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Gordon Ramsay
After todays news of the paralysed man walking again I have written this. Lives will change. Please read. Thank you.
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In case you’re wondering, the first #GR100 challenge is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles of cycling & a 13.1 mile run. Easy!
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Butter Chicken Curry with fried chickpea rice @planefood perfect ahead of another flight wish I could find curry like this in LA
@USAcharitycycle: Gordon - The Etape for the #TDF2015 is out for 19th July, fancy the ride? I'll race you! @GordonRamsay”lets go
How fit are you? Think you can keep up with me and the #GR100 team in a half @ironmanuk race next year? See for info
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@cosmeticcurious:told my bf that MasterChef Junior was back soon, he said must be alien kids! Kids can’t cook that well!” How wrong is he!
@RachelPovee: your posts from the last 24hrs have been spectacular especially your delicious dishes! #mymouthiswatering #lovingallofit”thx
Here she is !!!!!! The finished product! Enjoy ! Gx
Next up Lamb Wellington x 600 that's a lot of Wool mind you its freezing
@unionstreetcafe: Seabass Crudo, pickled beetroots & salsa verde perfect for Lunch stunning
Bloody brilliant Thx a credit to Norway all of you Gx
Finishing of with some incredible local sea buckthorn berries & local yoghurt sorbet wow what a place
Delicious local Cod @ TO ROM OG KJOKKEN everything is so fresh and well balanced
Fantastic food @ TO ROM OG KJOKKEN Thx Roar
Good luck on Sunday guys
Freezing my nuts off !!!!
Norway bound ! #Trondheim here we come Gx
@TCSezerCDeniz: Happy International Chefs Day!!! #chef #international #cheers” does that mean its a public holiday ! Day of for chefs
@Ash010: Is it true that Tilly is going to be hosting her own cooking show? She's the cutest! x” correct watch out she's crazy TillyWood!
@AmandasPlate: @GordonRamsay what's your favorite restaurant in LA? 😊” Petty Cash & Ink
@IamWabakii: Why not make a MasterChef Mexico, @GordonRamsay?” Maybe !
@Arselona: @GordonRamsay Thanks for follow chef. #bollockstobisto”haha I remember that gravy it filled up the car park !
@DarcieLawrence3: Looking forward to new season @MasterChefJrFOX airs in 2 weeks it's fantastic the kids are so passionate healthy to see
@Midazon: @GordonRamsay Exciting to have you in Trondheim!! You are a great inspiration for me as a trainee” looking forward to it
@PilotBoyGD: From this for breakfast to Bread street kitchen. Quite a day. Nice to see the man there himself too.
@ForwardMunch: Awesome #padthai ur Great Escape SthEast Asia book is soooo good!! #homemade #done well done
It's that time of day ! Beer O'clock
Tilly's soulmate Rumpole
@Tryan81: @GordonRamsay you ever run a tough mudder?” Love them that's a cray race
@HorspoolFarm: Found this on Facebook courtesy of Gem 106. Your so loved,people even take pics of your back ha!
@0192am: @GordonRamsay classic” at least he asked first ! Not like his father
@Queen_champ: @GordonRamsay served at 6pm don't be late 😉” 6 that's way to early I'm not 90
@zupersterk: @GordonRamsay who's making the food you showcase before challenges on masterchef?” ME !
@dunkelbeth32: @GordonRamsay my husband doesn't think I can get a shout out from u.It's our 7 yr Anniversary today..congrats lucky no 7 Gx
@Queen_champ: @GordonRamsay it's spag Bol tonight, fancy joining us ? 😋” yes please ! Love Spag Bol
@TrotlineDesigns: Pre-order a homemade buttermilk or pecan pie for your Holiday meal. I make them for $10 Toni” fyi I can cook you know
@rikerlicious: @GordonRamsay what's your speciality?” Staying alive under intense pressure yours ?
@LadySnorkMaiden:I have to say that the Polish MasterChef's with you was brilliant ;) Thank you for coming to Poland that was an honour”Thx