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Grace Helbig
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Alicia Silverstone released a parenting book. If the section about changing diapers isn't called "Ass If" I won't buy it.
Yesterdays video is unavailable for a lot of you - I'm trying to fix it. So far slamming my head on the keyboard hasn't worked. #itsGrace
NEW VIDEO: How To Pull An All Nighter - You will find this very informative. #itsGrace…
Just saw a guy on a motorcycle wearing Uggs. I believe I'm experiencing "true love."
NEW VIDEO: Reviewing Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" Music Video. You guys made me do this.… #itsGrace
iiiiiiiiiiit's uploading .... #itsGrace
How do YOU like it, Goose, when someone watches you eat?
Good morning! #itsGrace is going up at 10am PST today. Sorry y'all, my dad's in town and we got drunk last night. #family
I don't call them sweatpants I call them sweettents.
In 8th grade a guy I dated cross-stitched "Rage Against the Machine" into a pillow for his Home Ec final. Miss that guy.
If @tyleroakley woke up as me, here's what I think he'd say. NEW TALK BACK TUESDAY. #itsGrace…
If I was an American Gladiator my name would be Shit Storm. #itsGrace…
I thought about this a lot today.
Why yes I am sitting in a parking lot before a meeting eating a salad and liking photos of dogs on instagram. Get on my level. But not my parking level because I really want to be alone right now.
New #itsGrace will be live closer to 930/10 am PST! YAAAAAS SELF YAAAAAS.
I guarantee my mops has been saving this text for months. Happy chocolate, original tunic-ed hipster day!
"On the third day Jesus consciously uncoupled the Earth." - Super New Testament
Happy birthday, @edwardhansen! (cc: @mametown)
Getting sad thinking about a woman who loves baking walking into The Icing and being really disappointed.
Thinking more & more about my stripper name & am srsly torn between "cold noodles" & "dirt sponge."
Got my @olanrogers merch! New favorite shirt!