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Google Now makes it easy to find available flight alternatives when you’re faced with delays and cancellations:
Views for travel-related content on YouTube grew 118% last year! Learn more in our recent whitepaper:
What do @kobebryant and @Disneyland have in common? Find out in our first-ever YouTube travel whitepaper:
We all love rewards, right?! Check out what @Orbitz is offering its loyalty club members:…
“Staycation” season is here—searches are up 10% YoY as people look for getaways close to home
Great insights shared on 'A New Kind of Vacation in the Sharing Economy', presented by On Point on NPR
Q8: I mostly use @googlemaps because it will give me car, public transportation, walking, and biking in one app. #tl_chat
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A11) alert me to a restaurant with something particularly delicious I have to try! #TL_Chat
A10) Can't find a landmark? say "Show me pictures of the Trevi fountain" to Google, and you'll know if you're in the right place #TL_Chat
G+ Stories (iOS & Android) automatically creates scrapbooks of my photos (plus maps and search info too) #TL_Chat
A5: And I really dig @FieldTripApp because it sends me cool, esoteric info/suggestions on what's around me automatically. #tl_chat
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A9 Our own @SamJam is the most savvy travel tech expert we know. For every app on our annual list, he tests hundreds. Dedication! #TL_Chat
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A9) And don't forget Google Maps has a "last train" feature so you don't get stuck downtown overnight! #TL_Chat
Q8) Tip: Set your hotel as your “home" location in Google Maps and for fast navigation (walking, transit, car or bike) #TL_Chat
A8) @googlemaps, how do you beat them!!!!!! Is there even another option? #TL_Chat
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A6) Shortcut for creating offline maps in Google Maps: type "OK Maps" into the search bar and just click save #TL_Chat
A7) Creating offline maps with Google Maps for mobile lets you leave the guidebook at the hotel and save on data too #TL_Chat
A6) Google Translate! It’s available in 81 languages and you can use your voice to translate. #TL_Chat
A2: And Google Flight Search is not only lightning fast, but shows you what days flights will cost less if you are flexible. #tl_chat
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.@waze data in @googlemaps is the BEST. THING. EVER. RT @CharlesMcCool A4. Google Maps! Traffic feature. @TravlandLeisure #TL_Chat
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A4. Google Maps! Traffic feature. RT @TravlandLeisure Q4: app gotten you out of a travel jam? T&Cs: #TL_Chat
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A4 @googlenow once reminded me that I was flying out of LGA, not JFK. Thank goodness! Vacay disaster averted. #TL_Chat
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A3: I rely on friends. Share your top picks by making custom Google maps. #TL_Chat