These people here, not 'wire these people here?'. That was @WirelessFest. Thanks for having me.x
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Oh I am well thanks... King c is on. Inconvenient music produced via a disgracefully convenient piece of aparat