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Grace Helbig
Live streaming for #gracesguide!
Less than an hour until the #GracesGuide livestream on GET READY!
DON'T FORGET TO TUNE INTO THE #gracesguide LIVESTREAM AT 7PM ET! cc: @michelleakin21 @myharto
Look! Here's a nice interview I did earlier with @DanKloefflerABC at @ABC #GracesGuide
#Repost from @huffpostteen That time @gracehelbig took a selfie of epic proportions with her new book right before she went on @huffpostlive. #gracesguide
Criticizing my baes outfit at @buzzfeed. Thanks for a great interview @samimain! #gracesguide
Tonight I'll be interviewing @gracehelbig for her livestream at the @YouTube Space in NY! Got Qs? Anything (read: nothing) goes!
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Don't forget I'm live streaming the book launch party from the NYC @YouTube space from 7-8pm ET! #GracesGuide
.@MichellePhan congrats to you too lady! I gotta learn your eyeliner game!
Hey @BarackObama, do Sasha and Malia want copies of #GracesGuide? DM me.
Reading #GracesGuide at the moment. I can't believe Grace was manipulated into fighting a real war against the buggers whole time.
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Reading #GracesGuide at the moment. I can't believe she beheaded Ned Stark at the end of part one.
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Reading #GracesGuide at the moment. I can't believe Mr. Ramsay finally took his kids to the Lighthouse.
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It's #gracesguide book launch day! I'm clutching this red bull with my ET claw on account of feelings and a desperate need for caffeine! Did you get your copy yet!?
Tomorrow at 4PM ET I’ll be chatting about my book with @iBooks. Questions? Send them to #GracesGuide Make em count! Or don't!
IT'S OFFICIALLY #GracesGuide BOOK RELEASE DAY! Think we could get #GracesGuide trending for sh*ts and g*ggles?! #GracesGuide
Thank you, sweetest humans, for a great signing session at @bookendsNJ tonight. This boy takes MVP with a 'gasp face' to trump all gasp faces. I take the trophy for most lifelike robot attempting to hug.
Thanks for coming to the @BookendsNJ signing, humans! If you weren't able to make it they have some extra signed copies! #GracesGuide
Mom's here for the book signing! Everyone compliment her hair! #gracesguide
YouTube star @gracehelbig will be here tomorrow! She'll tell us all about her new book "Grace's Guide"
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Almost all the way done unpacking so I can finally read this! Thanks so much @gracehelbig this is like…
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Throw back to two effortless style icons in Austin for #HeyUSA. Watch full eps at
I'm doing a #GracesGuide signing at @BookendsNJ in Ridgewood, NJ at 6pm! Will your person be there?
THE FRANK CALL CHALLENGE W/ KickThePJ // Grace Helbig: via @YouTube
Good morning. I am ready for the day.
A brand new #NotTooDeep will be up soon! In the meantime, did you check out SaturDIARY? DO IT (please)…
Blake Lively is pregnant and says she craves organic hand-churned pumpkin flavored ice cream. My tubes just tied themselves.
Pssst...I'll be livestreaming the #gracesguide launch party this Tuesday...
Thank you, wonderful weirds, for coming to the first #GracesGuide signing! I also just saw a French bulldog. COULD THIS DAY GET BETTER!?
The first #GracesGuide book event is today at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe (126 Crosby St) from 1-3pm! Bring yourself!
My editor sent me a very special gift!
Wowza @gracehelbig has already sold 800 #idontknow sweatshirts! Selling even quicker than the pocket tees!
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SarturDIARY: SECRETS // Grace Helbig: via @YouTube
SaturDIARY is
Mostly I spend my mornings imagining that head shaving scene in V for Vendetta but subbing out Natalie Portman for Chris Kirkpatrick.
New limited edition "I don't know" sweatshirts available! So cute and gender neutral! Link in bio!
Calling it quits on the @reddit_AMA now! Thanks for being lovely weirdos.
Starting my @reddit_AMA in 7 minutes! #ok
YOU GUYS: YouTube star @gracehelbig is coming to! Have Qs for her? Tweet them to #CosmoGrace & she'll answer on video
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Headed to do some #gracesguide interviews. This is my game face. This is also my face if I watch a magician do magic for too long. AND HEADS UP: I'm doing a reddit AMA at 530pm EST TODAY! Get your buttocks ready.
Here's the kewl Friday thing! LIMITED EDITION 'i don't know' SWEATSHIRTS! Get $5 off if u order in the first 48 hrs
Go behind the book of #GracesGuide! My editor, @lspiegs (who hates being on cam + is great), gives the INSIDE SCOOP: