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Grace Helbig
HEADS UP BROOKLYN! First come first serve seats at the bell house!! Then there is only standing/dancing room for booties.
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Back to Brooklyn for the #NoFilterShow! This one's gonna be real good like. Also, #gracesguide.
Thanks for a great signing session, Naperville and the lovely humans at @andersonsbookshop! Your bathroom has excellent signage. #gracesguide
If you hate reading but love being read to download the audio version of #GracesGuide here: @SimonAudio @audible_com
Coming for you, Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville! My voice is going so I sound like a real sophisticated chain smoker. Get ready! #gracesguide
#fbf just a gaggle of idiots in P-town during #HeyUSA. (Cc: @mametown @buckhollywood) Watch the full episodes at! @thescene
I dropped a bobby pin into a toilet by accident this morning. That's my equivalent of pouring one out for my homies.
Chicago! I'm about to be on WGN-RADIO 720 AM! Tune in! Or don't! #GracesGuide
Have you watched my latest video? It's about types of people on planes. Very informative.… #itsGrace
I've entered a new phase of life where I go to great lengths to get chicken noodle soup. How do I apply for Girls Gone Wild?
#tbt 8th grade Latin club. Proof that I've tortured myself with bangs for decades.
Expanding my energy drink horizons. See you soon Chicago! The #NoFilterShow kicks off TONIGHT! #gracesguide
Our hotel has a 'hotel dog' in the lobby. Other than that, thank you for a great #gracesguide signing tonight, Boston!
Ready to sign your #gracesguide books, Boston, whether you want me to or not! We're getting ourselves pumped in a back room full of condiments! (Cc: @lspiegs @raginbotanist)
#GracesGuide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up is now available on iBooks.
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Alright that's it for the #GracesGuide @iBooks chat! Thx for ur questions, lovelies! & thx @iBooks for being the coolest faceless moderator!
.@iBooks @nobbledwarf alt title: "You're Going to be Sad for a Little Bit Then Things Will Get Better, Skip Being a Vegetarian" #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @nobbledwarf most of the catalyst for writing #GracesGuide came from wanting to create a book my teenage self would have loved...
.@iBooks @hellabighart Harold and the Purple Crayon - he's a real monochromatic landscape prodigy #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @DannaIsFunSized there's a cute snack called "pressure" that's a little aggressive on your bowels but very motivating #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @kara_sander manny the french bulldog. look him up on instagram. very eloquent. #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @georgixx1 I have some ideas swirling - two words for you: tacos & scandal #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @fartosmellbig I'd sit outside & listen to 'Let it Go' on repeat until the unending side-eye from my dog got to me #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @helbiggie stretching the 'writing muscle' again. oh! and the constant stream of panic attacks at the very end #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @helbiggg writing the personal stories about breakups & anxiety was tough but really rewarding - like a pregnancy #GracesGuide
.@iBooks @lanahelbig I had a great time shooting the photo wrapped in a blanket rolling on the floor like a human taco #GracesGuide
.@iBooks yes. now i put eggs and mashed potatoes INSIDE of other foods. foods in foods is very 'in' for now 2014 #GracesGuide
.@iBooks just about the exact same thing that we do on camera, except we make more eye contact with each other off camera #GracesGuide
.@iBooks it was an organic closing line to the first video I made on #itsGrace and it felt honest so it stayed #GracesGuide
.@iBooks I get the idea of wanting an older female influence. i by NO MEANS have my 'role model' sh*t together, but I'm trying SMILEY FACE
.@iBooks when I was younger I used to pray to whatever the f controlled the universe that I'd wake up & my older brother would be a sister..
.@iBooks I started to get feedback from the younger female youtube demo referring to me as the older sister they never had...
.@iBooks I like to think I'm not the only one out there that has no idea what I'm doing as an adult, so I'm sharing my personal "life hacks"
.@iBooks I just had chicken noodle soup and tea. Like a real (old) lady. #GracesGuide
About to start my #GracesGuide @iBooks chat! Just me & this chandelier & my editor, @lspiegs staring at something.
I'm staying at a hotel w/ a 'hotel dog' that guests can walk & pet. Which is 1. adorable and 2. proof that the gov't can access my dreams.
Today I’m chatting with @iBooks about the book because books! Join us at 4 PM ET! #GracesGuide
Some #gracesguide BTS from hair goddess @wendyjdiaz #repost @wendyjdiaz: THROWBACK TUESDAY : behind the scene of @gracehelbig Multitasking writing her book & getting touched up for the shoot of her book.(MUA: @bella_venom ) THE BOOK IS OUT NOW THE LINK IS IN MY BIO OR
TYPES OF PEOPLE ON PLANES // Grace Helbig: via @YouTube
Same pic diff day. Coming for you, Boston. I'm doing a signing at Trident Booksellers at 630 ET tonight! (338 Newbury Street) Bring your good vibrations. #gracesguide