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Grace Helbig
I love this thumbnail too much. Watch/listen to the podcast!
My most favorite episode of the Not Too Deep podcast will be live in a few hours. Let's just say @mmitchelldaviss was NOT comfortable.
Pre-order your copy of #GracesGuide for your chance to #WIN a personalized video from @gracehelbig!
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THANK U for the wonderful words today! I have no phone & hardly any internet- I swear I'm not being passive. I'm just being offline. I KNOW.
Just finished editing FriDIARY! Exporting now! Here's a sneak peek! #!
Just watched a group of strangers meet up for an early morning jog. I woke up early to eat cookies. FriDIARY will be up this afternoon!
About to get on an 8 hour flight without wifi. None of the French bulldogs are allowed to Instagram until I land, please.
#tbt Tim (@raginbotanist) and I have clearly always loved impersonators.
Have you seen my Back to School makeup tutorial? It'll help you get straight A(hhhh)'s!
Have you had a chance to check out my Back to School Makeup Tutorial? It's as informative as it is beautiful.…
Happy Birthday Barbara Walters and T.I.! Did you call each other to share your reflections on the past year yet?!
BACK TO SCHOOL MAKEUP TUTORIAL // Grace Helbig: via @YouTube
New makeup tutorial will be up on #itsGrace in a couple hours! Rock n roll etc.
My friend Ana didn't really want Indian food tonight. Turns out, my Ana kinda don't want naan. #NickiMinaj
"I LOVE OUR F*CKING GENERATION!!!!" -@chestersee listening to "Backstreet's Back"
What did the gift say after meditating? I'm feeling really present. #BYE
Cute new low: re-watched an ep of Real Housewives only to avoid hearing the sound of myself sloping cold fried rice into my person.
SO MANY EMOTIONS #Repost from @chestersee Chester knows it's @mametown 's birthday @tyleroakley @gracehelbig @swike_ @joselynhughes #happybirthday #chesternose
Well, I didn't NOT make myself an alpaca pillowcase after experiencing their ridiculous faces in real life for the first time on #HeyUSA this summer.
Idea: crime series about a sexy pick pocketer named "Hot Pockets." You can get her heated up but she's still cold on the inside. TBS?
Listen to the FULL #NotTooDeep podcast with @chestersee! It's moderately informative! #iTunes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sassiest, gassiest, DAT ASS(IEST) lady in town, @mametown! One time I watched you eat lasagna off the floor. YOU RULE.
NOT TOO DEEP with CHESTER SEE // itsGrace: via @YouTube
You know what they say: broccoli before bed...IS A TERRIBLE IDEA WHY DID YOU DO THAT, SPECIFICALLY GRACE?!
Okay guys! I'm calling it! Thanks for a fun #askGrace/spam session! You guys are beautiful weirdos.
zztop RT @Kunkel @gracehelbig #AskGrace play Zip Zap Zop with me! Please?
any distractional noise while sh*tting RT @siaftlawrences @gracehelbig favourite noise #askgrace
bagel bites RT @girlracerA @gracehelbig what's your favorite type of yogurt? #AskGrace
3 o'clock RT @woodenhorsefor2 @gracehelbig if you could time travel, where would you go?
ever think 98 degrees had the voice of angles #howdidigethere RT @fuck_delrey @gracehelbig you are an angel
partially neck, partially skull mostly skin RT @someonerelavent @gracehelbig how do you face #AskGrace
an animal that eats trash in the middle of the night & wears a mask? SIGN ME UP RT @ayy_william @gracehelbig how do u feel about raccoons?
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL RT @payday1234 @HelbigsCookie @HelbigsCookie @gracehelbig lol she's never gonna notice me
IN THIS RECESSION!? RT @graceandhelbig @gracehelbig i ran out of questions i think
the period right after dinner with the TV RT @helbooty @gracehelbig Favorite class in high school? #askgrace
It's on all of us to stop sexual assault. I took the pledge to be part of the solution and you can too at #ItsOnUs
it annoys me slightly to a lot less than racism RT @BreannaCarollo @gracehelbig how much does hot tea/coffee going cold annoy you? #AskGrace
id leave every1 WAY too positive notes RT @teenblainegel @gracehelbig if u had the power 2 turn invisible, who would u spy on 1st? #askgrace
i will if you make sure the kangaroos don't FREAK OUT RT @tarajanice @gracehelbig #AskGrace are you ever going to come to Australia?
time passing RT @autumnnnnrose @gracehelbig #AskGrace what should i watch on netflix
dry cardboard & confetti cake RT @Isadoraa_Melo @gracehelbig what do u smell like? I feel like u smell like deodorant & toothpaste #askgrace
hope RT @bostonscookie @gracehelbig favorite form of transportation? #AskGrace