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#WebmasterTips Help search engines and screen readers understand images on your site:
#WebmasterNews We are taking action today on one European and one German linking network. More details here:…
#WebmasterTips If your data is missing or out of date, verify other URL versions:
HTTPS is now a lightweight ranking signal: Secure those sites! #WebmasterNews
又到了我們和網站管理員的Hangout時間啦。對SEO感興趣的網站管理員們,我們7月30日見:…. See you at our Mandarin webmasters office hours!
You can have Webmaster Tools messages sent directly to your email. Learn how: #WebmasterTips
School's out for the summer but we're always learning at Google. We've got a new #WebmasterTips series for you soon!
Big updates to our robots.txt testing tool. Try it firsthand: Read more about the updates:
We'll now inform you in search results when we detect pages that may not work on your devices:
Now in Webmaster Tools: A new Language Targeting feature to help identify rel-alternate-hreflang errors.…
A few members of our team recently volunteered at a community garden as part of GoogleServe. Googlebot "helped."
Rejoignez-nous cet après-midi pour un Hangout on Air en français! Join us today for a webmasters hangout in French:…
Check out some tips we shared at a recent training program to help you optimize your presence in search results:
Here's our presentation fresh from Google I/O about mobile sites, international sites, & monitoring sites for spam:…
Learn how to implement HTTPS on your sites and learn how to give us the right indexing signals when you get secure:…
Our hangout link for those who want to add it to their calendars:…
We're doing a hangout on Monday to cover the same topics, so no worries if you miss our I/O talk!
If you're going to #io14, come check out our 'Best practices and common mistakes in SEO' talk this Thursday:!
Selamat pagi Indonesia! Check out our new Bahasa Indonesia blog and follow us to get search-related news:
Googlebot is so ready for a California summer. What are you doing on this winter or summer solstice?
Pay special attention to our quality guidelines and stay away from illicit practices!