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Gordon Ramsay
@SarahPrayogi: do you know what kind of the strawberry is this? A Vegas Strawberry
@SarahPrayogi: Dearest GR, the best Chef in the world. I'm about to give you a challenge! haha wow :D
@CarrWatches: Today's meeting place to visit a client #York&albany #lange #carr #carrdiamonds stunning
@jezlloyd: Apart from #MOTD and the news, GR Kitchen Nightmares is my fave programme - which says a lot about my opinion of current UK tv”
@SianTilley: 😆😆😆 does anyone like him anymor@GordonRamsays@C4Goggleboxb#GoggleBoxB#NoNeedForThatLanguageage” hilarious
@paolotime: Tonight's owner on Nightmares is actually John Bishop in disguise! @JohnBishop100 funny
@sambartle123: a drawing i did for you Gordon ,The reason i started my career as a chef is because of you thx Sam
@goinondownair: YOU ARE THE MAN! please go back to TV that's more real. Like Behind Bars! Or Gordon's Great Escape!”loved behind Bars
@philbe29: @Channel4 Good job you turned up Gordon or this is what Tim would look like now! #CostaDelNightmares
@Scott_Bootland: @GordonRamsay le deck, run by le dick!” Scott
@rioferdy5: How many empty seats are there at the city vs Roma game by the way....big CL game & fans would rather Ramsays Kitchen at home🙈”
Almost time for episode 2 of #CostaDelNightmares @Channel4. This one is unbelievable! #LeDeck #KitchenNightmares
@FreeviewTV: .@GordonRamsay offers some conseil to French-based Tim and Debbie in #CostaDelNightmares on @Channel 4 at 9pm”
@jooles707: @GordonRamsay 60 minutes until the televisual feast of #CostaDelNightmares loving all new #nightmares” tonight's a tough one
@richardjohnsonx: Had to happen. Ramsay 'does' street to put street food indoors continues. Delicious pork fit for a Restaurant
@richardjohnsonx: Had to happen. Ramsay 'does' street food drive to put street food indoors continues.… @BusanBBQ
@claramolden: Big love of the day goes to @GordonRamsay being so fantastic on a technically tricky photo shoot. Made my Tuesday.thx Clara
@jamiereeve: very patient with all the kids wanting selfies at today's school swimming gala. There as a parent not a VIP so good on him.”
@Sarahburelli: @GordonRamsay just seen you in Bread Strret...a missed photo opportunity me thinks” come into the kitchen Gx
@operationollie1: #olliesheroes are cycling 350miles from lands end-lichfield to help get Ollie walking! Good luck
@pistolPG: Birthday dinner booked for @BSKHongKong @GordonRamsay”great news have fun
@TMZ: Those #KitchenNightmares stars are at it again...” I guess it's my fault again !
@chloeroseadams: @GordonRamsay thank you for wishing us luck and having a picture with us”great swim well done
NYC home cooks!! Think you’re the next #MasterChef ? Show us what you’ve got this Saturday!! Go to for more details
Miami home cooks!! Think you’re the next #MasterChef ? Show us what you’ve got this Saturday!! Go to for more details
@mitchfld: Great meal at GR Steak @ParisVegas to celebrate my 30th birthday #perfection thank you”happy 30 th g
@KathleenCanada: @ldblake delicious apple pie today. only his 2nd time making a pie he did pretty good!brilliant
@LeelyVictorya: @sebroche how can @sebroche have the same face @GordonRamsay my God ..” Twins !!!!!
@myganache: I 💜@GordonRamsayy!!#Vegass#pubb&”have fun I'm there next Monday can't wait Gx
Shine bright like a diamond ! Tilly messing around @mazegrill
@GregEsq: @aaronscandy @AnxietyUnited Perfectionists like Chef sweat the small stuff. Hence, anxiety.” 10 small things make 1 big one !
@aaronscandy: @AnxietyUnited You have anxiety? Aww You seem so confident.” We've all experienced it ! How to park it is the most difficult
@weetom1105: @AnxietyUnited gordon you might think its unhealthy but frozen is all we can afford in glasgow.”that's how I grew up !
@AnxietyUnited: This might annoy him by announcing it, hope not, love your work
@sophiecallander: I can't explain how amazing the #hellskitchen burger is. Please open a BurGR in the UK one day
@cynmack: Sammy & Amy.still at it. Threatens to Kill Restaurant Patron ... WITH A KNIFE… via @TMZ”Disgusting
@jennifercassada: Even better ad at Caesars...the excitement is building & I can't wait! @CaesarsAC I can't wait
@AustinGemjeter: @GordonRamsay I love a Scottish man that drives fast” Bond ! James Bond ha Gx
Catch me if you can I feel the need for Speed !!!!
@Ms_Keri: @GordonRamsay Hello Gordon! Do you have any plans to open a restaurant in Boston?” Currently looking LOVE BOSTON
@OneEyeSquint: @GordonRamsay should pay these guys a visit... #lazymoes #melbourne” wow ! That's before you eat