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Grace Helbig
Cute new low: re-watched an ep of Real Housewives only to avoid hearing the sound of myself sloping cold fried rice into my person.
SO MANY EMOTIONS #Repost from @chestersee Chester knows it's @mametown 's birthday @tyleroakley @gracehelbig @swike_ @joselynhughes #happybirthday #chesternose
Well, I didn't NOT make myself an alpaca pillowcase after experiencing their ridiculous faces in real life for the first time on #HeyUSA this summer.
Idea: crime series about a sexy pick pocketer named "Hot Pockets." You can get her heated up but she's still cold on the inside. TBS?
Listen to the FULL #NotTooDeep podcast with @chestersee! It's moderately informative! #iTunes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sassiest, gassiest, DAT ASS(IEST) lady in town, @mametown! One time I watched you eat lasagna off the floor. YOU RULE.
NOT TOO DEEP with CHESTER SEE // itsGrace: via @YouTube
You know what they say: broccoli before bed...IS A TERRIBLE IDEA WHY DID YOU DO THAT, SPECIFICALLY GRACE?!
Okay guys! I'm calling it! Thanks for a fun #askGrace/spam session! You guys are beautiful weirdos.
zztop RT @Kunkel @gracehelbig #AskGrace play Zip Zap Zop with me! Please?
any distractional noise while sh*tting RT @siaftlawrences @gracehelbig favourite noise #askgrace
bagel bites RT @girlracerA @gracehelbig what's your favorite type of yogurt? #AskGrace
3 o'clock RT @woodenhorsefor2 @gracehelbig if you could time travel, where would you go?
ever think 98 degrees had the voice of angles #howdidigethere RT @fuck_delrey @gracehelbig you are an angel
partially neck, partially skull mostly skin RT @someonerelavent @gracehelbig how do you face #AskGrace
an animal that eats trash in the middle of the night & wears a mask? SIGN ME UP RT @ayy_william @gracehelbig how do u feel about raccoons?
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL RT @payday1234 @HelbigsCookie @HelbigsCookie @gracehelbig lol she's never gonna notice me
IN THIS RECESSION!? RT @graceandhelbig @gracehelbig i ran out of questions i think
the period right after dinner with the TV RT @helbooty @gracehelbig Favorite class in high school? #askgrace
It's on all of us to stop sexual assault. I took the pledge to be part of the solution and you can too at #ItsOnUs
it annoys me slightly to a lot less than racism RT @BreannaCarollo @gracehelbig how much does hot tea/coffee going cold annoy you? #AskGrace
id leave every1 WAY too positive notes RT @teenblainegel @gracehelbig if u had the power 2 turn invisible, who would u spy on 1st? #askgrace
i will if you make sure the kangaroos don't FREAK OUT RT @tarajanice @gracehelbig #AskGrace are you ever going to come to Australia?
time passing RT @autumnnnnrose @gracehelbig #AskGrace what should i watch on netflix
dry cardboard & confetti cake RT @Isadoraa_Melo @gracehelbig what do u smell like? I feel like u smell like deodorant & toothpaste #askgrace
hope RT @bostonscookie @gracehelbig favorite form of transportation? #AskGrace
excellent use of commercials/mulch RT @_yendys__ @gracehelbig #AskGrace thoughts on Lowes??
u r a god among human feces #gracesguide RT @jackievf @gracehelbig are you excited for your book to come out? (I pre-ordered btw!) #AskGrace
how ISN'T she (she's thriving on an emotional and spiritual level) RT @Sophieee_b @gracehelbig how's goose? #AskGrace
hot pockets RT @HelbigDealer @gracehelbig what TV show are you currently obsessed with? #AskGrace
cold, leftover fried rice RT @sac12389 @gracehelbig if you could interview any celebrity who would it be?
they both aren't ready for each others jelly RT @gildasusername @gracehelbig #askgrace is it true that beanz and goose are a thing
get closer to death/prolly carrot cake at some point RT @LYS__M @gracehelbig plans for your birthday? #AskGrace
ask them about Hansen RT @Jackief217 @gracehelbig how do you friend #AskGrace
down the only road I've ever known. #backtoLA #iknowotherroads #rockyroad #etc RT @iluunamoller @gracehelbig where are you going?
On a plane. Instead of wondering who's farting, let's do an #AskGrace Q&A! It's okay if you don't want to. Sorry in advance for the spam!
The public response gives me hope. Here's hoping that brands, conventions and management (@CollectiveDS) also hold @sampepper accountable.
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ONE MONTH UNTIL GRACE'S GUIDE COMES OUT!!!! Pre-order and enter the Grace's Guide contest! Over 600 prizes!
Last night I saw Rock of Ages in overly ripped jeans. My New Jersey was all kinds of hanging out.
SaturDIARY: Back to the WHITE HOUSE // itsGrace: via @YouTube
Progress is happening. Slow, slow progress. #itsGrace
New vid will be live on #itsGrace in a few hours! This train's wifi restricts access to YouTube. HOW RUDE. #2ndfullhousereferencein24hours
Current mood: snacks on a train.
Weirdly, spent another day in the bowling alley under the White House. BUT not only that, I got to attend an event in the White House launching a new campaign called ItsOnUs(.org) that promotes the prevention of sexual assault. I listened to sexual assault victims, Joe Biden AND Barack Obama speak o
I've had a long day today! FriDIARY will be turning into SaturDIARY on #itsGrace. How are you? WELL PIN A F*CKING ROSE ON YOUR NOSE.