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Gordon Ramsay
@THR: Exclusive @HellsKitchenFOX first look: @GordonRamsay gets sinful in red-hot season 13 poster #HellsKitchen
@gazwilliamson: @GordonRamsay is there ever gonna be a new series of UK nightmares?” Oh yes starts end of sept can't wait
@E_Stayblack: This dish was inspired by my culinary hero @GordonRamsay #herbcrustedlamb ! !”looks great Easton
What's on the menu in #hellskitchen? Find out in this exclusive Season 13 teaser!
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@kiisfmbrazil: @GordonRamsay best show🙌” c u soon Brazil kiisfmbrazil Gx
@TheGaryo: I can't sleep so I'm just gonna watch @GordonRamsay on YouTube!” Happy Nightmares
@stevewalsh2009: @renata_capucci jean-Claude breton looking a little greyer than 5/6 years ago but dapper as ever” very dapper
@crackindish: Most people go to Vegas to gamble or see the lights.I am going to eat at one of your restaurants!” Vegas is amazing for food
@CarrieLynn35: 1 1/2 minutes on each side for steak. Best @GordonRamsay advice. Now my fiance will eat my cooking!” Husband soon Well done
@Giunone70: @GordonRamsay who is this fit boy? If you know tell him I want to meet him!!!” it's jack Ramsay
@renata_capucci: Recognise this kitchen, Chef @GordonRamsay ?” Home Sweet Home ! Glad you had fun
@Kimbroolay: Just had a birthday meal at Maze @GordonRamsay and was invited to sit at the chefs table for the evening. Amazing experience
@zlangmead: . Made your roasted chicken this evening. Great for watching football!” Nice one what was the score !
@miss_rave: In need of a hug from @GordonRamsay” a big hug to you and all in Houston Gx
@timiblaskovics: @GordonRamsay I guess I should learn to cook for you follow haha” CORRECT ! Ha
@MelindaSharp36: my lil chef Raven says hi :-)” big kiss back gorgeous MasterChef Jr is waiting for you
@ScottBrooks93: Food at @GordonRamsay restaurant tonight was the nuts #breadstreet” nice one Scott
@viktorkral: just tried the recipe for the Homemade Gnochi It was delicious yet so simple to make, well done
@KingJamesArthur: Watching latest #MasterChef I really like your suit bro!! Man where can get it?! #NoJoke” I borrowed it !
That moment when @GordonRamsay realized just how bad the Four Season Inn's food was. #hotelhell
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@wendynicoleg: Celebrating our honeymoon @ Restaurant Gordon Ramsay! Best meal I've ever had! Well done”congrats
"Revenge is a dish best eaten cold!!!" - dad nothing gets past me GOT YA 😏😏😋😋 NO SNOOZING ON MY WATCH😴😴😴😴👎 by chef Tilly @tillyramsay01
.....something needs to happen 💤💤🙊🙊 PAYBACK time by @tillyramsay01
@simothejonesie: @PlaneFood @LHR just love the food just before exciting flight to @Rome thx with my best pall no1